The Signs You’re Dating An Introvert

When you’re dating someone, you likely want to know everything possible about that person, to unveil each layer of your partner. And, if you land here, you’re likely getting the hunch that your baby is quite the introvert. So, are you actually dating an introvert? To help you reveal about that, read on to find more!

Signs You’re Dating An Introvert

#1 Escaping the Crowd

The first and most visible sign that you’re dating an introvert, your partner has the tendency to avoid the crowd. She or he may come with you to attend a few big parties or group activities, yet the answer of ‘no’ is probably heard more often upon the question.
Unlike the majority which is consisted of extrovert and ambivert that can find enjoyment in social activities. An introvert needs the serenity and tranquility of self to recharge.

If they get involved in a social event for too long, it’ll drain them. Thus, if you happen to figure that your partner enjoys her time alone more than anything in this world, you’re likely dating an introvert.

#2 Doesn’t Show or Express Feelings

The second and a bit less visible yet still highly noticeable, your partner doesn’t show or express feelings openly. They might feel a lot but you’ll only get to see the change in their face or their behavior. An introvert won’t announce their feelings if there’s no specific reason behind that. This is also worth to note that they won’t speak if you don’t ask.

Thus, if you see this tendency in your partner, you need to be a little more active. Although your partner seems to be very secretive, they’re wishing you to ask.  Since the used to keep the emotions and feelings from themselves, it’ll be a tough battle to break.

Hence, when you’re dating an introvert, open yourself to your partner, this quiet introvert will usually pick on the pace and open up more. However, don’t suddenly pull yourself away if you already introduce your partner to the different side, it’ll give a harsh punch and you won’t get that chance again.

#3 Not Interested in Being Popular

Before we talk about the first sign, answer these questions honestly; is your partner smart? Does your partner have the look? Is she or he staying low and hiding away from the spotlight?

If you press the button yes for all the questions, you’re indeed dating an introvert. An introvert doesn’t have any interest to be popular. Although they have the quality or ability, if it’s for their individual, they won’t seek the spotlight. That’s never the thing in their list.

Popularity means attention which is a big no for introvert people. They’re content being in their own circle. Hence, she won’t have the interest to be popular albeit the prime quality she has.

#4 A Good Listener

An introvert is a quiet person. They don’t really appreciate the idea to be the one talking, they prefer to listen and observe which make them a good listener. If your partner appears to be a listener for most of the time, that’s a true sign of an introvert.

Some extrovert or ambivert do become a good listener. However, it can be noticed that people with extrovert tendency has a tad problem to listen more since they just love to talk and express themselves.

#5 Not an Antisocial

While people mix the term of antisocial and introvert a lot, let’s put a clear line that an introvert isn’t immediately antisocial. An antisocial person despises any form of social gathering activities and opts to avoid at all cost because they despise it.

On the other hand, an introvert is someone who finds the recharge of energy in self-tranquility. An introvert will still come to social gatherings since they understand there’s the need for that. They like to gather with their friends and families as well.

#6 Conclusion

If your partner has the tendency to escape the crowd, keep their feelings inside, become a good listener, and is not antisocial, you’re indeed dating an introvert. It can be tough to understand the head of an introvert, yet it’s understandable. You’ll need an extra pinch of patient though.

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