100+ Best Truth Or Dare Questions for You

Truth & Dare Questions : Truth and dare is a very popular game which played by teenagers or youngsters. This game is highly played for fun and adventure) Moreover, it is extremely hard to come up with interesting truth and dare questions to be asked during the game in order to make it more exciting.

Here on Conversation Starters We Have the quick list of some exciting and interesting truth questions and dare lists are as follows.

Truth or Dare Questions

Truth & Dare : Truth Questions

1) Tell the name of the girl or guy you want to date?

2) Who was your crush in college life?

3) If you won a jackpot of million dollars, what would be your first reaction and what would you do with it?

4) Which is the foolish thing you ever did in your life?

5) How many girls or guys you dated yet?

6) If you ever get a chance to change at least one thing in your body, what thing would you change?

7) Do you still like the girl dated in your school time?

8) Have you ever kissed any girl or guy in childhood?

9) What would be your reaction if you are asked to propose a shopkeeper?

10) Name the person you ever feel jealous of?

11) Tell me about your weird habits?

12) Tell me the name of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriends?

13) What was the most embarrassing moment you faced in your life?

14) Name the person you are emotionally attached to?

15) Have you ever stolen something in your life?

16) Which thing do you like the most in your girlfriend or boyfriend?

17) What would be your reaction if your crush asks you for a movie date?

18) Have you ever felt low after doing break up with your girl or boy?

19) Which thing reminds you of your girlfriend or boyfriend?

20) Tell me about your 3 bad habits?

21) Tell me about the best part of your date?

22) Tell 2 qualities and 2 bad qualities about me?

23) Have ever caught by your relatives when you are on a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend?

24) Who is the sexiest one among us?

25) What is the thing do you like the most in me?

26) Is there any special someone in your life whom you afraid to lose?

27) Tell me what qualities you want in a future husband or wife?

28) Have you ever watched XXX videos?

29) How often do you watch porn videos?

30) Tell me about top 5 secrets of yours which you have never shared with anyone yet?

31) Who do you love or hate the most?

32) What would you do if you get a chance to kiss your loved one?

33) What is the horrible nightmare you ever had?

34) Have you ever had the scariest dream of your loved one?

35) How many languages do you speak?

36) Tell me the reason why you broke up with your last girlfriend or boyfriend?

37) What is your favorite place and where would you like to take your bride or groom for the honeymoon?

38) What is your favorite time pass?

39) What kind of songs do you like?

40) Do you love listening to romantic songs?

41) Have you ever danced with your partner on romantic songs?

42) How do you want to celebrate your life?

43) Tell any 5 people that are on the top in your priority list?

44) Which food do you like the most Italian or south Indian?

45) What kind of girl or boy do you like to date?

46) Do you like flirting with girls?

47) What if your soul mate asks you to chase any other girl or boy?

48) Have you ever done sex with your partner before marriage?

49) Do you love exploring different places?

50) What makes you laugh louder?

51) What thing hurts you the most?

52) How often you masturbate?

53) What would you do if you caught your girlfriend dating your best friend?

54) Tell me about your first night with your wife?

55) Have you ever forced your girlfriend for sending naked pictures of her?

56) Have you ever got ignored by your loved one?

57) Who had stolen your heart?

58) Tell me about your priorities?

59) Who was your best friend in school time and in college time?

60) Have you ever received a surprise on your birthday from your boyfriend or girlfriend?

61) Do you salivate while sleeping?

62) Have you ever farted loudly in public?

63) Have you ever liked secretly in your life?

64) How would you rate your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s personality on a scale of 1-10?

65) Which song do you like to listen while having a shower?

66) How does your dream girlfriend or boyfriend look like?

67) If your best friend offers you $1 million to kill your girlfriend what would you do?

68) Has your loved one ever made you feel embarrassed?

69) What if your girlfriend asks you for the break up suddenly?

70) How you delight your girlfriend or boyfriend when he/she is angry?

71) How many places did you visit with your boyfriend or girlfriend till date?

72) When you first surprised your girlfriend or boyfriend?

73) How many times did you feel extremely hurt by your boyfriend?

74) What was the first punishment you got by your parents?

75) Have you ever stolen something in your life?

76) Have you ever gone romantic with your best friend?

77) What thing adore you the most?

78) Which thing makes you cry louder every time?

79) Is there anything that hurts you the most?

80) Share the most adventurous moment you had in your life?

81) Do you write your secrets in a diary?

82) What is your bra size?

83) Who is the coolest guy or girl in our class?

84) Have you ever felt criticised by your colleagues?

85) What you actually do when you feel upset and uneasy?

86) Tell the top 5 names you were called in school time?

87) Who do you miss the most?

88) What you usually do in your free time?

89) What you do when you feel alone?

90) Have you ever wondered about being married?

91) What is your opinion about marriage?

92) If your father gives you 4 movie tickets and asks you to have fun with your friends, which friends you invite first?

93) What is the sexiest and cutest thing about a boy?

94) Do you like dating tall girls or small girls?

95) How many times did you get teased by your close friends?

96) If you get a chance to spend a waking moment with your girlfriend, who would you do?

97) Have you ever felt jealous of your best friend?

98) How many times did you lie to your parents for your boyfriend?

99) Have you ever ditched your partner for another one?

100) Describe your boyfriend in just three words?

Truth & Dare Questions : Dare lists

Interesting and exciting dares usually make the truth and dare game more amazing and adventurous. With some amazing dares lists, people can have fun in their free time.

Here is the complete list of dares are as follows.

1) Go outside and propose the girl you come across.

2) Date any 5 girls on the same day.

3) Wear bikini and dance in public.

4) Choose any girl here and do a couple dance.

5) Act like an insane for 5 minutes.

6) Count numerals in American English.

7) Exchange pants with the person sitting next to you and do the chicken dance.

8) Put a make like a girl and do a ramp walk?

9) Make a video of your loved one while he or she is doing a moonwalk.

10) Do mimicry of your parents or teachers in front of everyone.

11) Crack 5 eggs on your head and keep it for 15 minutes.

12) Prank call your girlfriend and convince her for a coffee date.

13) Go outside and sing a song as loud as you can.

14) Go outside and convince any 5 people to join you for dance in public.

15) Go and sit outside a temple and beg for money and clothes.

16) Go outside and reach your girlfriend’s home and shout her name loudly.

17) Convince your parents for Goa outing or your.

18) Write a few lines for your enemy and send him or her.

19) Buy a bunch of roses and send it to your crush’s house.

20) Convince your first crush to marry you.

21) Go and make the person smile you hate the most.

22) Lick your fingers in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend.

23) Any your boyfriend to put makeup as girls do.

24) Act like a monkey for 5 minutes.

25) Buy 5 shirts and gift your enemy.

26) Talk to your loved ones for at least three minutes continuously.

27) Ask your manager for toilet paper.

28) Convince your lady boss for couple dance or salsa dance.

29) Share naked pictures of yours with every one of us.

30) Ask your girlfriend or boyfriend for sex directly.

31) Unlock your phone and give it to us for 15 minutes.

32) Clean the toilet seat with your toothbrush.

33) Let your best friend date your current girlfriend.

34) Give everyone here a huge party without asking any reason.

35) Put makeup on your face and let people click your weird faces.

36) Cook delicious food for around 40 people and serve all of them equally.

37) Show me five your ugliest pictures.

38) Upload your ugly pictures on Instagram as well as Facebook.

39) Share the most romantic memory of you and your girlfriend.

40) Let your friends cover up your eyes with a black cloth and push you in the swimming pool.

41) Get into the pool and shout loud with your crush’s name?

42) Go outside and shout loudly for toilet paper.

43) If you are asked to play a prank with your girlfriend then what would be the prank?

44) Go and wear your grandmother’s undergarments and snapshot your look.

45) Lock yourself for at least 2 hours in the washroom.

46) Date your best friend’s boyfriend.

47) Convince your friend’s boyfriend for sex.

48) Show your boyfriend a ditching attitude for at least two days.

49) Argue with your loved one deliberately and ask him or her for break up.

50) Smooch your girlfriend in public.

All the above truth questions or dare lists are extremely interesting. You can use such kind of questions and dare lists while playing truth and dare. It will surely bring a lot of fun and enjoyment.

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