TOP 150+ Conversation Starters for Couple

Conversion Starters for Couple : Virtual relationships are growing day by day and people are highly distanced from their partners without realising it. Every single relationship is different but it needs a great and smooth conversation.

If you want to make your relationship perfect and stronger, ask some interesting questions and get to know more about him. There are so many conversation starters have made for making every relationship perfect. Go through the below-mentioned communication starters and make your partner feel delighted.

Conversation Starters for Couples To Get Closer

Interesting Conversation Starters for Couples

Here is the list of some fun conversation starter for couples are as follows.

1) What is something that you are worried about?

2) Do tell me about the period of time you felt almost died?

3) What is the biggest disloyalty you have faced in your life?

4) What does the shameful thing happen to you during sex with your partner?

5) What is the thing you are struggling for and you haven’t told about it to anyone else yet?

6) What can be much better than having pleasurable sex?

7) What is that particular thing, you never told me about?

8) Which is the biggest lesson you have experienced in life?

9) What is the most heartening and disheartening relaxation you have ever come to?

10) Which is that particular thing you want to tell to people but cannot?

11) What is the thing hurt you the most?

12) What is the worst or best thing you received from your guardians?

13) What thing do you like to do every day?

14) If you have finally achieved your goals and you have to choose between your parents and career what will you do then?

15) What was the funniest time you ever had with your friends?

16) What was the least productive and productive time in your life?

17) What was the time that made you feel very low?

18) If you get a chance to ask only one question from your partner a question, what will you ask?

19) If your partner suddenly asks for a break-up then what will be your reaction?

20) What if your partner is cheating on you?

21) What questions should be asked from our life partner before getting married?

22) Which thing you like or dislike in your life partner?

23) What thing always reminds you of your life partner?

24) What was the critical period of time you ever experienced in your life?

25) What is the thing that always leaves you demotivated and disheartened?

26) What is that job you love to do?

27) What is the best part of our relationship?

28) Which thing makes our relationship stronger?

29) What is the time you needed me the most but I was not there?

30) Which thing of mine brings a beautiful smile on your face?

31) What were the most critical stages of your life?

32) Would you like to spend $10000 on buying a television or on travelling?

33) Would you rather prefer wearing fashionable clothes or comfortable clothes?

34) What was the biggest lesson you experienced in your past relationship?

35) What unhygienic and wired things of your partner bother you the most?

36) Who is your favorite villainous hero and heroic?

37) What is the weird media thing you have ever heard or seen?

38) What movie or tv trope should not happen in real life?

39) What kind of movies do you like?

40) Which old movie plots would not work in this era due to modern technology?

41) Which movie you have watched but have no clue what it is about?

42) Which youtube channel you like the most?

43) What do most tv shows or movies get wrong?

44) Tell me about the worst ending of any movie you have ever seen?

45) If you get a chance to add something of your choice in the movie, what would you add?

46) What movies you would like to watch again and never get bored?

47) Is there any cheesiest film you still like to watch?

48) Tell me about the adventurous things happened in your life?

49) According to you what social media factors leave you shocked?

50) What was the most fascinating internet riddle you have come across?

51) Who is your first priority?

52) Who is that special person you share all your secrets?

53) What is your favorite romantic gesture?

54) What you especially do when your partner gets angry?

55) How you convince your partner for a romantic date?

56) What is that one thing should be done to make our relationship better?

57) If you could get a chance to take your partner to abroad which place you would like to go?

58) What is that particular thing you remember the most about our first date?

59) What thing do you like the most about our relationship?

60) Tell me about the most embarrassing moment you ever faced in a lifetime?

61) What was the strangest punishment you got from your parents?

62) Tell me about your weirdest habit which you do not like to share it with anyone?

63) What you consider yourself an ambivert, extrovert or introvert?

64) Which thing disappointed you the most about your last relationship?

65) How would you handle when your family refuse to approve a decision you have made ?

66) What thing scares you the most?

67) Have you ever compromised in a relationship?

68) Have you ever reacted possessive in a relationship?

69) Which thing always hurt you in life?

70) Have you ever intentionally lied to your loved one?

71) Tell me about the most traumatic incident you faced in life?

72) What thing do you like to do with all your heart?

73) If your partner asks for breakup what would be your answer?

74) How would you react if you get to know that your partner is cheating on you?

75) Have you ever felt highly depressed?

76) What is your favorite physical gesture?

77) What is the thing that drives you extremely crazy?

78) What thing you do not like about me?

79) If you get a chance to change any one thing about me then what will you change?

80) If you became the richest person would you still like to have me in your life?

81) How you make me laugh if I get upset with you?

82) What kind of food you like the most and want to eat every day?

83) What is the worst gift given to you on your birthday?

84) What are your three top priorities?

85) If your partner is stressed how would you help him/her?

86) Which song makes you think about me?

87) What are your favorite fantasy and you feel too embarrassed to tell me about it?

88) Would you like to get intimate with your partner on the first date?

89) Which celebrity you like the most and have a crush on him/her?

90) What is your greatest strength and weakness?

91) Which thing broke you so badly?

92) Which part of our relationship makes you extremely happy and delighted?

93) How will you convince your girlfriend If she refuses to meet?

94) Tell me about that period of time when you felt very low and broken?

95) What was your impression when you met me for the first time?

96) How do you see our relationship in the next 5 years?

97) Describe me in one word?

98) Write down five things that you love about me?

99) What if your partner asks you to change your behavior?

100) Which sexual memory of us you always remember?

101) Do you like giving compliments to your partner every day?

102) Do you like getting surprised by your partner?

103) What is the most pleasant and romantic thing your girlfriend has done?

104) What you do when your partner starts fighting?

105) Do you like annoying your partner?

106) Who among your friends, family and partner knows you the best?

107) Have you ever got support from your partner to reach any goals?

108) When you lost your virginity and with whom?

109) Have you ever felt uncomfortable while having a conversation with your girlfriend about sex?

110) What efforts to be made to make our relationship perfect and beautiful?

111) Have you ever faced problem talking to your partner about anything?

112) Have you ever faced difficulty in getting intimate with your partner?

113) Is there anything which you do not want me to know about you?

114) What thing makes you understood and heard when we converse?

115) Would you like to get appreciated by your partner all the time?

116) What could your partner do to make you feel more delighted and appreciated?

117) How you define as cheating physically or emotionally?

118) Do you think that something is missing in our beautiful relationship? If yes, then tell me what thing is missing?

119) Have you ever thought of supporting your family financially?

120) Have you ever felt anything bad about our sex like?

121) What if you get attracted to any other person while being in a relationship?

122) What gesture of your partner make you laugh harder?

123) What do you mean by “romance” and “affection”?

124) When did you get punished by your mom for the last time?

125) Which sexual memory Is your favorite and wants to recreate it again?

126) Who was your best friend when you were in 10th standard?

127) Do you like sharing your sexual movies with your best friend?

128) When you had sex with your partner for the first time?

129) What do you actually mean by the word “success”?

130) What things made you cry harder?

131) Do you ever had the worst nightmare and made you feel scared and worried?

132) How many pictures are there in your mobile gallery?

133) How many photos you have taken with your girlfriend?

134) How many males and females are there in your contact list?

135) Who in your life inspires you every day?

136) How many girls you have dated till now?

137) What you actually love to do on weekends?

138) How many times you have broken your phone?

139) Are you still in touch with your childhood friends?

140) What do you do to get rid of anxiety?

141) How you reacted when your partner surprised you?

142) Is there anything that makes you feel worried and upset?

143) When did you last watched your favourite movie?

144) How many gifts you have received in your life?

145) Do you really enjoy working with your friends?

146) Who is your favourite person in the workplace?

147) How many places you have visited yet?

148) Have you ever been to abroad?

149) How many years you have spent with your girlfriend?

150) Are you concerned about your partner’s wishes?

The above questions add the best conversation starters for couples. These questions will never make your partner feel bored and also let you learn some new things about your partner.

You can ask such kind of questions to keep your partner entertained and happy. It will surely make your conversation lasts for a long time. So, keep asking interesting questions and make your relationships stronger and happier.

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