Birthday Thank You Caption Ideas to Use for Instagram

We all look forward to celebrating our birthdays. If you’re someone who doesn’t, it’s really sad as birthdays are to be celebrated.

There’s nothing that can replace handwritten letters but we can’t deny that as the social media is taking over the entire world, wishing our near and dear ones, irrespective of their location, has become easier. The social networking sites remind you of your friend’s birthdays, no matter how much we forget.

Birthday Thank You Caption for Instagram

Birthday Thank You Caption for Instagram

A simple message that sends all sorts of good wishes on someone’s birthday can actually work wonders. There are several long-lost friends who reconnect with each other on such a touching message on their birthday.

Many even give birth to new friendships by wishing the new friend on their birthday. Relatives and neighbors often come with best wishes. Overall, it is great to be remembered on special days.

While we tend to love the entire process of receiving birthday wishes and birthday vibes, we can’t deny that expressing gratitude is also a part of the process.

You can’t help but thank all the people who took in the effort of wishing you on your special day to make it even more special. If you want everyone to know how much they mean to you, you just have to write a simple thank you.

Birthdays are occasions when you receive oodles of love and hence the more love you spread, the more you get. What better way do you have than writing a post to tell the world how much you love them and treasure their gestures?

We have compiled a list of the best birthday thank you wishes or caption ideas that you can post on Instagram and Facebook. Check them out.

Birthday Thank You Captions that are Instagram-Ready

  • Are you someone who doesn’t have friends who can surprise you on your birthday like I was surprised? If yes, I must say you’re an unlucky chap! I had a blast today! Thanks a lot to my fam!
  • This is my last year at the University and with a birthday done night, who else could be happier and how? I can never thank you all enough for all that you guys did to make my day special and memorable! Thank you very much!
  • I have always been that person who treasures the times spent with her friends more than night outs and fancy kitty parties. I am immensely grateful for such lovely and sweet wishes and for the wholesome friendship that always makes me feel complete. Love you all!
  • There is noone better than my girl gang when it comes to baking the best birthday cakes for me. Lots and lots of Thank yous for gifting me with the best and the most memorable birthday.
  • My crazy gang of friends have always been happier for me on my birthday than I ever felt for my own birthday. Hence I absolutely treasure this special gang of mine. To be true, I didn’t expect such a big surprise on my birthday. As I am not great with words, I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much!
  • I won’t exaggerate a bit but this is for the first time that I felt like a pampered princess. A big, big, big thanks to my support system of friends. I sometimes wonder what I would do without you all. Thanks a lot guys!
  • Believe me, I am falling short of words and I really don’t know how to thank you all for whatever you have done for me. I actually think that no amount of thanks will suffice the kind of love that I got today. Thanks each and every one for the best heartwarming wishes. I am sending back all the love that I got from you.
  • Another year passed, I grew a year older but the love and adulations that I got from you all have turned me a year younger for sure. I am extremely grateful to have you all as my fam. Thanks to all who took out time from your busy schedule to give me a birthday wish.
  • A big fat Thank You and tons of love and kisses to the people who wished me on my special day. I was simply overwhelmed with all the love and pampering. I appreciate your gestures from the core of my heart. And i pray to God that I never ever lose your company in life.
  • I could never imagine in my wildest dream that my birthday will turn out to be such a big surprise for me. I thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart for wishing me on my birthday. And I can never appreciate you enough for your fullness and generosity.
  • A huge shoutout to the most unique set of friends that one could ask for. There’s no two ways when I say that you all are my home away from home. I am literally blessed to have you all in my life. Thanks everyone for giving me a beautiful day.
  • Here’s to all my icings on the cake! My best advisors and BFFs will always bless us for the fact that we met. Thanks a lot for sticking with me through thick and thin ad making me realize that my birthday is a cherished day for you all. Love you all to the moon and back.
  • It has not been my birthday week or month or even year but still you guys managed to make me smile on this special day. When birthdays feel hopeless and life goes down the track, I find comfort in your company. I haven’t seen more amazing humans in my life than you. You all make me feel so lucky to be blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for everything.

So, now that you know how to thank your gang of friends for the kind of things they did to make you feel special on your birthday, what are you waiting for? Post a message on your social media to show your gratefulness towards them.

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