How to Get Someone to Like You

It is always tough to say why you like a person – it might be because of their razor-sharp wit or their goofy smile or simply because they are fun to be around. You just like them for that simple reason!

It is never entirely in your control whether or not a person likes you but you can definitely play the role of a catalyst in influencing their decision. You can boost chances of someone liking you, whether for romantic interest or for befriending the person.

How to Get Someone to Like You

Regardless of whether you’d want someone to like you as a friend or as a potential love interest, there are several things that can be done in order to make that actually happen.

If you earnestly want a person to like you from the bottom of your heart, you have to put in the required effort. We have compiled a list of tips that you may take into account when you start off with this.

Getting someone to like you – The smart tricks to apply


Unless you show the person that you are interested in him, how will you make that person like you? If you don’t pay heed to that person’s existence, then they won’t feel the urge to pay attention to you.

It is only by showing interest in someone that you can open up opportunities of a romantic or friendship relationship. Nevertheless, make it clear about the type of relation you want.

Suppose you wish to grow a romantic relation with someone, you have to put in the effort of planting the seed of likeability from the beginning. This way a meaningful relationship will be born. But how are you going to show your interest in another person?

Begin by saying ‘Hi’ to that person whenever you see him and bidding ‘Goodbye’ whenever you leave. This is the minimum that you can do while being around that person.

For further show of interest, try to know on their likes, dislikes, interests, what they brought for lunch and how his family members are doing. Let the person know that you are showing interest in him.


When you make eye contact with a person while talking to him, this will improve the connection that you share with that person. On the contrary, avoiding eye contact will apparently seem like you’re trying to hide something from him.

We all know that our eyes speak a lot about our soul and hence it is important for you to make eye contact with the person in order to feel relatable and personable.

However, when you make eye contact, make sure you appear relaxed and natural; not intimidating. The person on the opposite side should feel at ease with you.


Irrespective of how shy we are, we all sometimes like to speak about ourselves. Speaking about yourself could mean bragging about some of your skills or telling people about anything interesting that makes you excited or just simple talking with other people.

If you’re interacting with the person whom you want to like you, you should ask them to tell things about themselves. Begin by asking something as small as their weekend plans.

For a person with whom you’re familiar enough, you can start with favorite things and their interests. When you ask such questions, this brings you closer together.


We all love it when someone makes us feel special. This is why compliments always work perfectly for us. Whenever you shower your compliments on a person you seem to be interested in, they’ll know that you like them and they may start liking you as well.

However, when you give compliments to a person, try to give them genuine ones as compliments that are too good to be true will sound fake.

The other person will think that you’re sweet but never real. Know that you will always be better off when you stick to the truth. The other person should feel that the compliments are coming straight from within.


Smile is a curve that sets everything straight. When you smile at a person, you can make things happen for them. It can show that you’re in good spirits and this can put the person too in a great mood.

Just think about how you would feel when a person smiles back at you. You would definitely feel more comfortable when a person is all smiles around you.

A smile is the best accessory that you can wear and it is infectious and more appealing than a frown or a scowl. The best smile is never too long or forced. So, you should flash a quick and friendly smile to make the opposite person drawn towards you.


When you’re trying to know someone new, it is great to share information about yourself as this will help them know you better. However, you shouldn’t reveal every single detail about yourself initially as the trick is behind retaining a mystery around your personality.

Try not to inundate the person with too many details about yourself, particularly the details that are extremely personal. Humans can comfortably process an extent of details and hence don’t give the person too many details.

When you leave out some details about yourself, the person will have the urge to know more about you. This willingness will lead to many more conversations as you didn’t spill the beans all at once.

By maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook, you can greatly boost your chances of being liked by someone else. People are naturally drawn towards positive people as it makes them feel good about their own selves and their lives.

They enjoy being around such people and hence if you can maintain a positive outlook, you’ll definitely be liked by others.

Despite trying all this, if everything has failed, remember that it is not always true that everyone will like you as you are not here to please all. Nevertheless, keep trying as you’ll definitely achieve success.

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