TOP 100+ Best Conversation Starters for Teens

Best Conversation Starters for Teens :¬†Whether you are a teen or someone who want to start a friendship with a teenager, then we have conversation starters for friends. In the advance technological era, you do not need to meet to a person’s face to face. You can start talking with this Good Conversation Starters for Texting as well.

Good Conversation Starters for Teens

Best Conversation Starters for Teens

Not only teens but some people also search for Conversation Starters for Dating, and we have these questions as well. Things apart, but today we have some question to start a talk with teens, and we will talk on it only. So let’s start.

1) Would you consider yourself as a talkative person or shy per

2) Are you afraid of the dark?

3) Tell me the most exciting thing you have ever done in your c

4) What is your favorite animal but as a pet?

5) What is life for you?

6) What is your favorite class section in the school?

7) How would you describe a perfect day in normal life?

8) What is one thing you are grateful for today?

9) Do like playing indoor or outdoor?

10) Do you like going to school for the only study?

11) Do you have any goal in life today?

12) What would you prefer; five-years younger or five-years older?

13) What do you eat in the launch at school?

14) Have you ever try to become popular?

15) Do you like to become Mr. India for one day?

16) What is your favorite food?

17) Do you think Dating App Conversation Starters helps people?

18) What scares you most by thinking about the future?

19) When were you thought about your money last time?

20) What would you do coming home after school?

21) What is your key to passion?

22) What is the most passionate thing of your life?

23) Do you believe there is another world after death?

24) What makes you excited and thrilled?

25) Do you want to change your school? If yes then which friend with ?

26) Do you have a crush on someone?

27) What makes you different from others?

28) What makes you a good person or a good friend?

29) What makes people bad or evil?

30) If you were born according to your wish, in which era you would?

31) How can you influence the world?

32) How would you like to change the world?

33) Is it okay to lie for a good purpose?

34) Whom you consider as your heroes and why?

35) If you could get propose from a celebrity, who would it be acco

36) Have you ever participate in any activity happening out of scho

37) Do you like it if people give you attention?

38) Who loves you most; mom or papa?

39) What is your greatest achievement till now?

40) What would you do with your lottery winning money?

41) Are you think you have to look for your boyfriend/girlfriend?

42) If you are an adult person all of sudden and talking with a boy

43) Are there any plans for the future?

44) How much is your pocket money?

45) What would you like to buy from the remaining pocket money?

46) What qualities do you find good in a person?

47) Do you have any exceptional qualities from others?

48) What is your silence weapon for the fight with your brother or

49) What would you like to choose an unlimited supply of food or dr

50) What do to like more; mountains or beaches?

51) If you can go travel for a week alone, which place would you ch

52) Do you love to travel?

53) What is the difference between traveler and wanderlust according?

54) Do ever feel separated or alone?

55) Have you still play video games?

56) What is your favorite TV series?

57) What your favorite TV show and movie?

58) Do you remember your childhood days?

59) Who is your role model?

60) Are you active on social media platform?

61) Who is (are) your best friend(s)?

62) What is your weakness?

63) Have your parents dictated stories to you in your childhood day

64) What would you choose if you have to choose only one; listen or

65) What do you like most about you?

66) Are you a library person or a movie person?

67) What is the most difficult task of your life now?

68) What is the unforgettable moment of your life?

69) What do you do most of your weekends?

70) What do you worry most about?

71) If someone asks you to slap your friend for $1000, would you do

72) Online Dating Conversation Starters

73) What is your favorite movie?

74) What is your favorite novel?

75) Can you die to save your best friend’s life?

76) Do you wish to collect something to bring with you after death?

77) Do you like to collect antique things?

78) Have you ever made a slam book?

79) Are you dating to someone?

80) What different skills and talents do you have?

81) If you are dying right now, what are your last words?

82) What is your favorite food?

83) Life most embarrassing experience in one word!

84) Give a rating to your parent’s strict behavior on the scale of

85) Who is your favorite singer or band?

86) What is your most listened song?

87) Do play any musical instruments like the piano or flute or anything?

88) Who worried about you the most?

89) When you feel sad?

90) What thing would you like to change in yourself? Why?

91) If you died after one month, how would you spend it?

92) Do you like ice cream or cakes?

93) Which is your favorite sport?

94) Can you speak more than one language?

95) What is the best age to live on your own?

96) What helps you to become a better human?

97) What activity can help you to get relief from stress?

98) What do you do when you feel alone or bored?

99) What hurts you?

100) Who can bring a smile on your face from your family in any situation?

101) What is your dream to become?

With this, we end up our article here. Hopefully, the questions are up to the mark. In case if you are looking for Online Dating Conversation Starters, you can find it here as well.

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