How to Make Sure that Your Relationship Is An Honest One

Honesty is one of the biggest issues in interpersonal relationships. When it comes to romance, it is surely a most delicate matter that will either make it or break it. Is there a way to ensure real honesty without being pushy about it?

How to Have a Better Relationship

1] Pay Attention to Your Behavior

You cannot simply demand honesty and expect to get it. In fact, this make make you come across as insecure, highly suspicious and desperate and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman.

Also, you cannot just start doing things by yourself, such as checking phone messages an e-mails. The best approach is to cultivate honesty right at the start of a relationship. A personal example would work best.

2] Compatibility Issues

However, a certain degree of compatibility is absolutely necessary. If you are always inclined to tell the truth and your partner is more of a dishonest type, then it won’t work and one should say bye as quickly as possible. On the other hand, when you already know you’re compatible, you can start working on that honesty level.

3] Know How to Talk

It all comes down to communication but it’s also very important how you actually communicate. We mentioned inspiring by personal example. You can start talking openly about what makes you happy first (to create positivity) and then move on to aspects that bother you.

Do this is a non-aggressive or demanding way, just state how you feel. Talking about emotions is a good thing. It helps the other feel safe and open up, too.

4] The Power of Vulnerability

Being vulnerable also works. Don’t be afraid to be like this. Vulnerability shows the other that you trust them and you are not afraid to be honest and open. This is one of the pillars of honesty in a relationship.

Vulnerability is often seen as pure, simple honesty. It doesn’t take away your power. If you feel disrespected and uncomfortable in a relationship, you can still leave whenever you consider so.

5] Avoid Passive-Aggressive Behavior

It’s so easy to just have a passive-aggressive response to a crisis or a situation that bothers us. The challenge is to find solutions that actually work. When one is passive-aggressive, they are closing down and creating ongoing frustration for both people in the relationship.

They are generating more doubt and bitterness. Again, the antidote to this is discussing openly about what has been bothering you and accepting the other person’s view of the events, too – which leads us to the next point.

6] Accept their Views

You may disagree at times, but you have to accept that they, too, have a view of their own. Listen to that, it will help create an environment of trust. When the other person knows you’re hearing them, they feel respected and valued and will be inclined to be more honest.

Honesty is a true treasure in relationships and should be at their very core. Even if it makes you feel vulnerable, you should always be practicing it.

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