How to Say Thank You for a Compliment

There are many among us who don’t understand how to accept compliments. Instead of giving a proper response in few cases, we end up insulting the person inadvertently to an extent of hurting him.

How To Respond To a Compliment

How to Say 'Thank You' to Compliments

Have you ever thought why such a nice thing as compliment becomes tough to accept? Why do we falter with words? Why do we often end up rejecting it? One of the key reasons may be that we are taught to be humble since our childhood and never arrogant or rude to others.

Whenever you reject the compliment, you actually cause more harm than good, both to you and to the person who was sweet enough to give you compliments.

After all, a compliment is a gift and one shouldn’t turn down gifts. Doing so is extremely insulting and it shows that you don’t value them as much as they value you.

Gracefully accepting a compliment – Dos and don’ts to keep in mind

  • Do tell ‘Thank You’

The thumb rule says that whenever you receive a compliment, you should humbly and simply say ‘Thank You’. You can also add ‘Thank You, I appreciate your kind words of praise’. This way when you accept compliments, you actually end up showing gratitude for the kind remarks of the person and let them not go in vain.

  • Share compliments

In case there is someone who compliments you along with your entire team, acknowledge the same and mention that you’ll pass down the compliments to the other members of the team. Also mention that the project could never have been completed had it not been for their support. This will make your team members feel good.

  • Do get a toast

If a person raises a glass as a toast to you, the right protocol is to just nod your head and give a pleasant smile. Don’t just pick your glass and drink with the others after the toast is raised. This will seem more like giving a pat n your back and giving a compliment to yourself. When everyone takes a sip, stand and give a toast in return.

  • Do be careful about your nonverbal behavior

You have to remember that your body language also speaks a lot. Watch your body language when you accept compliments. Avoid keeping your arms crossed, eye downwards or postures that are too casual.

These postures will send wrong messages as they all mean disinterest. Instead you should try to lean forward, look at the compliment-giver in the eyes and smile when you say ‘thank you’.

  • Don’t get involved in a compliment battle

There are times when you may feel like out-complimenting, more so when a compliment is coming from someone whom you admire and respect. In case you have the urge of out-complimenting the praise given by someone, fight it out. Try to embrace the moment with grace and be grateful for the praises that you are given.

  • Don’t ask questions against a compliment

When you want to be graceful about receiving a compliment, don’t give responses like ‘What makes you think so?’ or ‘Oh God, are you sure?’

Saying Thank You in return of receiving compliments

Compliments are not just something that is likeable but there are times when they also help in breaking the ice between two people. Compliments are the nicest and kindest gestures that make your tummies feel a little weak. They are signs of adoration which come in any form of appreciation.

When this comes from a person who is dear to you, you’ll definitely feel butterflies in your stomach. But how will you respond to such compliments? What are the different ways of wishing ‘thank you’? Here are few ways.

  • I feel extremely happy to have received this kind of attention and appreciation from you. The words and gestures that you used have inspired and motivated me to fare better in my future tasks.
  • The kind of words that you used has simply thrilled me and I feel elated. This kind of encouragement is needed to keep me going strong. Thanks a lot for the kind words that you showered on me.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for identifying my achievements. This could never have been possible without your guidance and support. I am totally indebted for your kind words.
  • Thank you. I deeply appreciate all of you who have been a part of this journey with me. These jobs could never have been possible without the way you all contributed. Each of you are immensely valuable to me.
  • Thanks a lot that you loved my work. I am alive and kicking because of the great readers who have always kept me motivated to write more. So, what was your favorite part of the book? Let me know so that I may know the reasons.
  • Thanks for being thoughtful and sharing your valuable views and opinions on this subject. I am grateful forever for the kind words that you showered me with.
  • Thanks a lot for the compliment that you gave me. I feel thrilled and excited to know that you loved it. I’d love to share more with you very soon.
  • The good wishes that came to me from you are indeed great. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. Your words have always been appreciated by me. May God Bless You.
  • I am delighted by your lovely words of praise. It reminds of how much you motivated me for everything that I did. Thanks a lot.
  • Good wishes from you have brought me through this long journey and I am improving myself only for the wishes that you keep showering on me. Thank you very much
  • Being surrounded by such motivating words and compliments helps me gain confidence. I will always continue to make you proud. Thank you very much for your words.

Therefore, if you have already received too many compliments from your near and dear ones that keep you moving forward, you should know how to respond gracefully. Keep in mind all the above listed message ideas while thanking them.

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