The 3 Most Common Relationship Problems

It seems there are a few issues that no couple is immune from these days! I’m not sure if it is the fluoride in the water, social networks, mobile phones or technology in general but things seem to be a bit more stressful for everyone in this day and age and this puts pressure on relationships.

The Most Common Relationship Problems

Most Common Relationship Problems

Whether your love has lost a bit of gusto or if you are just terrible at balancing books there are some issues that can lead to problems in a long term relationship. Here are 3 of the more common relationship problems and some quick suggestions on how to resolve (or prevent) them!

1] Not making your relationship a priority 

Whether you have been living together or married for several years you can get set in a routine. As a result your love life starts to lack a bit of luster! The key to preventing this it to pretend like you are first dating again! Remember those days? You planned to meet on Saturday night and you really appreciated and complimented each other.

Make sure that your partner feels appreciated for everything that they do for you! After years of living together it can become easy to forget the “pleases” and “thank you’s” at the end of your sentences.

2] But I did the washing last time!

Household chores are becoming an increasingly large issue amongst couples today. These days with both members of the relationship at work in a 9 to 5 job it is very important that the housework at home also be divided equally. If one member of the relationship is left carrying the brunt of the chores then resentment will set in.

Sit down and have a frank discussion with your partner about your expectations of cleaning and see if you can come to a healthy compromise. As long as both of you are left happy with the arrangement you can divide the house work up however you like.

3] Money Woes 

We all knew this point would be floating around in this list. Money is a big issue in the world and it is responsible for lots of greed and corruption…but don’t fear, it doesn’t have to ruin your relationship! As with all aspects of relationships, honesty is the best policy!

Be open about your funds and income and be clear about the expectations of who will cover costs such as bills and living expenses. If you have made a money mistake then you need to be honest with your partner as soon as possible so you can correct your lifestyle accordingly.

Work out a budget together and incorporate saving as a couple as well as having your own discretionary funds so no one feels restricted.

So there you have it, these are 3 of the most common problems in relationships and some quick ideas of how you can address them! In long term relationships especially it can become easy to not appreciate your partner, stay on your toes and do your best to be considerate of their feelings and needs too!

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