TOP 100+ Best Funny Conversation Starters For You

Funny Conversation Starters : Funny talk is a great way to attract someone towards you. According to a survey, a fun-loving person is more attractive than a serious one. If you are looking for Random Conversation Starters that takes your chat to the fun side, here are the questions for you.

With Flirty Conversation Starters, we also have included Conversation Starters for Kids so that they can also enjoy this modern era of chatting and talking. Now, I don’t want to bore you with too much knowledge, so let’s move to questions directly. We have a best collection of Latest Conversation Starters.

Best Funny Conversation Starters

Best Funny Conversation Starters

1) What Marvel character you would like to play in real life?

2) When you smile while staring a mobile screen, what do the person sitting in front of you is thinking about you?

3) If you have a choice to pick the one character which one do you choose; a beggar or a mental?

4) What is the cool thing for you in your younger day, which is not actually cool?

5) While you keep your phone on inside the blanket, what your parent think what do you do?

6) How sarcastic reply do you give to your relative when they asked about job, marks, and marriage?

7) If you have your comedy show, whom you would like to roast with your classic reply?

8) What is your funnies name, and why?

9) Have you ever think to keep a chameleon as your pet animal?

10) What the funniest accident ever happened to you?

11) What is the one of the creepy Wi-Fi name you have ever seen?

12) If you were ice cream, which ice cream flavor would you be?

13) Do you like to become a zombie?

14) What will be the weapon of your choice while fighting with me?

15) What is one of the incomparable flavor of condom you have seen or search?

16) Make an innovative punch line on me.

17) Call someone anonymous and confess your love for him/her.

18) Tell me a creative story of your makeover after gender change.

19) If you have to stand up in public and introduce yourself in meme way, how would you do it?

20) Do you style your hair with paper clips and post the finishing picture on social media?

21) If you get a chance to make out in football ground, would you do it?

22) Would you like to spend your life like a passionate lover or always exhausted?

23) What is your choice; to become a super-intelligent or huge asshole?

24) Would you spend a day with your best friend or with me?

25) Would you like to share all your google searches or broadcast all your WhatsApp messages on Facebook?

26) Where is your worst secret hiding?

27) What is the worst dish you have ever eaten?

28) Have you ever run from someone after slapping to save yourself?

29) How worse can you laugh?

30) Which thing or incident made you laugh all the time?

31) Name the most fun movie you have ever seen?

32) Have you ever tried to break up your friend’s relationship?

33) What is the worst piece of advice you have ever given to someone?

34) What will be your first question in a dating app as a Dating App Conversation Starters?

35) What is the personal and strange question you can ask someone in an interview?

36) Tell me three things you hate the most, and you can’t give me the right answer.

37) Share your worst experience of the date?

38) What is your worst pick up line?

39) Have you ever wished for some magical or exceptional powers like a magic pencil, infinity stone, etc.?

40) Tell me the funniest talk with your best friend.

41) What questions married people use as conversation starters for married couples ?

42) What is the best scandal you come across for your favorite celebrity?

43) Do you talk with yourself or some imaginary person?

44) Would you rather choose to speak in sleep or walk-in sleep?

45) If you could trade the lives of the person, which name comes in your top of the list?

46) Are you mad enough behind the novels that you can buy books worth $100000?

47) How would you spend your lottery amount?

48) Are there any movie, series, or show that can able to quit your sleeping?

49) Have ever gift the thing that comes to you as a gift?

50) What is the gift that is of no use but you still keep it with you?

51) What was the myth that you believed in your younger days?

52) Do you like to play the role of Charlie Chaplin?

53) What food do you prepare to kill someone?

54) Do you wish to paint a tattoo on your body?

55) What movie or movies would you bring to enjoy on a lonely island?

56) Who hates the dogs and cats most; you or your mother?

57) Who is the villain of your life?

58) Who is the hero/ heroine of your life?

59) What was your dream to become; doctor/ teacher/ scientist/ actor?

60) What was the biggest lie you told everyone about you?

61) Is there another world after death?

62) Do you like the girls of Venezuela and boys of France?

63) Do you believe in lust?

64) If there is a genie in front of you, what four wishes you wish?

65) What do you choose hearing unspoken thoughts or become invisible?

66) Do you believe in 11:11 wish?

67) What is the best season?

68) What is your favorite slang?

69) Do you allow society to interfere in your personal space?

70) If you can travel in the past or future, what one thing would you do?

71) Do you have any guilty pleasure? If yes, then what?

72) Are you in love with any fictional character?

73) Do you think you are dumb?

74) Who is the most frustrating person you have ever meet?

75) What is your most embarrassing memory?

76) Do you ever try the different signatures for autographs?

77) Are you great lire?

78) Do you have any signature dance step?

79) If you could live in another planet, which one would you chose?

80) Which TV show you will surely ban?

81) If you can go to a dinner date with one person, lived life with one person and died with one person, who would it be?

82) Have you ever read someone else’s messages?

83) How are you different from others?

84) Would you prefer lovemaking without knowing him/her?

85) What do you search in the incognito tab of google?

86) Which place and food do you avoid in all the cost and circumstances?

87) What lied you have to tell at your home to go with friends?

88) Who is your crime partner?

89) If you got a chance to commit a crime, how would you do it?

90) What was your funny excuse to not attending a lecture in college?

91) Have ever your video gone viral?

92) Have you ever peed in a public pool?

93) Have you ever thought about running from school or college between lectures?

94) What is the sexiest name you can give to me?

95) Tell me the funny world record you know.

96) Do you ready to eat pineapple on pizza?

97) What do you want after the age of 40?

98) What is the worst thing as a piece of decor you have put in your home?

99) Do you think your brother is not less than any animal?

100) Do you think your sister is not less than any animal?

It is all about a funny conversation starter. Keep in mind that good humor can lead any talk in the right direction. Even brilliant and smart people notice how to talk and behave. Remember this thing an start chatting to make new friends. Happy talking!

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