The Intimate Relationship, Is It Always Physical?

Talking about intimacy and intimate relationship, people often frame it as simply a physical attraction. Well, if you hear the phrase, ‘let’s get intimate’. The idea of intercourse might cross your mind immediately. The connection between intimate relationship and sex is unbreakable in our mindset.

If there’s intimacy, there’s sexual interaction involved. However, is it really like that? Is an intimate relationship always meant to be physical? Let’s dive further and find out!

Intimate Relationship

As it’s widely known, the face of intimate relationships is the face of physical attractions. Intimacy occurring in our society is broadly showing the face of body interactions.

Regardless, there’s a turn that starts to renew the image of an intimate relationship which talks about the soul intimacy, a love so strong between two souls.

Is it Always Physical?

So, is intimate relationship always physical? No, there’s more than physical when it comes to an intimate relationship. Since the definition of intimacy gets wider if we go further, an intimate relationship can be something else than the stereotype.

#1 Is it Possible to be not Physical?

If we talk about the possibility of intimate relationships as more than a physical attraction, there’s always. In fact, it’s indeed a mixture from many aspects. An intimate relationship is more than the physical price tag.

There are couples who experience a deep and intimate relationship without actually touching each other. It’s their feelings, emotions, that collides together.

Hence, if that’s the case, what’s it an intimate relationship? To clear your head from the gloomy clouds, let’s take a look to the spices needed in an intimate relationship.

#2 Closeness

When we bring up about intimacy, the main spice necessary is closeness. This closeness can take the form of physical distance, yet it can also take the form of psychological closeness.

The physical one, you can see it every day and anywhere since it’s our culture for centuries. However, the concept of emotional closeness might invite a frown on foreheads, if that even possible to feel close emotionally? For those who use to put logic first before feeling, this intimate relationship perhaps sounds like a joke.

However, there are cases which show that intimacy can be experienced without physical interaction. It’s usually to depict the platonic type of love.

#3 Intensity

The second spice to an intimate relationship is intensity. Intensity becomes a strong foundation of an intimate relationship, if there’s no intensity in that relationship, there’s likely anything related to intimacy. By building the intensity, you make a way to the intimate relationship.
Either it’s physical or emotional, the intensity makes the stones for this type of relationship. Without building the intensity, you’ll lose the flavor in your relationship. Hence, the intensity is the spice of an intimate relationship.

Accordingly, it’s important to note that the intensity should be built step by step. Start it slow, and gradually set it faster. This will make the intensity last for long and so is the relationship.

#4 Body and Soul

So, when it comes about the intimate relationship, the attraction can come from the body and soul. In some cases, it’s both in which it reaches the optimal balance, creating a nirvana on earth. There’s nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than it.

An intimate relationship is exhilarating. It’ll make your adrenaline run faster and you’ll just be there admiring how great it is. However, that won’t be possible if it’s only from one side. The real intimate relationship won’t miss the body and soul as its spice. It’s actually the main ingredient, creating the taste.

The physical one is good but it won’t last for long. The emotional one, on the opposite, can last for long but it’s probably maddening. Thus, the best way to taste an intimate relationship is by combining the body and soul.

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