How to Get In a Relationship

There are several perks of being in a relationship – you get a designated buddy for cuddling and someone with whom you can talk nonsense without being judged!

There’s no doubt when we say that long-lasting relationships are one of the most fulfilling and respectful aspects of your life. It is through such long-term relationships that we get a chance to grow and share our life’s journey.

How to Get Into a Relationship

How to Get In a Relationship

Having said that, it is also true that it takes time to find out the right person with whom you can happily enter into a relationship.

Unless you know what you want, respect yourself, adapt an optimistic attitude, you’re not going to attain success in entering a relationship. So, here are the few things to keep in mind before getting into a relationship.

Alter your mindset

Have you always blamed your partner for failed relationships? It is a lot easier to complain with friends and emphasize on the flaws of your partner than knowing what’s wrong within you!

Let’s get real – the sole person who can control you in the whole world is you ‘Yourself’! As you realize that, there will be a change in the way you think. Be realistic about what you deserve in a relationship and always focus on making it stronger.

Be brutally honest

One of the best lessons that have to be learned from your present relationship is that the best relationships are driven by brutal honesty. If you’re doubtful about the fact that you can be transparent with the person you are in a relationship with, you may not be the best person to enter into a relationship.

There are doubts and pitfall in good relationships and hence you can’t feel negative when there are temporary issues in your relation.

You should love your alone time

When you start off with a relationship, couples begin to do everything together. It is great to hang out often with your partner but at the same time, it is vital to maintain your independence while you are in a relationship.

This is extremely vital for your happiness in the long-term. Practice your hobbies which you love, whether taking out your dog for a walk or working in a cafe or watching a movie.

Steer clear from jealousy and other negative feelings

If you’ve already been in an unhealthy relationship where you were cheated, it can become a challenge to not jump into quick conclusions about your next partner. However, jealousy is never confined to a love relationship as it can happen with a colleague or even with a sibling.

In several extreme cases, jealousy leads to possessiveness and this leads to unhealthy suspicion-related issues. Don’t ever compare yourself with other people and always hold your head high.

Self-respect needs to be imbibed

There are lots of issues that can occur in a relationship in case you don’t have proper respect and love for yourself. If you have unaddressed physical and mental injuries since childhood or you have been in past failed relationships, you may have issues with your current partner.

It is vital to have self-respect as that means accepting who you are and forgiving your flaws. It is only when you have self-respect that you know how you deserve to be treated and what you expect from a relationship.

Know that attraction builds over time

It is definitely a flowery idea when you hear about ‘love at first sight’ but this isn’t the case with several relationships. When you’re not attracted to someone instantly, it does not mean that the person is a bad choice.

Long-lasting love takes time to grow and friends can even turn into lovers if you give them the time to make a bond. Never get overly obsessed with the outer appearance of a person while choosing a partner. Look within the person and expect qualities like sense of humor, kindness and curiosity.

Don’t think of changing your partner

It is often easy to overlook few things that you don’t like about your partner in the beginning as you are sure you can change them later on. But you have to realize the fact and believe in it that it is only the person who can change himself.

If they want, they can change and if they don’t want, they won’t change. You also have to be careful about being with a partner who wants to change you. It is perfect when you grow together but none of you should be eager to change the other person.

Don’t get irritated about small things

While it is true that there are certain things like verbal abuse, drinking and irresponsible behavior that is totally unacceptable but there are certain other things too (smaller ones) that can irritate you.

Do you get on your nerves when you see your partner chewing with his mouth open or because he has a different taste in music or has questionable fashion choices? Make sure these are never the reasons to avoid intimacy.

Avoid sex during the initial dating process

Do you plan to share the most intimate moments with a person you’ve just met and with who you’re gradually bonding? If you seem to like the person, there are high chances that you will face emotions linked with sex.

But this is not the right time to engage in physical intimacy, especially sex. You may not end up taking responsible actions about preventing pregnancy or STIs. Even worse, the person could just disappear after having sex with you.

Retain your ties with friends and family

There are few new relationships that seem to be all-consuming. When you enter a relationship that demands you to leave all your other family and friends, this is a toxic relationship.

Always make it a point to retain all your ties with your family members and friends so that things don’t come to an end due to your new relationship. You can’t forget that romance will come and go but your friends and family members are going to stay with you in the long-run.

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