TOP 150+ Questions to Ask Your Crush

Questions to Ask Your Crush : A crush may be a one that you have got heart for however the person might not bear in mind of such feelings.

If you have got a man with whom you simply started a serious relationship, and you would like to know him a lot of and find out if he’s the correct one for you, raise him some attention-grabbing queries.

One issue that has been attributed to the humankind is that the would like for heart. No man is AN island, so the need to act in one type or another with others is predicted.

Questions to Ask Your Crush (Guy / Girl)

Interesting Questions to Ask Your Crush

1. Do you have any other girl friend?
2. What do you like in me?
3. What type of wife do you want?
4. Which celebrity do you like most?
5. Do you love travelling?
6. What can you do to make me happy?
7. Tell me my 3 qualities?
8. Describe yourself in 3 words?
9. Are you mom’s boy?
10. What is your favorite color?
11. What was your first date?
12. What is your favorite place to go for holidays?
13. Do you like candle light dinner?
14. What are your priorities?
15. Do you believe in true love?
16. Do you like tattoos?
17. What are your hobbies?
18. What is your nickname?
19. How was you in studies?
20. Which type of movies do you like?
21. Do you take alcohols?
22. Do you smoke?
23. Which type of girl you like, tall/short?
24. Do you love reading?
25. Do you believe in God?
26. Do you like to go temples?
27. What makes you romantic?
28. What is your idea for a romantic dinner?
29. Can you sing a romantic song for me?
30. Do you know cooking?
31. What is your motto of life?
32. What is your dream?
33. How can I impress you?
34. What is your favorite dish?
35. What is your birthday date?
36. Can you dance?
37. What is your favorite sportsperson?
38. Have you ever kissed any girl?
39. Your school time crush?
40. Any girl which attract you?
41. Do you like slim or fatty girls?
42. Which type of dresses you like?
43. Do you enjoy parties?
44. Are you party boy?
45. What gift will you give me on my birthday?
46. How will you celebrate my birthday?
47. Do you love shopping?
48. Are you fond of children?
49. Will you share your secrets with me?
50. Do you love me forever?
51. Do you love singing at the time of bathing?
52. Do you snore?
53. Which type of guy you are?
54. Do you believe in love at first sight?
55. Can you live without me?
56. Do you love me forever?
57. What are your hobbies?
58. Your inspiration?
59. How much do you love me?
60. Will you marry me?
61. When will you talk to your mom about us?
62. Why do you propose me?
63. Who is your role model?
64. What is your weakness?
65. What makes you strong?
66. How do you face difficulties?
67. What do you do when you are very angry?
68. What things make you angry?
69. Your favorite car?
70. Any foreign place where you want to go with me?
71. How will you celebrate valentine day?
72. Your embarrassing moment?
73. Do you have any secret in your life?
74. Why do you like me?
75. When would you convince my parents?
76. Do you remember the day we met?
77. Do you remember the place where we met first?
78. Where did you see me first?
79. Do you see me in your dreams?
80. What are your future planning with me?
81. Are you happy with me?
82. Am I pretty?
83. Do you love sweets/chocolates?
84. What is the craziest things for you?
85. Who is your best friend?
86. What is your fear?
87. What profession do you like?
88. Do you like ice creams?
89. Do you love to go on long drive with me?
90. Do you like romantic songs?
91. Which color is your favorite?
92. What makes you happy?
93. What makes you smile?
94. Your funniest moment?
95. Have you cries to see emotional scenes in movies?
96. What do you think about relationship?
97. Favorite romantic destination?
98. Do you like to see cartoons ?
99. Do you believe in astrology?
100. Which sport do you like most?can you kiss me in public?
101. Can you hold my hand in public?
102. Can you pick up me in public place?
103. Would you care for me forever?
104. Would you leave me, if you get another beautiful girl?
105. If your parents would not accept me then what will you do?
106. Do you like arrange marriage or love marriage?
107. Can you hug me any time?
108. Can you always be faithful with me?
109. Will you never leave me alone?
110. When i became old then you still love me?
111. How would you celebrate anniversary?
112. Can you love me like today?
113. Can you live without me?
114. Do you love me?
115. Do you always be with me?
116. Do you like pets?
117. Do you respect my parents?
118. Which is your favorite bike?
119. Which is your favorite watch brand?
120. Which season do you like most?
121. Do you like rain?
122. Do you have any pet?
123. How many friends do you have?
124. Do you like night out parties?
125. Will you allow me to do job after marriage?
126. Your boss is male or female?
127. How many female colleagues work with you in your office?
128. Do you have any crush in college?
129. Your first kiss?
130. In which age you get your pocket-money?
131. Is your mom strict?
132. Tell me about your family?
133. Do you have any brother or sister?
134. After marriage will you reside with your parents?
135. Will you take me dinner at weekends?
136. What is your favorite cold drink?
137. Are you diet conscious?
138. Are you foodie ?
139. Are you happy with me?
140. When did you first see me?
141. Do you love movies?
142. Do you like to watch sunset and sunrise?

New relationships has always lots of fun and exciting, packed with life associate degreed an timeless want to induce to understand each other. Once you’ve been along for a bit whereas, you become extremely snug with one another and small things, like the requirement to raise one another queries, begin to die down a small amount.

Keep that spark moving into your relationship! It’s completely necessary and shows that you just square measure still curious about that “honeymoon” stage that’s ultimately the start of a brand new relationship.

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