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1) What type of clothes are you fond of?

2) What creepy things you like to do?

3) Which Avenger would you like to become?

4) What is the first thing come in your mind when hear word “water”?

5) What do you want to become?

6) What was one of the best moments of your life?

7) What do you passionate about?

8) Would you like to go for a blind date?

9) Would you go for movie alone?

10) What part of your culture you like the most?

Best Conversation Starters Topics

Conversation Starters Topics

11) Which fairy tale story inspires you the most?

12) What was the worst experience in your life?

13) You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night

14) Have you experience any moment at which you feel being men is the worst thing?

15) What childish thing do you still do?

16) What type of movies would you like to watch over and over?

17) What would do if you have no money and you are on date?

18) What will do to impress a girl within 10 min?

19) If you want to design a house near beach, what would it look like?

20) What is the most interesting thing you will do when u are alone?

21) What is the naughtiest thing you have done in your school time?

22) What will you do if you lost in jungle?

23) What would be your reaction, when you wake up in the morning and find yourself in middle of sea?

24) What are you tired of hearing about?

25) What are the two events made big impact in your life?

26) What is the biggest doubt you have when you are small?

27) What would you not do for 10 cores?

28) Who is the kindest person you know?

29) What possibly the most annoying thing ever?

30) What do you wish to become?

31) What is the most unusual habit you have?

32) What is your favorite language?

33) What is the weirdest tradition your family has?

34) What joke went way too far?

35) What is in your pocket right now?

36) What make you feel alive?

37) What make you feel younger?

38) What do you hate about yourself?

39) What cheesy song do you love?

40) What is your favorite book of all time?

41) Are you a morning person or night owl?

42) What would you prefer money or love?

43) What is your idea of true love?

44) Tell me about most romantic experience you have had?

45) Name any three people you would like to kill and give reason?

46) Do you like pets?

47) Who is your favorite singer?

48) Do have a secret talent?

49) Place where you like to spend time alone?

50) Do You have any wild fantasies?

1] Movies

51) Which type of movies do you like?
52) Do you like horror movies:
53) Which movie you can see again and again?
54) Do you like Hollywood movies?
55) Do you like patriotic movies?
56) Which movies irritate you?
57) Which movies touched your heart?
58) Do you usually see a movie in a laptop or movie hall?
59) Have you ever cry at the time of the movie?
60) Last movie that you saw in the movie hall?

2] Books

61) Do you love book reading?
62) Impact of books in your life?
63) Which book inspired you?
64) Do you carry a book at the time of travelling?
65) Do you like book reading in travelling?
66) Your favorite book name?
67) Do you think, books are our best friend?
68) How many books can you read in a day?
69) Which type of book do you love to read?
70) Any book that influenced you?

3] Music

71) Do you like music?
72) What type of songs do you hear when you are sad?
73) Your all-time favourite song?
74) Your favourite singer?
75) Do you love rap?
76) Do you love to go to concerts?
77) Which singer’s concert did you attend lastly?
78) Do you like classical songs?
79) From where you download songs?
80) Do you have songs on your phone?
81) Which song influenced you most?
82) Which song do you think is very close to your heart?
83) Have you ever sing a song at any party or occasion?

4] Apps

84) How many shopping apps are there on your phone?
85) Your favorite apps?
86) Do you always try new apps?
87) Are you aware of all the new apps?
88) Do you think more apps hanged the phone?
89) What is the useful app you think?
90) Do you have app lock in your phone?
91) Which app you are using to download the music?
92) Which app annoys you most?

5] Phones

93) Which brand phone do you prefer?
94) How frequently do you change the phones?
95) What features you check when you purchase a new phone?
96) Do you think, we are misusing the phones?
97) Did ever your phone stolen?
98) Which type of phone case do you use?
99) You text more or call more?
100) In your view what is easy, calling or texting?
101) What do you want that your phone could do?
102) What feature do you want to add to your phone?

6] Sports

103) What is your favorite sport?
104) Which sportsperson do you like?
105) Do you want to go to sports?
106) How were you in sports in your school days?
107) Which 3 great athletes of all time?
108) According to you what is a sport?
109) What are the oldest sports?
110) How would sports start?
111) How much time did you spend in watching sports?
112) Do you ever want to be a sports person?
113) Which sport do you like to watch the most?

7] Restaurant

114) How frequently you used to go to a restaurant for lunch/dinner?
115) Which is a favourite restaurant?
116) Any bad experience with any restaurant?
117) Which is the best restaurant near your home?
118) Which type of restaurants you usually go-pure veg/non-veg?

119) Do you like fast food to eat in a restaurant?
120) Do you see any themed restaurant?
121) Do you want to open your own restaurant?
122) If you have your own restaurant which type of food would you serve?
123) Which restaurant’s sweet is excellent?
124) Do you think the food we eat in restaurants is hygienic?
125) Which food you more prefer-home cook/restaurant?

8] Travel

126) Do you like travelling?
127) Only in your country or other countries also?
128) Have you traveled out of your country?
129) Which place do you like more?
130) Which place most inspired you and why?
131) By which mode of transport you traveled mostly?
132) Do you go for travelling in a group or alone?
133) Which is place do you want to travel with your partner?
134) How much money you approx expense in your travelling?
135) Which transport do you like for travelling? (plane/train/bus)
136) What is the best thing you like about travelling?
137) How do you think travelling expands our mind our thinking?
138) How frequently you go travelling?
139) Do your work suffers because of travelling?
140) How do you manage your office work in travelling?
141) From which website do you usually book your hotel?
142) Which was the worst hotel you have stayed at?

9] Technology

143) Which part of technology really irritates you?
144) Which part of technology do you love?
145) According to you what was the best invention of the last 10 years?
146) Which technology destroys human civilization?
147) Which technology impressed you?
148) Which of technology amazed you?
149) Which part of technology saves the human?
150) Do you think technology controls humans?
151) Do you think technology creates many viruses, many diseases?
152) Which science fiction movie based on technology like you?
153) Do you think in future technology ruined humans?
154) Do you think technology exploits the earth?

10] Clothes

155) Do you like to dress up according to the latest fashion?
156) What is fashion according to you?
157) What is your favourite holiday?
158) Your favourite destination?

11] Education

159) Your opinion about the necessity of education?
160) Which country has the best education system?
161) How can the government help to make education better?
162) Do you help the poor in their education?
163) What are the difficulties in your education?
164) What difficulties did you face at the time of your school days?
165) How does education change a person’s life?
166) Benefits of education?

12] Food

167) What is your favourite food?
168) Do you like spicy food?
169) What food items you hate?
170) Which food look bad but tastes delicious?
171) Can you cook food?
172) Which food do you like-Chinese food, north Indian?
173) What kind of food you usually eat?
174) Which country’s food do you like most?
175) What new food items have you tried this month?
176) Which food is overpriced?

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