How to Say “I Love You”

The three magical words “I love you” is not easy to express. The fear of rejection always haunts the person in love and running away is not an option. The world created several ways to love a person and express feelings in smarter ways. In modern times, women focus on how men propose and judge them by it.

100+ Ways to Say I LOVE YOU

Ways to say I LOVE YOU

Impressing a woman/manis not an easy task because a lot of creativity goes into it. Instead of breaking the information in one moment, start expressing your feelings slowly and it is an excellent way to escape rejection & it gives the opposite person enough time to think about it.

How to say “I Love You” Smoothly?

  1. My last three words will be “Y-O-U” and that’s all.
  2. Whenever I look at you, I forget hardships in life and focus on what’s important.
  3. I cannot imagine my future without your presence& involvement in it.
  4. Even you were a math problem, and then your efforts add happiness, subtract unhappiness, and multiply joy in life.
  5. My eyes don’t even move one bit when you look so damn good.
  6. You are moon of my life and the sun of hope for me.
  7. You are the one I want to have beside me when I’m happy or sad.
  8. When someone asks me, what is the most important thing in have, and then I point at you.
  9. What inspired me to do something unique in life? I would say your name.
  10. Whenever I get home and look around for something, and then I realize that I’m incomplete with you.
  11. The old generation always says that “love never fades away” and I believe it when I look at you.
  12. When I wake up, I look at your messages, and I feel I’m going to have my best day.
  13. I feel amazing & best in the world when I’m around you.
  14. I don’t think, I could find someone, who can replace you in this world, and that says you are the best in the world.
  15. Every time I see you, my heart revs like an engine.
  16. Love can change a person for good, and I’m a prime example of it.
  17. Your presence triggers unconditional love within me for you.
  18. I cannot wait to have food prepared by you and it charges me back to life.
  19. I should get better & better for you, and you motivate me to do it.
  20. Hey, I have a dream & I cannot wait to make it fulfilled. My dream is to be with you and forever.
  21. I will stand for you, no matter what situation you are in, whether it is thick or thin.
  22. What’s the definition of love? I’ve been asked this question several times, and my answer is “his/her name.”
  23. How did my world change for good? My answer is always you.
  24. No matter what personal I have in my life, I think, I can always solve when I’m with you.
  25. Love has no comparison and I cannot deny it when it comes to you.
  26. If there is a boat that I want to ride in my life, that’d be your lifeboat.
  27. What is the most beautiful flower I’ve seen in my life? I show them your picture with me on it.
  28. My feelings for you will never change and it will improve even further.
  29. You inspire me, and you bring sunshine in my darkest hour.
  30. I will support your dreams to the end and I want to see you accomplish bigger goals in life.
  31. Hey, I don’t have a home, I don’t need a home, and I cannot call a place home until or unless you are present in that home.
  32. I want to involve you in every part of my life.
  33. Even If I’m having my worst day, I know that you are cheering from a distance.
  34. I find my way back home, even when I’m lost deeper in woods, and that’s how powerful your love is.
  35. I cannot contain my happiness when you are around me.
  36. Harry Potter is a magical world and I feel the same when I’m with you.
  37. Being in madly love with you changed me for good, and I’m focusing on getting better.
  38. I found a new goal after I met you, and you gave a meaning to my life.
  39. What’s the best magical spell in life? I take your name!
  40. You empowered many peopleto live without knowing about it, and I’m one of them.
  41. I could say that meeting you is possibly the best thing I did in my entire life.
  42. I fell in love with you over and over again.
  43. Imagining life without you is impossible.
  44. Every time I cross paths with you, you leave me breathless.
  45. You make my cold heart warm and positive.
  46. Your presence is a shining light of my life.
  47. My affection for you multiplies when you get closer to me.
  48. Michael Jackson composed a song called “You Rock My World” and I feel the same.
  49. My days start when your day starts.
  50. Saying goodbye to you every day is very tough.
  51. What makes my life difficult to live? When you are not beside me.
  52. I feel worthless with you and your absence keeps reminding of it.
  53. Babe, I finally understood, what makes living life worth after meeting you.
  54. I can finally say to myself that it was worth going through tough time when I met you.
  55. Your one smile killed my hard past and embraced to live a joyful life.
  56. One wish, one dream, and that’s you.
  57. No matter how successful I am in life, it is incomplete with you.
  58. The first message I look at, after waking up is yours.
  59. What’s missing in my life right now? I could not find the answer until I met you.
  60. Every festival is incomplete with your presence, and I want to spend time with you only.
  61. What do I want to see when I wake up? My answer is always you.
  62. I want to cook for you, and that’s something I do for loved ones.
  63. I want to invite you to my heart.
  64. What’s the toughest moment of my life? Saying “I Love You” to you!
  65. What inspired me to become better? My answer is you.
  66. Supporting your dreams & goals is my responsibility.
  67. I will support you throughout good & bad.
  68. Your support helped me find hidden talents within me.
  69. You are the only person that I have in my mind.
  70. Your presence makes me feel everything possible.
  71. You are the incredible thing happened to me in life.
  72. Your support means so much to me.
  73. I’m out of breath for you.
  74. I’m lost in the middle of life’s journey without you.
  75. Your words lighten my heart and fade away sorrows.
  76. You are my treasure and I cannot find a more valuable person in my life.
  77. I never felt like “you are the one” until I met you, and changed my perception completely.
  78. I couldn’t say it before “I Love You” with the bottom of my heart.
  79. Hey, I have only one wish, and it is your success.
  80. I want to see myself beside you all the time.
  81. Words like a treasure, priceless, worthy, earned, and more suits you the most.
  82. What’s my secret that I cannot share it with anyone? I love you the most.

Bottom Line

On social media, I’ve seen several videos, where guys propose the girl in a creative way. If you don’t want causal approach, then I recommend doing something unique and make her feel special.

Involve closer friends and start working on creating unique moments. Share your ideas in the comment section below because it can help the readers express their feelings.

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