160+ First Date Questions – Cute Things to Ask On a First Date

Everyone wants to make impression on the first date, and it isn’t possible without knowing the person. Asking questions during the date is a good idea, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t get weird. One must try to have normal conversation or else, you might end up giving “creepy dude” expression.

Uncommon First Date Questions

I’m going to list down number of questions, but you have to work around it & elaborate it properly. Do not ask blank or simple question and make sure to add your own personality to it, so it doesn’t sound weird.

150+ First Date Questions You Should Always Ask

Elaborate the question for the opposite individual, so they can work around it, when replying to it.

  1. What is your hobby, and is that what do you during free time?
  2. Are you indoor person or outdoor person? Are you introvert or extrovert?
  3. Who is the most fascinating person you’ve met?
  4. Do you read comics such as Harry Potter?
  5. Which movie piqued your interest this year?
  6. Do you love participating in adventure?
  7. What animals would you love to have as friends?
  8. What do you prefer alcohol and non-alcohol drink?
  9. Which web series are you watching nowadays?
  10. Do you love going to long journeys?
  11. Do you love waking up early and going on a walk or a night owl?
  12. What is your dream job & how are you planning to land on it?
  13. Would you pursue the dream job knowing that you have gotten rich?
  14. Which author’s book inspired you the most?
  15. What’s your favourite Chinese restaurant?
  16. How many brothers & sisters have you got?
  17. Which show annoyed you the most?
  18. If you had enough money, then would you pursue passion instead of high paying job?
  19. If Olympics committee decides to make one activity a sport, then which one will you support?
  20. What’s your vision for perfect vacation?
  21. Which friend of yours can take a bullet for you?
  22. Hey, Which music artist inspires you?
  23. Which celebrity actions made change your opinions about him/her?
  24. How do you measure success?
  25. Tell me about some accomplishments that you are proud of yourself.
  26. How do you figure out, whether someone is lying or telling the truth?
  27. What are some characteristics of good friend?
  28. Can you cook food?
  29. Can you cook by reading a book?
  30. Do you find happiness when cooking?
  31. What is your opinion on LGBT (or GLBT) community?
  32. Do you stalk celebrities on Instagram and other social media platforms?
  33. What’s the cutest animal in the world? Which animal do you think is ugly?
  34. Do you play FPS (FirstPerson Shooter) video games online?
  35. Which application do you a lot of in your phone?
  36. On which social media platform you are highly active?
  37. Who is the kindest person you ever encountered with?
  38. Which city is suitable for you to live comfortably?
  39. What kind of people do you get along with?
  40. Do you adjust yourself according to the people around you?
  41. Choose one, Ice cream or milkshake?
  42. If you can change your name for one single day, what would you choose to be called?
  43. Were you bullied in school or college, if yes, then what did you do about it?
  44. Name the country, which is blacklisted in your dairy?
  45. Which culture do you want your people to adapt?
  46. Do you love to follow historic events happening around you?
  47. Do you find muscular people attractive or lean people?
  48. Is there anything that you want to change about this world?
  49. Can you share details about your future goals and short-term plans?
  50. Who is your biggest supporter in life?
  51. If you could give me one piece of advice, what would it be?
  52. How many years are you willing to work reach the long-term goal?
  53. What wrong assumptions do people think about you?
  54. Tiger works alone, and Lion works with the herd, which one are you?
  55. Which part of your life, do you want to relive again?
  56. Have you participated in meetup groups?
  57. Do you love buying & experiencing new gadgets?
  58. What’s the most relaxing environment for you?
  59. Which food triggers allergies in your body?
  60. How much can you spend on an iPhone?
  61. Why do you think life is getting to live in our country?
  62. If you live standard life anywhere in the world, where would you move?
  63. Choose one, celebrity fame or successful business person?
  64. Hi, What is the fastest way to reach you?
  65. What are your plans for coming summer season?
  66. What small decision made a huge impact on your life?
  67. Do you think Ironman suits will be common after 100 years?
  68. Do you rehearse what you are going to say before making a call?
  69. What’s the essential quality of true friendship?
  70. When was the last time you sang a song for yourself?
  71. What will be your last wish, if you find out that you don’t have much longer to live?
  72. Who’s your favourite actor or actress?
  73. Can you walk for more than three hours?
  74. How much money does a human being need to call themselves rich?
  75. Which ice cream flavour has the best taste?
  76. What hidden talent you got, which makes you superior?
  77. How much personal space do you need to feel comfortable?
  78. What trend you wish it didn’t existed?
  79. Which trend do you want to come back?
  80. What bad habit you got, which makes you feel embarrassed?
  81. What skill do you want to master?
  82. Do you love spicy food or sour food?
  83. If you were given an opportunity to travel back in time, what period would it be?
  84. What machine or equipment used the most?
  85. Can a human being live without internet or television?
  86. What measures would you take as CEO in Apple Incorporated?
  87. What’s the worst movie you watched in recent times, and it turns out to be successfully running across the globe.
  88. Can you travel 100 miles by walk, if your dream job is tomorrow?
  89. Someone knocked your door and left $1 million, then what would be your first move?
  90. Do you believe in superstitions?
  91. Besides College or Work, and home, where do you spend most of your time?
  92. How many TV shows do you watch in one day?
  93. What’s the most awkward thing you watched?
  94. Have you ever caught someone cheating or committing crime?
  95. Do you travel outside of the country and what is your favourite destination?
  96. Do you miss your school days?
  97. What is getting worse with age?
  98. Do you like trying new things in life?
  99. How many hours do you spend on TikTok application?
  100. I asked you so many questions, how many answers were a lie.

Bottom Line

Monitor the response properly during the conversations to avoid awkward moments. Make sure that the opposite person is not offended by the questions or feeling uncomfortable. Do not keep asking the same questions twice because it will reflect well on the overall image.

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