Dating Tips For Men That Are Actually Useful

Men should know what makes women comfortable. Learning about dating always keeps the guy ahead of everybody else. Every man scared of messing things up on the first date, and they don’t understand the basics of it.

Best Dating Advice for Single Men

Dating Advice for Men

There’s always room for learning & improvising the techniques. Nobody is a relationship expert, my frank opinion, but reading the dating tips keeps you ahead.

1] No Texting

Texting is a powerful technology, but don’t use SMS or social media applications to confirm the date. Communication is the strongest element, which truly connects the people.

If you cannot reach them physically, then call them to confirm the date and location. By voice calling the girl, you are building up the trust and assurance.

I understand that you are unable reach them on phone, then text them to call back. However, avoid using SMS or texting platform to confirm dates and locations.

2] Public Meetings

Security is a subject of debate, so do not meet her in secluded places. I recommend meeting the girl in public places, which is family-friendly. You cannot move faster in new relationships because they don’t know you properly yet.

Always choose family-friendly locations, where you can find children’s in the location. Women feel safe in locations, where there are kids walking or passing by. Make sure to choose high rated restaurants or places to hang out, so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

3] Fashion Sense

Men do not pay attention the physical appearance. As we already know that women pay attention to their appearance. One must have fashion sense or I recommend meeting a female friend for advice. Make sure to clean fingernails, clean shave preferred, the shower is must, and wear decent clothes.

If you don’t have flashy clothes, then maintain simple looks. Avoid wearing wrinkled clothes and iron them to keep them tidy. Also, do not wear unmatchable clothes, which will definitely question your fashion sense. Simple looks & tidy clothes should do the job, and ask your female friends for suggestions.

4] Gentlemen Manners

Women don’t like people who are gentlemen or humble people because they want to hang out with honest people. I’ve seen people change their overall personality when talking to women.

The girl you are dating might end up leaving you because she will ultimately find out the true nature somewhere down the line. For a strong relationship, you must not hold back your true personality. She should accept the real you, and that’s how love lasts longer in life.

Be humble, be kind, and be thoughtful, which is crucial for successful first date. Do not hesitate to ask for second fillings, while having dinner because she is not going to ask for it. Gentlemen always respect dreams of her, prioritizes her, learns about her, and always has good intentions.

5] Confidence & Honest

Women don’t want dubiousness people around them. Always be confident, when it comes to picking a location, and asking for opinions. Confidence people always win hearts & gain trust of others because they become leading figures. Being confident in what you believe makes other belief in the impossible, and that’s how strong the “confidence” element is.

Women love honest people because it is a positive element that shapes a relationship. If you want to make first-class impression then don’t lie about anything. Even if she asks you tougher questions, still do not hesitate to tell the truth including honest opinions.

She doesn’t want a liar and “YES” man! The positive traits will leave good vibes by the end of the day, and that’s what we are trying to accomplish here. Remember, be humbly honest, and avoid being brutally honest.

6] No Technological Interruptions

I always tell my friends to “live in the moment” and stop messing around with the phone. A girl wants your undivided attention and you cannot ignore her for a moment. I’m not asking you to turn off the phone and stop answering calls from Office, School, College, and Parents.

I’m asking you to avoid looking at the SMS, Social media messages, and notifications. Dating is a commitment, where you two people go out to spend quality time and make each other happy.

My strong recommendation is to keep the phone turned on and answer important calls. I’m 100% positive that she won’t be annoyed, just because you answered an important call. Don’t bother, if she gets pissed off because I wouldn’t date a woman that doesn’t understand my role in this world.

I’m asking to avoid unnecessary distractions, where people look at Instagram messages while talking. Remember, your eyes should always meet hers, when having a conversation, and she shouldn’t feel like you are distracted. Looking away, while talking to her gives off disinterest vibes.

7] Her Opinions Matters

Several cultures don’t take women’s opinions seriously.While dating women, you should always consider her opinion. For instance, if you are selecting a restaurant for dinner, ask her for opinions, and do not leave her out of the conversation.

If she grants you permission to choose a location, then select one, and then confirm it after she confirms it. By involving her in taking important or small decisions, she will feel important and involved in the process.

8] Encouragement

She will feel comfortable while hanging out with you. By allowing her opinions in the conversation, you are directly making her feel comfortable& encouraging her. Encouragement is a strong element, which directly hits the spot.

9] Avoid Negative Conversations

I prefer avoiding negative conversations. You don’t want to talk about feminism, male-dominated industry, and other things. Always maintain positivity in the topics because you are planning to leave positive impression and go on the second date.

10] Adventure

She is spending time on two meals or playing question games with you. The first date should leave everlasting impression and it isn’t possible without adventurous & fun time. Book an appointment for bowling, hiking, musical festival, concert, and others. You have to be unique and adventurous, so she can have a happy time.

11] Compliments

Just compliment her.

12] EX-girlfriend

Avoid talking about your ex-girlfriend! Nobody is interested in talking about the past relationship and it’s awkward to talk about it.

13] Avoid In-depth Conversations

On your first date, you don’t want to spill all the beans and stick to one topic alone. I’ve mentioned that you cannot talk about negative topics and it includes religion, caste, recent news, and more.

Everyone is living a hard life and you don’t want to go in-depth about it until or unless she is willing to talk about it. By talking longer on one subject can lead to debating and you want to avoid it.

14] Curiosity

Curiosity always gets the best of me and that’s what makes every human unique. I’m an open book with no secrets & nothing much to hide. In short, my life is boring and it doesn’t pinch of Indian masala. Don’t spill the beans on the first day because you want to breadcrumbs behind, so they come back to listen to you more.

15] Safe Journey

When it gets dark, you have to be the man, who walks her home. Women love strong men, who are thoughtful and always protecting them from evil eyes. You should take one move forward and drop at the house.

If she doesn’t want you to drop off because of personal reasons, then book a cab and wait till she leaves. Also, remind her to call you back, when she gets home, so you know that she is safe.

Bottom Line

Don’t be desperate, or overzealous, if you are planning for second date, and be humble, when asking about it. Now, you know 15 online dating tips for men. Tell us, which one helped you realize your mistakes in the comment section below.

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