How to Ignore People You Don’t Like

Do you sometimes feel frustrated about not being able to ignore someone whom you don’t like? If answered yes, we’re here to help you with the best ways of getting rid of that ‘frenemy’ or that irritating colleague or a leech without having to be immensely harsh to that person.

How to ignore someone I don't like

It can’t be denied that there are some people who are irritating to be around. They are gossipy, negative and critical and anything that they embark on becomes ugly.

Such people are said to be exactly opposite to people with charming personalities. Despite knowing that, we can’t always avoid these people as they either belong to our family or happens to be our boss or an important client or even our best friend.

Although we completely wish to get rid of them, it becomes totally impossible. We share the same circle of friends or we work in the same office and still we have to tolerate them.

Unless you get a concrete and solid reason to charge them, you can never just sit and discuss with them about what they didn’t do as there are high chances that it is because of their personality that they behaved in such a manner.

Learn to ignore the person who rubs you in a wrong way

Do you actually live with someone who mentally stresses you? If you’ve long been trying to ignore that person but you can’t, here are few ways you can try out.

Hide the toxic people from your social media newsfeed

What if you are friends with that negative person on Facebook or on the other social media platforms and their posts are getting on your nerves? The solution is rather easy – Just ‘unfollow’ them!

You can do that in as less as 5 seconds and soon you’ll find yourself relaxed because you will feel that they are no longer a part of your online presence. It would definitely be nicer if you could ‘Unfollow’ them in your real life but you have to take things one-at-a-time. Chuck off all the stressful and annoying people on your social media accounts.

Answers given to them should be simple and short

When you don’t like a person, you can never engage in long conversations. Well, you wouldn’t have to. There are still some people who find it tough to do this either because they tend to be pleasers or the person that they hate happens to be their client or boss.

Instead of faking a long conversation, get real and keep the conversations short. You may appear to be busy or even enter your cubicle just to take a short nap.

Don’t greet them with a warm smile always

You will just not need to fake a warm smile whenever you meet that person. You needn’t fret as that wouldn’t make you a cold person.

Nonetheless, smiling fake at a person who you don’t like is like feeding a mad dog. You just carry on with whatever you’re doing and try to ignore them. Even a small conversation with them could have an adverse impact on your mood. Hence, never entertain them with a wide grin.

Listen to music with your headphones on

This is probably the best way of escaping the world without having to explain yourself. In fact, headphones are said to be the most famous anti-social devices that you may use when there are sticky people who don’t wish to leave you alone.

Putting on your headsets will not just bar you from talking to them but it will also relax your nerves. Keep a playlist ready with all the feel-good songs so that whenever you find them walking towards you, you can press ‘Play’ and slide into a different world.

Delay giving replies

Whether these people text you or email you or DM you or send you messages on Skype, always keep in mind that you should delay giving their replies.

Replying back late is never offensive and the sooner you realize that, the better. When you turn your ‘cold shoulder’ towards them, this will be like a sign to them that you’re not eager to go close to them. Delaying replies is great because they get to know it but can never confront you.

Don’t go for face-to-face interactions

Suppose you’re pissed off with your colleague, you may find it tough to ignore that person for a long time as work won’t let that happen. There could even be a possibility of you being fired just because you ignored that person.

While that is true, it is also true at the same time that you can try not to torture yourself by having to see their face everyday. In case you have an option of submitting your work through chat or mail, do that. Lesser face-to-face interaction will lead to lesser frustration.

Know their routine to steer clear of it

Take out your time to notice the routine of that person who gives you stress and try to stay away from it. In case the person is your neighbor, focus on his or her schedule so that you both don’t bump into each other at the same time.

In case your neighbor mows the lawn every Sunday morning, make sure you don’t arrange a barbeque in your backyard garden at the same time.

Skip attending parties that they attend

When you get to know that they are attending a party, avoid going there. Well, though this is true that it could get a bit challenging in real life, particularly when you have common friends, yet you should give it a try. Limit the parties you attend and even if you do attend a few where they are present, maintain safe distance from them.

Even after trying out all the above listed ways of ignoring people you don’t like, if you still find it impossible to avoid, you have to learn how to live gracefully with them.

You may not be able to ignore them but you can definitely kill them with your kindness. This is the way you can transform relationships.

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