How to Respond To ‘Nice To Meet You’

In our daily lives, we come across many people. While some meetings happen to be good, friendly and memorable, some others are bad and worth not remembering.

‘Nice to meet you’ is the most common phrase that we say when we meet new people. But do all of us know how to reply to this phrase? Often it happens that we get clueless and confused about what to reply to a person who says ‘Nice to meet you’.

Reply to “Nice to Meet You”

Nice To Meet You

We often forget that our personality stays hidden in the kind of replies that we get. If you can give a smart reply, you can create a good impression on the person you’re meeting.

On the contrary, with a bad answer, your impression too will get tarnished. Before we move on to the befitting answers, let’s check out few different ways of saying ‘Nice to meet you’.

Saying ‘Nice to meet you’ online

What do you say when you newly connect with someone for the first time through email? Don’t you feel strange to write ‘Nice to meet you’ because you haven’t yet met that person.

You are neither shaking hands with the person nor having an eye contact. Then how are you going to acknowledge the fact that the meeting is online and not in person?

There are many who come across this situation in media relations and in public where the person mostly connects through email. People often write ‘Nice to e-meet you’ or ‘Nice to meet you virtually’.

Though this is a friendly and polite greeting, it is even a bit old-fashioned to acknowledge that the meeting is occuring online. It is almost like saying that this meeting is of not much importance as you’re still not a real person to me.

So, even Forbes agrees that you should chuck off the ‘e-meet’ or the ‘virtual’ references. We all live in a digital era and hence it is time to move on with progressive things. Check out how to respond in an original manner online.

Other Ways of Saying ‘Nice to meet you’ Online

  1. ‘I heard great things about….’

When the reputation of the new contact precedes his name, you should let them be aware of it. Who doesn’t wish to be recognized for their work?

If you can acknowledge the skills and experience of that person, you validate them and star the convo in a positive manner. When you know the specifics of the person, be specific and mention everything that is personal.

  1. ‘Thanks for that introduction’

You can use this phrase when there is someone else who made you introduce to a new contact. You may even use this as a response when a person introduces himself to you. It has been proven that saying ‘Thank you’ can improve social bonding.

Hence you should never hesitate saying it while making new connections. Saying thank you actually goes beyond good manners.

  1. ‘I’m looking forward to working with you’

Are you too excited about establishing a new relationship with a person and you want to say ‘Go Ahead’? When this is the situation, you can always tell that person that you’re looking forward to working with him/her.

A greeting that demonstrates excitement regarding your partnership can always go a long way in relieving the person from stress.

  1. ‘Nice to meet you’ or few other variations

No, there’s nothing wrong when you say ‘Nice to meet you’ even when you’re speaking online. This phrase is one of those social media pleasantries that are rarely noticed. Despite going unnoticed most of the time, it adds a dash of politeness to your message. Here are few other variations.

  • Pleased to meet you.
  • It was great connecting with you.
  • How do you do?
  • Lovely to meet you.
  • Delighted and pleased to make your acquaintance.

Giving befitting replies to ‘Nice to meet you’

What should you reply when someone says ‘Nice to meet you’? Here are few of the befitting replies that you may give.

  • You too. Let’s try out a new place the next time we meet.
  • I felt the same. We should do this again and keep meeting.
  • Believe me; I felt the same on meeting you. It was real fun hanging around with you.
  • Nice to meet you too. We are definitely going to stay in touch with each other.
  • Same here. We should continue with our meetings.
  • It was nice meeting you too. We should plan few more meetings in the weeks to come.
  • Thanks, it was extremely nice to meet to too. I look forward to meeting you again for the next time.
  • Thank You, it was lovely to meet you.
  • Thank you, it was my pleasure meeting you.
  • I too think that it was my utmost pleasure to have met you. However, I wish we could extend our meeting a bit more.
  • I was simply delighted to meet you too. And I was not expecting but you really turned out to be a good company.
  • I am really glad to have met you. And I wish to meet you again in the next weekend.
  • I was extremely pleased to meet you. Remember I am just a call away whenever you need me the next time.
  • It was lovely to meet you and I am definitely not going to forget you in anytime soon.
  • I just enjoyed your company and I think your smile will be plastered on my face throughout the day.
  • Yes it was for sure. I am glad that you enjoyed our meeting too. It turned out to be a memorable and lucky day indeed.
  • Yeah it is true that we are on the same page and how nice was the feeling.

Hence, if you’re someone who has long been wondering about how to reply to the phrase ‘Nice to meet you’, you can take into account the above mentioned replies.

Always ensure that your replies are polite and they show enough courtesy. We hope these above listed samples will prove to be helpful in the near future.

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