Relationship Advice That Will Keep the Flame Burning

Many people describe starting a relationship as the easiest part of the battle, the tougher, trench fighting efforts come later when the connection between you and your partner may dwindle slightly.

Interestingly, these days, couples seem to be aware that this can naturally happen and some even preemptively seek out couples counseling before marriage to ensure that they can get through the tough times.

Relationship Advice

Well, without booking in an appointment with the local head shrinker here are a few relationship tips that are guaranteed to keep the flame burning long after the honeymoon period ends!

1] Break old habits 

When you have been in a relationship for a while it can be easy to fall into routines together. Suddenly every Friday night is Pizza and Grey’s anatomy night and your conversations always end up the same. Beware of the patterns you may develop and do your best to break them in a fun and exciting way when you can!

2] Stay in touch 

A hug and a kiss good morning is a great way to start the day but what about intimacy during the day? A simple touch on the arm as you walk by or holding hands on the street is a great way to show your affection for your partner and body contact throughout the day also triggers the release of hormones that help strengthen your bond.

3] Sex please 

Unless you are both in agreement on an abstinent lifestyle then sex is important in any relationship. Not only is sex fun, but guys find it easier to connect and express their feelings for their partners through physical intimacy rather than conversation.

Sex shouldn’t be a chore but it does sometimes require a bit of effort from both parties. If things are a bit slow in the bedroom department then make an extra effort to do the deed at least a couple of times a week. Your relationship will thank you for it!

4] Make sure you listen 

During heated arguments especially it can become easy to focus more on your point of view than what your partner is actually saying. Instead of rehearsing your speech as your partner is talking actively engage in what they are saying!

Nod your head and repeat or summarize their grievance so that they can see that you comprehend what they are saying. This will not only make your partner feel validated but it will make communication so much easier for your relationship.

5] In order to be tolerant you must tolerate intolerance 

We aren’t all perfect! Before you yell at your man for leaving the toilet seat up make sure you have a good look at your own habits and mannerisms. Whilst this toilet seat example may have no upside try looking at the positives of your partner’s behavior.

If your girlfriend doesn’t like meeting new people for example this shows she doesn’t need to impress everyone she meets and is happy within herself! A rare trait these days!

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to fan the flames of your relationship. Keeping things fresh and exciting as well as keeping communication airways open and free will go a long way to happy and long lasting relationship!

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  1. Wonderful advice to live by. This has reminded me of why I chose to be single. Gotta cherish my time alone before I can be involved with someone else.


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