How to Say I Love You On Valentine’s Day

One of the most vulnerable moves for a person is to utter those three little words to your partner for the first time. It gets even more special when you plan to say them on a day that is as special as Valentine’s Day. With the approaching of Valentine’s Day, there are increased chances of sharing your feelings with your partner.

Most Creative Ways to Say I Love You On Valentine’s Day

Ways To Say I Love You For Valentine's Day

If you think you’re ready to say those three words on Valentine’s Day and take your relationship to the next level, you need to muster up courage.

Relationship experts are of the opinion that the best thing to do when you propose your beloved is not to over-think it. If you feel that you have to scream from the rooftop, this is a great indication that you’re excited about your feeling and you want to show her directly.

So, if you’re eager to utter the three words to your beloved on Valentine’s Day, here are few ideas that you can adopt.

Valentine’s Day and I Love You – How to say

It is vital for you to acknowledge your partner on special days like Valentine’s Day. Though there are no special days meant for love but if you still want to express your feelings, you can always do so.

This is a celebrated holiday where couples make different types of arrangements. While there are many who try doing something unique and different to show how much they care and love their partner, some others keep it normal and simple. Check out few ideas of saying ‘I love you’.

  • Learn a different language and if that seems a tough job for you, you can only learn how to say those three words in that language. Make sure you also learn the dialect so that the phrase sounds sexy enough.
  • Make her favorite lunch and keep a note within the food tray that says ‘I Love You’.
  • Find out that little something that your partner had lost or that which she said she wanted but couldn’t find. You can also give your partner a perfectly framed photograph of the two as this is also a touching gesture.
  • Does your partner often tell you why you actually love her? If she does, you can create a small booklet where you use pictures of both of you and write down the reasons you love her. This can be an extremely pleasing gesture that will sweep your partner off her feet.
  • Design handmade coupons along with gifts so that your partner can use anytime like a dine out with friends or a massage.
  • Arrange a candle light dinner for two, switch off your mobile phones and shut down the virtual world to gain a pure evening filled with romance.
  • Create a video where you tell him why the person is so special and give her clues about what is going to happen in the evening. Give her hints about your plan but don’t disclose the entire thing.
  • Make a CD of the favorite songs or design a compilation of the love songs that remind you of your partner. If you could choose to learn how to play her favorite songs on the guitar, that would be even better. She would feel head over heels in love with you if you could try such unique things for her.
  • How about planning a surprise engagement? Get in touch with the place or restaurant that you’ll be visiting. Request them to give you the ring on your behalf at the best moment. Go down on your knees and ask her to marry you.
  • Buy some red balloons for her. But before you blow them up, place few small gifts or candies or some love poems within the balloons. Once the balloons are burst, let your beloved find out what’s written in the love notes. She will feel mushy when she reads out your feelings.
  • Write a love letter to her where you tell her how much you love her and treasure her in your life.
  • If you want to purchase some kind of jewelry but you are on a tight budget, you can try purchasing gold or silver. And in case you don’t have any budget issues, go for platinum. A pair of earrings and a heart-shaped neckpiece will be perfect for that evening.
  • Hold her hand in the public and never be shy or ashamed to show you her feelings.
  • If you go to the shower early in the morning, write a love message in the steam so that she finds it when she enters the washroom.
  • Keep a long stem rose right near the nightstand inside the bedroom when she is inside the bathroom or the kitchen. Mention there that you are my one and only love and that you are proud that she is a part of your life.
  • Grab some construction paper and cut out heart shapes. Share a story on each of the hearts and string them from the ceiling. This will give a look like your room is raining love.
  • Listen to what she has to tell you. If you want to make her feel special, jot it down so that she knows how much you treasure her words.
  • Expressing love should not just be done on Valentine’s Day. Remind her everyday how much you love her rather than just one day.
  • Fill the bathroom with several heart-shaped balloons. Close the door of the bathroom and wait for her to open it and feel surprised.
  • Get a spare set of keys for the car. Fill the car with balloons that are filled with helium. When she opens the car, each and every word that you wish to say will come out floating into the sky.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been wondering about how to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day, you should take into account all the above mentioned ideas. Try to make your beloved feel special by whatever means you can.

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