How to Make Your Girlfriend Want to Have Sex With You

Guys usually think that it is a tough job to make a woman experience the desire of having sex but it is far from being true. It is actually easy for a guy to make a woman feel the urge to have sex with you.

So, if you’ve reached a certain point in your relationship where you feel that now is the time to take it to the next level, there is a little bit of planning that you need to do.

While there are some who think that sex isn’t a big deal, there are some others who think that it is something that should be shared with only the special person.

Ways to Turn Her On and Get Her In the Mood for Sex

Make Your Girlfriend Want To Have Sex

Though it is true that you will never want to force sex on your girlfriend but you can always comfort her and soothe her fears only to reassure that you’re the right person for her. You can communicate that you’re the person on whom she can trust. Once you can reinstate this feeling within your girlfriend, sex will come naturally to her.

Try to make her sexually interested in the way you treat her

In order to make a woman feel sexually attractive towards you, the foremost thing that you would have to do is to put in the effort of making her feel attracted. The sexual attraction of a woman is usually based on whatever you do in front of her. For instance, here are the few things to take into account.

  • Does the conversation that you start turn her off or turn her on?
  • Are you able to make her feel girly and sexy during your presence or do you just make her feel like some other guy friends of yours or may be just a good friend?

There are experts who will teach you about more than 100 ways in which you can make a woman attracted towards you. The more are the ways in which you can make a woman feel attracted to you during interaction with her, the more will be the intensity of her sexual urge. Two examples of how you can make your woman feel attracted towards you are:

  • You have to be masculine: With whatever you show yourself to be, with your vibe, energy, behavior, style, conversation and body language; you should make sure that she feels girly in front of you. Most women love this feeling of ‘feeling like a real woman’ in front of their man’s presence.
  • You have to flirt with her: Flirting creates a spark between a young woman and woman and these are the main sparks that will always keep alive the essence of a relationship.

If you don’t know the tricks of flirting with your girl, you may search online as there are tons of resources that will teach you how to go about the process.

Even though you may interact with your girl for about 5 minutes, you can trigger at least 5, 10, 15 or 20 different ways of flirt lines.

When the girl feels attracted in more ways than one, she will naturally feel attracted towards you and feel a strong desire. So, unless you work hard on her, you can never make her feel attracted towards you for some magical reason. You have to play an active role in turning her on.

Make it clear that you’re attracted sexually towards her

When you’re meeting a woman for the first time, trying to know more on her and thinking of starting a relationship, you should make it clear to her that you find her sexually attractive. As per an international survey by Dove Cosmetics, 96% of women don’t think they are beautiful. This is rather strange but it’s a fact!

What makes modern women so insecure about themselves and the way they look? Women these days tend to compare themselves with the perfectly airbrushed images of women in porn movies and advertisements.

This is when they feel that they’re not as attractive as them. No matter how much you look at her, she might be thinking to herself, ‘Urrghh! I hate my thighs and I’ll never look sexy as the other woman with perfect legs.’

So, never assume that she knows she is gorgeous! You have to tell that to her. Whenever a woman has sex with you, she will wish to feel sexy in your eyes.

You should say things that will let her feel that she is totally accepted by you and she can be her true self with you. If she doesn’t get that safe feeling with you, she will feel insecure and might not agree to have sex with you.

Build up sexual tension

There are times when a woman will feel so horny that she will feel ready to have sex without you having to put in any effort to bring her into the mood. Yet, in various other cases, most women demand men to turn them on by building a sexual tension between both of you.

Whether you’re meeting a girl for the first time or you’re trying hard to move out of the friend zone to be with the woman you have a crush on, the same rule will apply.

You are bound to build up sexual tension to attract that woman. Women usually love the interesting feeling of releasing sex hormones by having sex or kissing. Hence you should never ignore the power of sexual tension and how important it is for having sex.

Whenever you’re able to build sexual tension in a proper manner, the woman will not just wish to have sex with you but she will also feel that she requires having sex with you for building up that tension between you.

On the contrary, if there is not much sexual tension between you and your girl, there will be no such idea of having sex that would seem appealing to her.

So, if you’re eager to impress your woman into making her feel sexy, you have to follow all the above listed tricks and strategies. Make her respect and love you too lest the attraction might fade away with time.

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