How to Get People to Dream About You

Interpretation of dreams has long been a fascinating thing for humans as they have found it interesting since time unknown.

We continuously keep searching the meaning of dreams and try to make good sense out of the nonsense that we often dream. Such interpretations might sometimes get a little messy especially when you deal with people appearing in your dreams.

Get People to Dream About You

Have you thought what it means when someone dreams about you? As per what experts have to say, it not necessarily means that they have a crush on you or something like that. The dreams are all about what you represent to them in an abstract manner. Read on to know more on how you can make people dream about you.

Getting people dream about you – The steps to take

It can be difficult to get someone dream about you. There are ways in which you can influence the dreams of other people but this might not work as the subconscious mind creates dreams for dealing with the issues that they’re going through.

Nevertheless, there are few tricks that you can try in order to influence a known person into dreaming about you. Let’s take a look at the few tried and tested ways.


  • Give the person a photograph of yourself

This trick works even better when the person places your photograph in his nightstand. If your photograph is the last thing that he sees before he sleeps, he is definitely going to dream things about you. You can try this out to test if it works!

  • Call the person or text him at night

In case you talk to that person before he goes off to sleep, it is most likely that he will think about various things about you while going to sleep. This may lead to dreaming about you as well.

  • Talk to the person

Wait calmly until the person slides into deep sleep. Once you’re sure that the person is dreaming, try to say things quietly to him like ‘Dream of Rose’ or Wasn’t Rose looking beautiful tonight?’ Make sure you are never loud enough to wake him up.

The reason why this trick may work is because while you speak, you incorporate sensations and sounds into your dreams. So, when you use your voice to speak to a person, this will trigger your image in that person’s mind.

  • Utilize a definite smell

Do you have a signature perfume that you wear often? Or do you use a specific soap that you never avoid using? If yes, how about introducing the perfume to the person who is sleeping? Like different sounds, smells can also be imbibed into dreams. Whenever the scent reminds him of you, it is more likely that you will show up in his dreams.

  • Record your video and send to the person

If you wish to get the person to play with you before he goes on to bed, you can send the person a video of yourself. This can encourage the person to watch you before sleeping and hence dream of you.

  • Give the person a memento that reminds him of you

You can leave behind your favorite necklace with that person so that it reminds him of you. You can leave the necklace on his nightstand so that it is the last thing that he sees before going to sleep. This will make him dream about you.


  • Emphasize your unique characteristics

Regardless of whether you like 20 cats or bold glasses, these are the things that make you unique for which people will remember you. Never hesitate to show that side of you to people, particularly when you want people to dream about you. Brag about your uniqueness.

  • Be realistic

Never try to hide your thoughts and opinions as you stand out in the crowd for who you actually are. If the person (who you want to get to notice you) asks you about your favorite romantic movie, don’t just mention that you love romantic movies; be specific about the name of the movie. Also add a few lines on why you love that specific movie.

  • Shower the person with compliments

People usually love it when people shower them with compliments and that person is not an exception. Once you start giving him compliments and praising smaller things, this will boost the chances of making you memorable to him. Make it a habit to give compliments to people.

  • Try doing something different

If you have to stick on to someone’s mind, you have to stand out in the crowd. Hence you have to know how to do uncommon things. When we say doing things in a different manner, it can mean wearing a silly hat near the person or baking a cake for him for no reason. Do things that make him remember you and miss you for your specialties.

  • Be a good listener

One of the best ways of showing a person that you’re interested in him is by listening carefully. This will give him an idea of the fact that you genuinely care of him. These days, such people who can take care of others is rare and hence you will be specially remembered by the person for your qualities.

  • Try giving the person a hook

In case you’re initially meeting a person, you can give them some piece of information regarding yourself. Such information is called hooks and these are usually funny. When you show up your comic side, this will help the person in remembering you.

  • Choose to speak on interesting topics

Whenever you start off with a conversation, don’t ask too many questions regarding the weather or his job. Try speaking on interesting topics like a local play that you attended or the story of a book that you just finished reading.

Therefore, if you’re someone who wants another person to dream about you, you should try deploying the points mentioned above. Make sure you stay interesting and sexy as this will boost the chances of others dreaming about you.

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