Deep Conversation Topics To Know Someone Better

Many people don’t casually talk about the matters that express their inner thoughts. Deep questions are powerful because you can discuss inner matters that you cannot speak about it casually.

Top Deep Conversation Topics & Question

Deep Conversation Topics and Questions

It is important to have multiple questions because you may end up taking about same topic, which might create boring environment. In order to spice up the conversations, we are going to add multiple deep questions to start conversations.

100 Deep Questions for everyone

  1. Do you believe in a god or idol? If yes, then does that person have to be a spiritual person?
  2. What’s the hardest task given to you at work?
  3. If you learn that you will die tomorrow, then what things would you do today?
  4. The popular saying says “money cannot buy happiness” then can you live happily without money?
  5. Having a positive mindset can solve a complicated problem?
  6. If you have regrets about something, then can you solve the problem by going back to time?
  7. What one thing people get it wrong about you?
  8. What is your current age by heart?
  9. Is there something that you could not afford, when you were a kid, and now you want to fulfil that wish?
  10. How do you want the people to remember you?
  11. If you earn an opportunity to relive one day of your life, then which day would you choose?
  12. How important freedom is to you and how do you describe it?
  13. What moment of yours can bring smile on everyone in your family?
  14. Do you focus on long term goals or short terms goals?
  15. What’s the next important step you need to take for your career?
  16. Which spot do you go when you are seeking for peace of mind?
  17. What is the most important lesson you have learned from your father?
  18. Have you learned anything from your father or mother mistakes?
  19. Who impression do you have on the people, who are successful in their life?
  20. What’s the best part being an older person, and what’s the worst part about aging?
  21. If the neighbouring country invades a different part of the state, then would you stand up against invaders?
  22. Would you take a bullet for an unknown person?
  23. What else have you gained from your dream job other than money and experience?
  24. If you were given educations minister position, then what would you change?
  25. If the current company offers you to shift Australia with more money and live there forever, would you take it?
  26. What are the downsides of modern day world?
  27. Can you tell us one disadvantage of social media platform?
  28. Would you step on a colleague for a promotion?
  29. Do you have a plan that can change one thing about the country?
  30. Which Government or private organisation does corruption in broad day light?
  31. Why Government of India is not focusing on brining Police reforms?
  32. Do you believe in Instant Karma?
  33. If your boss proposes three challenges to earn an opportunity for promotion then will you accept it?
  34. How many individuals inspired to achieve something life?
  35. What is the main root cause of conflicts?
  36. What is the current technology or policy that can pave its way to human extinction?
  37. How would you feel, if you failed at something or would you appreciate the fact that you’ve tried?
  38. What do you remember, when the moderate success goes way over your head?
  39. What’s more important, exploring yourself or the world?
  40. Would you take calculated risks or risk everything without having a backup plan?
  41. If you can teleport in an instant, where would you be right now?
  42. Can you name one task that no one can accomplish without a team?
  43. What’s one habit that you want to change today?
  44. After you passed away from this world, how many people will remember you?
  45. What marketing concept impressed you the most?
  46. What funny moment happened in your life that puts a smile on your face in an instant?
  47. How do you feel, when rich people do not value a human life?
  48. Do you believe in random quotes appear in your social media feeds?
  49. What do you think about going bald 10 years later?
  50. Do you remember the people who sacrificed for the country?
  51. What is your long term goal that you will make it happen no matter how many years it takes?
  52. What would your mother and parents do if you get Marilyn Manson tattoo?
  53. Did you lost respect after they did something that you don’t agree with it?
  54. What gadget you purchased after working so hard for it?
  55. What is your dream car and how much it costs?
  56. Do you think adults and teenagers should get treated the same?
  57. What qualifications a Prime Minister or President required passing the eligibility?
  58. How many people helped you stand where you are right now?
  59. Did you like going to school and meet your teachers?
  60. What are the two things that came genetically from your father and mother?
  61. Do you think that death is an end?
  62. Why invaders surrender and sign a ceasefire agreement?
  63. What qualities do you look in your friends?
  64. What one thing that people should do make a better world?
  65. Have you ever helped someone without asking?
  66. What is the best thing you did for someone?
  67. If you could go to an international trip with one of the family members, who would you take along with you?
  68. What’s the biggest challenge you faced in your life?
  69. Why do people keep secrets, when everyone knows that it will come out eventually?
  70. Do you believe that pain teaches a human being and it improves their life?
  71. What do you think about the world living a good life after 250 years?
  72. Can moon replace earth after 1000 years?
  73. What tournaments, awards, and competition you won in your life?
  74. Have you ever met a popular star in your life?
  75. Will you give up promotion for your crush?
  76. What is the most absurd thing you have done in your life?
  77. How Avengers End Game should have ended?
  78. Do you agree that UFC fighters are underpaid?
  79. Do you want invent a new physical game?
  80. What improvements do you want to bring in Cricket, Football, and Basketball?
  81. Do you consider swimming a Olympic worthy sport?
  82. Do you enjoy watching people getting bruised and beaten up in an MMA fight or wrestling?
  83. Is there someone in your office that overpaid?
  84. Which employee in your team giving you a hard time?
  85. Have you ever turned down a proposal from a girl?
  86. Have you accidently found out that the person you hated actually loves you?
  87. What political subject do you want to offer an opinion?
  88. Have you dumped someone in your life?
  89. How many secrets do you have?
  90. What’s the oldest memory do you remember?
  91. How many of your friends share their relationship issues with you?
  92. Why do you never provide suggestions or opinions?
  93. How do you react, when someone close to you betrayed you?
  94. What are your fantasies?
  95. Are you planning to travel entire country, if you have enough money?
  96. How do you handle disagreements?
  97. What regrets do you have as son?
  98. How alcohol destroys a human being?
  99. Should people get arrested over a tweet or Facebook post?
  100. Should Government bring restrictions for freedom of speech to an extinct?

Bottom Line

Deep questions are extremely helpful for colleagues, co-workers, friends, new couples, and others. If you want to understand someone’s personality and their mindset, then the deep question can bring in a lot of new information.

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