TOP 100+ First Date Conversation Starters For Him/Her

Are you going to the first date with someone special? If yes, then you might be confused about what to talk and how to start the conversation with a girl or guy. Here is the list of questions that work as First Date Conversation Starters.

Keep in mind that we have listed all the questions that can work as a neutral conversation starter for you. Start with the question and proceed your chat in the right direction with a common interest or hobbies or anything else.


First Date Conversation Starters For Him/Her

First Date Conversation Starters

1) What do you do in your unoccupied time?

2) Which kind of person are you; indoor or outdoor?

3) What is your all-time book?

4) Name the most fascinating person that you have met ever

5) What are the best movies that you loved?

6) What adventure do you want to enjoy?

7) What is your dream pet?

8) Do you consume alcoholic drinks?

9) Are you self-obsessed or not?

10) Are you a coffee lover or tea lover?

11) What is your dream country to stay or travel?

12) What do you think, do we have any common interest?

13) What is your favorite home food?

14) What is your favorite character?

15) Are you a morning person or night one?

16) If you have lasagna, Alfredo pasta or pizza, what do you choose to eat?

17) What are your favorite cuisines?

18) What is your favorite restaurant or roadside food stall?

19) Do you have any siblings?

20) What is your dream job?

21) If you have enough money, would you do the job of your dreams?

22) What is your favorite genre for the book?

23) Which kind of movies would you like to watch?

24) What was the last series you have watched?

25) What TV series or movie series you would like to watch continuously?

26) What are your hobbies?

27) What hobbies would you like to convert into a money-making business?

28) What do you do to relax?

29) What is the cutest and ugliest animal?

30) What is your favorite app from my device?

31) What is the kindest act one can perform?

32) Who is the kindest friend of yours?

33) What is a piece of cloth that is your all-time favorite?

34) What is your strongest quality?

35) What silliest stunt you have performed in public?

36) Do you like to cover the prank videos?

37) What is the best city to live in?

38) What household work is the worst?

39) If you can give a nickname to yourself, what it would be?

40) What is the exception talent do you have?

41) If you have a chance to give one advice to everyone, would you like to give?

42) Continue to the above question, what piece of advice you would give?

43) If you can get 100% knowledge on one topic, what would be the topic?

44) Name of the country that you don’t want to visit even in your dreams?

45) What is wrong assumption people make about you during the first meeting?

46) Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

47) What is the best period of your life?

48) Do you try to change yourself? If yes, then what changes you have bring in your life?

49) How tech geek are you?

50) Which app eat up your significant time?

51) What is the place you enjoy the most?

52) What is the ideal name for the best company?

53) Do you ever attain the meetup hold by your facebook group?

54) What is the most shocking secret of your life?

55) Does your family know that you are doing some fishy thing out of their sight?

56) What is the most horrible situation you can imagine?

57) Which is the view that makes you relax?

58) What is expansive, but worth it to spend?

59) When do you feel alone, even in the crowd?

60) What are the things that you want to experience at least once?

61) What is the name of a singer whose song you can listen to the whole day?

62) Share your favorite: vehicle, place, food, human, color, mood, day, and time

63) How did you and your best friend meet?

64) What decision makes a massive impact on your life?

65) If you could settle to any place in the world, where would you move to? (Yes, you can get job and money both)

66) How would you like to become famous, and why?

67) Do you go on occasional vacations?

68) Do you like to live healthy 100 years of life?

69) If you have to propose someone on call, would you do practice in advance?

70) For what you are most grateful?

71) What is the best part of friendship?

72) What is important for you; friends or family?

73) Do you take part in karaoke with the worst knowledge of lyrics and song tune?

74) If this is the last year of your life, how would you like to spend it?

75) When was the last time you run for more than 5 km?

76) Do you believe in exercise for a healthy life?

77) How did you spend your last weekend?

78) Do you like ice-cream? If yes, then what is your favorite flavor?

79) Do you try ice-cream of various place?

80) Who is your favorite real-life character?

81) Do you feel each working Monday is bloody Monday?

82) Do you think you are better than average people?

83) What is the weird phone conversation you have ever had?

84) Do you need your personal space to live life happily?

85) What is the unknown fact you know?

86) What is the worst trend, followed by people nowadays?

87) Do you have any fantasy?

88) What cartoons did you watch during your childhood days?

89) What is the thing that you feel embarrassed to admit?

90) Do you like the smell of soil after rain, new book pages, and petrol?

91) What do you want to learn?

92) What was the pasta you have ever had?

93) Would you spend a night with your newly made friend?

94) Share shit advice you have ever get from someone

95) Where do you spend most of the time?

96) What would you choose for a long trip; a car or bike?


All these are First Date Conversation Starters. We hope these questions will give you the right direction to your talk. Share your experience of your past date with our confused newbie.

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