Conversation Starters for Couples To Get Closer

Knowing someone for a very long time is something and getting closer to someone’s heart is another thing. If you are a married couple, then spending quality time with your spouse is an ideal route. However, if you are in a relationship for a long time and want to get closer to the person, then communication plays a strong role.

Deep Conversation Starters For Couples

Highly-Effective Conversation Starters for Couples

We have prepared a series of questions that can create interesting conversations and ending the subject in a positive manner will be your responsibility.

50 + 50 Questions to create meaningful conversations

  1. Who led your life to a good turning point?
  2. Where do you think you will end up in next 10 years?
  3. What good qualities and bad qualities would you consider, when marrying someone?
  4. Which friend would you select to start a business?
  5. What incident created an unknown fear inside you?
  6. What is your first impression of me?
  7. Which individual do you respect the most? Why?
  8. Would you stop a crime or suspicious activity for a stranger?
  9. Can you keep secrets within your heart?
  10. How much importance Internet and Social media plays in your life.
  11. Would you choose your passion over job at highest point of your career?
  12. Which dream do you wish to come true?
  13. Which one of us is more loving & caring?
  14. If you got $1 million offer to breakup with me, what would do you?
  15. If you can alter one thing in our relationship, what would it be?
  16. How do you know that I’m your soulmate?
  17. What actions do you dislike?
  18. If things don’t work and break up, what would you remember first next morning?
  19. Is there a question that you hesitate to ask me?
  20. If I earned an opportunity to work in the foreign country, would you wait for me to come back?
  21. What characteristic of mine do you dislike?
  22. What situation you want to avoid at any cost?
  23. Which mistake you don’t want to repeat again?
  24. What has hurt you more, when you think about our relationship?
  25. What similarities do we have?
  26. Do you believe in destiny, and fate?
  27. Which moment did you felt like breaking up with me?
  28. Describe our romantic relationship in one sentence?
  29. Do you feel comfortable sharing your secrets with me?
  30. What improvements are you expecting from me to improve our relationship?
  31. What are the three things you are expecting from me?
  32. How much change did you change from our relationship?
  33. What scares you the most about our relationship?
  34. If you earn a free trip to any country, which destination would you choose?
  35. Do you compare our relationship with any of your friends?
  36. Would you want to have amonogamyrelationship?
  37. Did you pretend to be not interested, when you fell for me?
  38. What did you think when our relationship started?
  39. What’s the positive & negative lesson did you learned from your parent’s relationship?
  40. What choices I made that hurt you in the past?
  41. Do you find me attractive, even when I watch Anime or Cartoon at this age?
  42. Which part of the country you want visit together?
  43. What are you expecting from me in future?
  44. Which action of mine made you upset recently?
  45. Do you want me to cook for you once in a while?
  46. What is your unfulfilled ambition?
  47. Do you want to pursue your passion?
  48. What are you dreams and goals for future?
  49. What would you name your first baby girl?
  50. Which individual made you cry recently?
  51. What would you name your first baby boy?
  52. Do you believe in curses?
  53. is there something you want to buy, but you could not afford it?
  54. How are you planning to repay your parents for the gratitude?
  55. What beautiful thing you want do for your parents?
  56. How many kids do you want to have?
  57. Which Animal do you want to have as pet?
  58. Are you a dog person or car person?
  59. Do you listen to King of Pop Michael Jackson?
  60. What were your first impressions, when you met me for the first time?
  61. Wouldn’t you want to know my impressions, when I saw you for the first time?
  62. What are your views on the term “male dominant industry?
  63. What would you love to do this coming Saturday and Sunday?
  64. If we plan to go on a long vacation, what place would you choose?
  65. Do you prefer snow weather or steamy sunny weather?
  66. Which book moved your heart?
  67. Can you name the person that you will forgive him/her? And why?
  68. Would you ever forgive someone that betrayed you?
  69. Can you live along with me excluding internet, television and iPhone?
  70. How do you plan on raising a child?
  71. What curry or food do you want me to cook for you?
  72. Let’s cook something together.
  73. Can I knit a winter hat for you?
  74. Which movie do you want me to watch with you?
  75. Visit your spouse parents, and thank them for being supportive.
  76. Recall a sweet memory to relive those moments together.
  77. Which TV series relates to your life story?
  78. Which part of your childhood you want to relive again?
  79. Do you remember a friend name that helped you during schooling, college or university?
  80. Tell him/her, how much they have inspired you to move forward in life.
  81. Appreciate the small things that they do every single day, and assist them in completing the pending tasks.
  82. Ask, if your spouse or partner needs some help with house hold work, and it will bring positivizes in a relationship.
  83. Take him/her on a long ride and start remembering the good old days.
  84. What’s your wildest dream? Can I do something to make it happen?
  85. Do you want to revisit a place from childhood?
  86. What personality trait made you feel uncomfortable?
  87. Which fictional character make you feel bold & cool?
  88. What are the five most values do you seek in an individual?
  89. Do you want to locate and meet an old friend?
  90. What is the appropriate romantic gesture to say “I Love You?”
  91. How can I be of any help, when you are upset & angry?
  92. What changes have you seen in yourself, when getting older?
  93. How do you show affection for someone?
  94. Which is the most memorable moment you ever had?
  95. Do you share your personal relationship problems?
  96. What are something that you prefer doing alone?
  97. How do I know, when you need personal space?
  98. What embarrassing clothing do you want to wear at last once in your life?
  99. What’s the recent moment, where I behaved like a child?
  100. How many holidays should an employee get each month?

Bottom Line

If you are asking a question to your spouse or partner, it should always be about “TOGETHER” or “YOU.” It’s important to make him/her feel special and you are willing to know more about them.

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