Baby Birth Announcement Wordings

Did you just deliver your little bundle of joy? If yes, Congratulations! It is taken for granted that you are not the only one who is excited about the arrival of your baby. Whenever you give birth to your little baby, your family members, your husband and your friends will go goo-goo-gah-gah over the details of the newborn.

Baby Birth Announcement Ideas and Wording

Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

A birth announcement happens to be the most perfect way of letting the loved ones know about the arrival of the new member in your family.

This announcement also gives you an opportunity to share photos and other vital details about your newly-arrived baby. But despite knowing all that, do you find yourself running short of words to announce the little one’s entrance to the world?

If yes, you needn’t fret as we’re here to help you announce the birth of a baby in different ways. Read on to know more on baby birth announcement wordings.

Baby Announcement – What details to include

Are you wondering about the exact details that have to be included in your baby announcement wordings? Just think about what you would ask a new parent. When was the day on which the baby was born?

What was the weight of the baby? What is the baby’s name? The answers to such questions will formulate the basis of your baby announcement. Regardless of whatever you write, here are things that you should definitely include:

  • Introduction: Emphasize on the personality of your little bundle of joy with a sweet message that leaves a smile on everyone’s face. In case the name that you have given to your baby is not gender-specific, you can throw some light on the gender of the baby.
  • Baby’s full name: When you announce your baby, it is your daughter’s or son’s first formal introduction to the big virtual and real world. You should always include the full name, including the middle name, of your baby. So, write the entire name along with the surname instead of just the name.
  • Parent’s names: Include the full name of the parents while announcing the birth of your baby. Never forget the bigger siblings (if any) as they too love to be a part of this entire game. They are the ones who are the most excited about the birth of their younger sibling.
  • Baby’s date of birth: Your loved ones will be eager to know when they have to wish this sweet little bundle of joy a happy birthday. There are several new parents who prefer including the time of birth with the date. You can also do so in order to be precise about everything.
  • Baby’s length and weight: While this is recommended, yet it is optional. These are all about the smaller details that we speak about when we break the news of our little bundle of joy. In case you don’t want to include all these specifications, just assure the near and dear ones that both the baby and the mom are healthy.

Few Tips for Baby Birth Announcement

  • Make sure the announcement fits perfectly with the personality of the baby and the family.
  • Include only those details that you feel comfortable to inform.
  • It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Add a photo of your little one while making the announcement to make it more special.

Basic Baby Announcements

In any kind of birth announcement, new parents usually include basic details regarding their newborn. Details may include name, birth date, weight, time and location of birth, gender and parent’s names. Here are few ideas if you want to add personalized messages.

  • Welcome, my dear baby to the world (include the name of the baby).
  • Meet the new love of our life (include the name of the baby).
  • Finally the wait is over! We’re excited to welcome (the name of the baby).
  • Hi, world! Here we’re introducing our little bundle of joy (name of the baby).
  • On (include the date of the birth), we were blessed with a baby girl/boy.
  • Dreams come true!
  • Now it’s official! (Name of the baby) arrived on (date of the birth).
  • Hello, my name is (baby’s name).
  • (Names of parents) welcome the newest member of the family.
  • (Name of the baby) has arrived at last!

Announcement Ideas for Baby Boy

  • It’s a boy!
  • Meet (name of the boy).
  • There is a new king in our house! Please put your hands together for (baby’s name).
  • Hi, Handsome!
  • Our dear bundle of joy came dressed in blue! Welcome (name of the baby).
  • Introducing our bouncing baby boy!

Announcement Ideas for Baby Girl

  • Pretty in pink! Meet our new member (name of the baby).
  • It’s a girl!
  • Our little princess was born once upon a time. Meet (name of the baby).
  • Announcing the arrival of the darling daughter.
  • We have been tickled pink at the arrival of our baby daughter (name).
  • It’s a sweet little baby girl.
  • Introducing the new queen of cutie pies (baby’s name).
  • She is sugar. She is spice. And she is everything nice. Meet (name of your baby).

Funny Announcements of your Baby

  • Our family has grown by two feet!
  • There’s a new boy/girl in town!
  • Look what the stork dropped on us.
  • Look who decided to show up!
  • It’s already time for sleepless nights, dirty diapers and endless love. Welcome (include the name of the baby).

Baby Announcements for a Younger Sibling

  • Welcome a new brother/sister to our happy family!
  • Our newest addition has already arrived!
  • We grow again!
  • The next sequel has arrived.
  • Yeah! We did it again!
  • (Name of the older child) would happily announce the end of her reign as the sole child. Introducing (name of the baby).

So, now that you have several ideas for announcing the birth of your baby, what are you waiting for?

Type anyone that you want and share it on social media to let your near and dear ones know about the arrival of your baby. Find your social media accounts being filled with best wishes and good health from your well-wishers.

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