How To Cuddle For Maximum Intimacy

If you’re looking for some advice on cuddling with your partner, you’re at the right place. There’s no two ways to the fact that cuddling is certainly one of the best and the only means of showing physical affection. Cuddling displays affection, enhances closeness of the two bodies and also boosts happiness.

How To Cuddle With A Girl

The hormone oxytocin is released when you cuddle and this hormone is said to reduce anxiety and stress. This clearly means that cuddling also leads to proper mental and physical well-being.

Now if you’re someone who has forgotten how to cuddle or you’re new into this journey called Love, we will discuss about the best moves that you should use. So, worry no more and start reading on the know-how of cuddling with your partner.

Cuddling for a Beginner – How to start

Don’t hurry, start off slow

If your partner has been directly clear to you that he wants to cuddle or you may be the first one to take on the initiative of snuggling, you have to begin slowly.

Never jump into cuddling, no wonder how impatient you are to hold your lover in your arms. Place one of your hands on her shoulder, on her back, waist and demonstrate your intention to start cuddling. Start giving a light rub and rest your hands there for few minutes.

  • Ensure that your purpose for cuddling is clear enough. You might place a hand on your partner’s shoulder but that doesn’t always imply that you wish to cuddle that person. Start caressing her arm to make sure she understands what your actions may lead to.
  • Cuddling is a stand-alone activity and this will not always lead to foreplay and sex. Hence you should start off slow and work till you both feel comfortable and never with the intention of leading to things past the stage of cuddling.

Stay aware of all environmental factors

So, now you seem to be ready to have done all the basics which will now lead to cuddling. However, before you make this change, bear all the environmental factors in mind.

Do you feel too hot? If yes, you may have to restrain the amount of physical touch so that you can avoid changing yourself in to swamp monster. Where are you – on a bed or on a couch? The total amount of space you have will have an impact on the different cuddling positions.

Get easy and comfortable

Now that you are totally aware of the fact that you will be hugged for a while now, you have to feel easy and comfortable. If you plan to engage in long-term cuddling before going off to bed or during a movie, change into comfortable clothe and grab a blanket as that will help you get the cozy feel. Though you will be resting on the other person, yet it is good to have a pillow as well.

Start with little rubbing

Rub the legs, the back, and the arms in an endearing and sensitive way. This might not feel the same as light body massage but the goal should be to make the person feel comfortable and interested in you. Once you transform into true cuddling, you may choose to keep on with the light rubbing to elongate the positive feelings that you both get.

Cuddle like a Pro – The best cuddling positions

The Spoon

If there is an ultimate cuddling position, spooning is the ultimate pose. Spooning can be a sexual position too. Anyone can play the role of a ‘big spoon’ while cuddling but it is usually the more dominant partner that starts spooning.

If you’re the big spoon, you will wrap your hands over your partner and both will be lying close to each other. Your stomach will rest against your partner’s back.

The ‘Half-Spoon’

In case conventional spooning leaves you into a hot mess, you may choose to engage in ‘half-spoon’ pose. This pose too lets you remain close to your partner and you feel fuzzy and warm. You can remain close to your partner and yet not feel claustrophobic about the pose.

The Butt ‘cheek-to-cheek’

This is a position where both you and your partner will be lying down in opposite directions and your butt cheeks and lower back portion will be touching each other.

The knees of both the partners are often bent but you can still stretch one leg in case you feel playful. When you lie down in such a position, this means you want to keep a skin-connection with your partner while also maintaining your freedom to sleep according to your wish.

The ‘Honeymoon Hug’

Cuddling will always be over-the-top when you are still in your honeymoon stage as this is the time when both you and your partner can’t just get enough of each other.

This is the time during which you want to entwine yourself with your partner even after you sleep off. In the Honeymoon Hug position, the partners face each other and entwine their limbs. You’re so close to each other that you can even smell the morning breath.

The ‘Leg-Hug’

Just as the ‘cheek-to-cheek’, this leg hug position is popular among those couples who give priority to their sleep but still wish to have some kind of physical contact.

Once you both come to a comfortable position, you tend to place one leg of yours on top of your partner’s leg. However, you have to keep in mind that you would require adjusting your leg in case your partner feels uncomfortable in that position.

So, regardless of whether you’re newly married or you’ve spent several years after marriage, never stop cuddling. Cuddling gives you a great feeling and it is also good for your health. Cuddling will lead to more sexual intimacy and satisfaction and it is also important to cuddle after making love.

And cuddling will enhance the bond that you share with your friends too. Oxytocin is called the ‘cuddle hormone’ for definitely some reason. Oxytocin gets released whenever you feel connected with someone and loved. It also helps to bond with your other friends and create a tighter bond.

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