Topics to Talk About – Find the Perfect Conversation Topic

Communication always plays a crucial role in gaining someone’s trust and gain support from a large group. You cannot achieve stronger bond between you and the rest unless you know them properly. No one randomly tells you about their feelings and stories because it’s awkward.

Interesting Conversation Topics To Talk About With Anyone

Conversation Topics To Talk About

In such scenario, you have to start slowly and ask questions to create a comfortable environment. We have prepared 100+ questions to start talking on different topics.

100+ Topics to talk about

  1. Why did your parents name you “example”?
  2. What is the meaning and story behind your name?
  3. What is your passion and do your parents support it?
  4. Which hobby do you want to turn into profession?
  5. Do you have small size pets?
  6. What kind of music genre do you have in the phone?
  7. Which restaurant taste like home cooked food?
  8. What are three essential traits a man or women need to attract you?
  9. What’s your favourite colour?
  10. Which phone did you used for years?
  11. What rare items do you collect?
  12. Were you an obedient student or bad student?
  13. What superpower do you want to have?
  14. Which President or Prime Minister inspires you?
  15. What is the cause of WW2?
  16. How to stop conflicts over power and money?
  17. Which athlete has the talent to represent our country in international sport?
  18. Do you watch cartoon and people around you make fun of it?
  19. What genre of films and movies do you prefer to watch?
  20. Which random video made you cry?
  21. How many hours do you spend on social media per day?
  22. Which Anime or Cartoon taught you important lesson?
  23. Do you like Doraemon and Shin Chan?
  24. Which Power Ranger series did you watch?
  25. How many real stories inspired you?
  26. Do you watch Bollywood movies in subtitle?
  27. Which Japanese culture inspires you?
  28. Do Spanish women attract you?
  29. Did you watch Steve Jobs, founder of Apple movie?
  30. Which Animal scares you the most?
  31. Did an animal attack you in the past?
  32. What popular sport doesn’t have ball in the game?
  33. Should casino exist in this world?
  34. What moment you had that relates to the popular saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”?
  35. Which friend betrayed you for money?
  36. Would you act in a Avenger movie, if offered a prominent role?
  37. What childhood memory do you still laugh at?
  38. What bad habits you never told your parents about?
  39. Which Marvel movie piqued your interest to watch Avengers?
  40. How many players are involved in a football game?
  41. How to end corruption in this world?
  42. Do you think that there is a huge possibility of World War 3?
  43. Have you ever kissed someone, who is two times older to you?
  44. Did you have crush on someone, who is older than you?
  45. How many teachers you hated in school?
  46. Have you ever failed in final exams?
  47. Would you lie to escape punishment or save your career?
  48. Which President or Prime Minister regrets having as leader?
  49. What is your plan for next vacation?
  50. Do you take calculated risks or go all out without plan B?
  51. Should we take humans as prime suspect for environmental disaster?
  52. Do you think an FBI agent is cool?
  53. Which gimmick you hated the most?
  54. What change would you bring to this world, if you are given a wish?
  55. How much money do you need to live entire life happily?
  56. Do you think you are underpaid?
  57. Would you negotiate your salary?
  58. Can you accept an ex-criminal as your boss?
  59. Would you help a stranger?
  60. Are you afraid of the dark jungle?
  61. Which romantic movie sent a positive message to the world?
  62. If we remove the concept of GOD and RELIGION, then what will be the course of humanity?
  63. Do you believe a war can resolves problems?
  64. Who are being oppressed in 2020?
  65. What inhumane thing you witnessed in your life?
  66. Do you believe in ghosts, genie, and myths?
  67. What superstition do you believe and why?
  68. Who ended WW2?
  69. Should we tolerate the bad behaviour in parliament?
  70. Which fictional character attracted you?
  71. Which superpower can change the world?
  72. Do magic exists or it’s an illusion?
  73. Which FIFA team are you going to support?
  74. Why Hillary Clinton lost elections in United States of America?
  75. Which country is bigger, Africa or China?
  76. Can nuclear weapons bring true peace to the world?
  77. What drink can fix your mood?
  78. What board game do you play often?
  79. Which mobile game are you playing nowadays?
  80. How much money can you make in your lifetime?
  81. What recipe do you want to master in a few years?
  82. Do you openly share your opinion or keep it yourself?
  83. Which social media platform you joined first?
  84. How did you come to know about internet?
  85. What year did you visited YouTube?
  86. How many did you learned and speak?
  87. What if you find out that you are a wealthy man next day, then what will you do first?
  88. Have you ever been caught travelling without the ticket?
  89. What tool do you need to become successful?
  90. Do you know a song that describes your life?
  91. When was the last time you travelled by bus?
  92. Have you ever tasted Butter Chicken and Indian cuisine in general?
  93. What do you know about Holi festival?
  94. How many languages are spoken in Africa?
  95. How does this world will end and when will it happen?
  96. Can you predict next Football World Cup winning team?
  97. Which is the best song that did not get attention from international audience?
  98. Can Donald Trump bring change in the USA?
  99. Who founded McDonald’s?
  100. How many times did you lie in the game?
  101. Which game should rule the FPS category, Apex Legends or PUBG?
  102. Why do game developers introduce new skins and add-ons, but never fix the bugs and glitches?
  103. Do think aliens exist and governments are hiding the truth about it?
  104. If you could change your full name what would it be?
  105. If you can watch past or future, what would you choose?
  106. Which kardashian annoys you the most?
  107. Which kardashian attracts you the most?
  108. How much money do you need to fulfil all your needs?
  109. How many videos do you watch on social media or YouTube?
  110. What change brought greater impact in your life?

Bottom Line

You can start a new conversation by using one of the questions as the baseline. Remember, you should not pick questions randomly and start asking them because it can spark confusion. Create a pattern according to the individual and then start asking questions.

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