How to Hate a Person You Loved a Lot

Are you having a tough time in getting over a person who doesn’t reciprocate the love that you give him? It is undoubtedly true that one-sided love is probably the most painful types of love that you have to ever face in your life. It is insulting, demeaning and it hurts your self-respect, often making you question the existence of love.

Hate a Person You Loved a Lot

While it is true that heartbreak is always painful and it hurts when you feel helpless, did you ever feel harder to cling on to a person whom you loved? When you’re facing unrequited love, clinging on to that person is like squeezing grains of sand within your palm.

Getting over a person whom you loved a lot

Did a person whom you loved very much recently hurt you badly? If answered yes, things can soon get difficult for you. This is the time when you’ll feel that the only step to take is to turn your love to hate. However, bringing about this feeling is hard and things will get tougher between the two.

Hate is a strong emotion that consumes a lot of your energy. If you wish to stop feeling the pain of losing a person whom you loved, the best thing to do is to tackle your emotions and move on in life. Here are the ways you can hate a person you loved.


  • Delete the contact details of the person

If the person is no longer a part of your life, you have to delete all the contact details of the person. This will help you in preventing yourself from emailing, calling or texting the person.

Since you loved the person from the core of your heart, there are high chances that you will remember the email address, phone number of that person. Hence, it is better to remove them from your computer, phone and address book. Once the numbers are deleted, you’ll feel less likely to tap and give them a call.

  • Block the person’s number

In case the person still texts you or calls you, you have the discretion of downloading an app through which you can block the calls and texts of the person.

Even if the person tries to call you, you won’t get notifications. When you’re seriously working hard to keep the person off your mind, you will have to be strict with them. You will be reminded of them whenever they text you or call you and hence it is better to block their number.

  • Filter their email ID

In case the person often tries to contact you through email, you can segregate his mails into a separate folder so that the mails don’t enter your inbox and distract you. Design an email filter and set the person’s email ID in your filter. The procedure will depend on the provider.

  • Block the person on social networking sites

If you’re struggling hard to get over a person, block them on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t just delete them as they may still be able to learn about your updates. Hence, it is vital that you block them so that you don’t see anything that they post and vice versa.

You might feel it tempting to know what that person is doing on the social media. Don’t support this urge of yours and check on them as this will make things more difficult. The more you see their activities, the harder it can get to get them off your mind.

  • Delete previous conversations

Did you delete all old conversations and texts like Facebook messages, emails and Whatsapp chats? Whenever you get leisure time, you have much better things to do than just feeling upset while reading your previous lovey-dovey conversations.

  • Think twice before deleting photos

Before you start deleting both of your photos, think twice on whether or not the photo depicts a vital stage of your life that you actually wish to forget.

With time, as you move on in life, you may want to look back on your past relationships or to that period of time when you felt fondly for each others. In case you feel you will regret, dump them in a box or in a flash drive and hand them over to a trusted friend.


  • Tell yourself that you can control your feelings

Studies reveal that humans have got a fair chance of regulating feelings whenever they take a scientific look at it. In case you obtain unpredictable results in an experiment, what would you do?

You would analyse the experiment and try to know where things deviated and then watch the results in relation to the deviation. This way you can start planning the next steps. Though during a heartbreak, you may feel sociopath to react this way but it is a smart approach.

  • Accept whatever you feel

Losing a person whom you loved madly can throw you to a stage of hysteria where you experience multiple emotions like numbness, shock, anger, disbelief, fear, sadness and sometimes even happiness and relief.

Rather than fighting against your feelings, try to accept them and move on with them. Observe your emotions and try to detach yourself from the person. Tell yourself constantly that whatever you’re feeling is entirely natural.

  • Keep a record of all that you feel

You may try to record your feelings by either writing them down or by recording yourself while you are speaking about them. The purpose behind doing this is that your feelings shouldn’t be bottled inside. This makes it even more difficult to move forward in life.

There are some relation experts who recommend you to journal all your thoughts everyday. This can let you stay in touch with all your feelings and also figure out how to let go of them. In case you feel the urge to vent out your feelings when you’re out, you can write down a letter.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can start hating a person whom you loved dearly at one point of time, take into account the above listed ways.

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