Great Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask

Truth and dare questions meant for adults, and I have seen many people coming up with kid’s category, and neutral category. In this list, I did not categorize it because I do not want to kill the excitement and interesting angle of the game. We are going to have 50 truth questions and 50 dare questions.

Interesting Truth Or Dare Questions For Teens

Very Best Truth Or Dare Questions

1] 50 Truth Questions

  1. Did you drink, when you were underage?
  2. Under alcohol influence, did you ever shouted at a random person?
  3. Have you mistakenly tasted your own sweat?
  4. Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?
  5. Did you fart in car, and blamed other people?
  6. What’s your fetish?
  7. The next morning you wake up and find out that your gender changed what would you do?
  8. Will you date someone, who is a poor man or women?
  9. Have you ever dated someone, who is two-times older than you do.
  10. Did you ever forget flushing?
  11. Have you ever practiced kissing in front of a mirror?
  12. Do you dislike watching a sport, and tell people that you love it?
  13. Have you ever were kicked out from bar or restaurant?
  14. Do you pee in the bathroom, when showering?
  15. Have you ever taken naked picture to checkout yourself?
  16. Have you ever compared yourself with someone who looks better than you?
  17. Do you think, you are an egoist person?
  18. What colour undergarment are you wearing right now?
  19. Have you ever tasted earwax or booger?
  20. Have you ever slipped from law?
  21. Do you have a secret celebrity crush?
  22. Have you ever broken traffic laws?
  23. Whom would you trade for a million dollar?
  24. If the President or Prime minister of your country request to join Military, and then will you give your dream and join them?
  25. Assume that you have a choice to marry more than one, and then whom would you choose?
  26. Would you choose your passion as career or high paying job?
  27. Would you live in a million dollar house without internet?
  28. What was your favourite console game back in the days?
  29. Will you break up with boyfriend or girlfriend for a million dollar?
  30. If you had an opportunity to erase that one moment in history, what it would be?
  31. Choose one, invisibility or superpower?
  32. Did you ever been caught checking out someone?
  33. What is your favourite beverage?
  34. Have you ever smoked weed?
  35. Have you ever cried for your parents?
  36. What do you prefer, bath or shower?
  37. Have you been a bully in the past?
  38. Can you give up eating meat?
  39. Have you ever told a parent that they have a cute baby, when the baby was ugly?
  40. Have you lied to boss to keep the job?
  41. Did you pin your mistake on someone else?
  42. Have you ever watched a movie without permission of your parents?
  43. Would you vote Donald Trump or vote against him?
  44. Are you scared of dark?
  45. Would you swim with your friends naked?
  46. Are you a selfie addict?
  47. What is your favourite t-shirt or pants?
  48. Which breed of dogs do you like?
  49. Would you introduce your parents to boyfriend or girlfriend?
  50. Name the last rate-R movie you watched recently?

2] 50 Dare Questions

  1. Eat 10 chicken pieces.
  2. Eat plain bread without sauce or ketchup.
  3. Sniff another player’s socks for 10 seconds.
  4. Eat one raw egg.
  5. Eat a spoonful of curd.
  6. Sing any song suggested by another player in the group.
  7. Hand over your phone to another player to send a message to a random recipient in your contacts.
  8. Close your eyes, and allow another player to put any food item from the fridge.
  9. Let another player cover your face with flour.
  10. Find an item in the trash.
  11. Come up with a suitable title for every player in the group.
  12. Allow any competing person to tickle you for 30 seconds.
  13. Trade socks with the person on your left.
  14. Wear embarrassing clothes of our choice.
  15. Sing a song of our choice.
  16. Dance until you are out of breath.
  17. Disclose one secret about yourself.
  18. Set one embarrassing ringtone for a week.
  19. Describe the sky without using the words blue or white.
  20. Exchange shirts until the game ends.
  21. Knock your neighbour’s door and tell them your pet might be in the backyard.
  22. Impersonate your dog.
  23. Talk like a 5-year-old until the game finishes.
  24. Call your elders by their first name.
  25. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner without salt or sugar for a day.
  26. Open any social media application and start liking every photo or video of an enemy.
  27. Impersonate your mother for a day.
  28. Confess your mother about the last thing you stole from her.
  29. Confess your partner about how many times you lied so far.
  30. Clean your entire house for a week.
  31. Get a haircut of our choice.
  32. Donate a few bucks to any kid.
  33. Sponsor a small party for everyone in this room.
  34. Eat one meal while blindfolded.
  35. Touch, feel and then tell us about the ingredient.
  36. Pretend that you are deaf for next 10 minutes.
  37. Call a random person in the contacts, and shout loudly “I am adopted.”
  38. Call someone and confess your newfound love for Donald Trump.
  39. Sniff the food, and tell us, what is in the plate.
  40. Text your parents, and confess that you are going to have a baby.
  41. Call nearest pizza house and ask them, if they have stomachache tablets.
  42. Tell us a scary story.
  43. Pretend to be a cheerleader and perform for us.
  44. Fill up your mouth with water, and act like a fountain.
  45. You have to repeat your name every starting of the sentence and ending of the sentence until the game is over.
  46. Choose anyone to have an arm wrestling.
  47. Wear your shirt backwards.
  48. Pretend and sound like President Donald Trump for the rest of the game.
  49. Pour a glass of ice water on your head.
  50. Confess, which teacher you had a crush on?

Asking a weird or nasty question from the start may trigger “you are weird” impression. Make sure to go slow, and start with mild questions.

Bottom Line

Great truth and dare questions are a fun game and it does not serve any specific purpose. Remember, you have to know your limits, and do not go overboard.

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