1000+ Would You Rather Questions On Internet

Would You Rather Questions : Sometimes it is quite obvious to create an atmosphere for talks to be going on in any social gathering but have you ever thought what the best way to do that is?

Well if you are not aware of the answer then here is the best way possible to create a conversation that will go on and on to keep the atmosphere talkative and also helps many people to discover different interesting things about each other.

Adding up would you rather questions in any conversation can lead different people to various dimensions of each other by just sparking up the talks with these questions?

If you wish to start the conversation between people or a group of people in any social gathering then surely “Would you rather” questions is a fantastic, funny and interesting way to start of any conversation that can be a mode of comfort and talkativeness between the people of the group.

The best part about “Would you rather” questions are this that just adding the reasoning part in them can make a conversation more interesting and deep and it can engage people easily to stick to the conversation for long without even getting bored from it and this reasoning part allows people to understand best about each other than what their perspectives and thoughts are about different things, whereas the only thing important about “Would you rather” questions are that they have to be from every segment like funny, hard to answer, logical, mysterious and based on something.

All these segments of these questions actually create the structure of your conversation whenever when the place gets spiced up with these questions you usually get very interesting answers from the people and you get more knowledge about the person with whom you are talking in the party.

This is a fun segment of starting off the conversation no matter whether it’s a group of people, or two people together this can be the key game changer of conversation between any groups or 2 people.

The group of people can have fun by asking the “would you rather question” to each other turn by turn and later knowing the traits of every person after the rounds are over whereas two people can stick to play by asking each other or answering them together on every question they readjust to maintain the fun segment of this question game.

Now imagine the flow of talks in every gathering. Could you? Well no more uneasy stuff no more discomfort and not at all boring social gatherings because “Would you rather” questions will help every single person to come up with their views and thoughts which will lead the social environment to the talkative one and then all you will leave with discovering what you know about each other and what other people are deep inside with whom you are having the conversation.

If you like to know how this “Would you rather” questions work and what kind of questions you can ask to people so that people in the first go don’t feel offended and the fun should go in a very positive way but surely this not lead to less fun and your questions choice can be funny, weird and logical so that many smiles and many interesting facts can come out from different people.

If you wish to know about what questions to choose here is below are a segment of 1000 “would you rather” questions which can be funny and your choice to use in any way so that fun doesn’t end and boredom goes away.


1] Hardest “Would You Rather” Questions Ever

Hard Would You Rather Questions

1) Would You Rather Be 4’5” Or 7’7”?

2) Would You Rather Be Too Busy Or Bored?

3) Would You Rather Be Batman Or Spider-man?

4) Would You Rather Be Too Hot Or Too Cold?

5) Would You Rather Be Cinderella Or Be Ariel ?

6) Would You Rather Be A Spider-man Or Superman?

7) Would You Rather Be Extremely Hairy Or Bald?

8) Would You Rather Have More Time Or More Money?

9) Would You Rather Be Stuck On A Train Or A Bus?

10) Would You Rather Have No Brother Or No Sister?

11) Would You Rather Have Too Many Friends Or Few?

12) Would You Rather Have All Your Choices Be Made?

13) Would You Rather Work In A Group Or Work Alone?

14) Would You Rather Be A Tomboy Or Be A Girly Girl ?

15) Would You Rather Drown To Death Or Burn To Death?

16) Would you rather change your past or your future?

17) Would You Rather Go To A Movie Or To Dinner Alone?

18) Would You Rather Have No Taste Bud Or No Eye Sight?

19) Would you like to stay as you or become someone else?

20) Would You Rather Speak Your Mind Or Never Speak Again?

21) Would You Rather Be On Titanic Or Be Hitler’S Friend ?

22) Would You Rather Have No Eyebrows Or Only One Eyebrow?

23) Would You Rather Have One Arm To Yourself Or One Leg ?

24) Would You Rather Live In A Cave Or Live In A Tree House?

25) Would You Rather Be Locked In Amusement Park Or Library?

26) Would you rather be funny guy or smart guy for your girl?

27) Would you rather send last text to your love or your mom?

28) For Your Birthday, Would You Rather Receive Cash Or Gifts?

29) Would You Rather Change Your Eye Color Or Your Hair Color?

30) Would You Rather Give Up Christmas Or Give Up Your Birthday

2] Good Would You Rather Questions to Ask

Good Would You Rather Questions

31) Would you rather be able to step on moon or walk on water ?

32) Would you rather spend money on food or the drinks for day?

33) Would You Rather Know How You Will Die Or When You Will Die?

34) Would you rather be dating someone or search for true love ?

35) Would You Rather Live In Africa For A Year Or In Antarctica ?

36) Would You Rather Have Your First Child When You Are 18 Or 40?

37) Would You Rather Live In Africa For A Year Or In Antarctica ?

38) Would You Rather Stop Showering Or Stop Brushing Your Teeth ?

39) Would You Rather Have Your First Child When You Are 18 Or 40?

40) Would You Rather Be The Richest In The World Or The Smartest?

41) Would you rather Join a high paid job or follow your passion?

42) Would You Rather Live On The Beach Or In A Cabin In The Woods?

43) Would You Rather Eat A Ketchup Sandwich Or A Siracha Sandwich?

44) Would You Rather Lose Your House And Locker Keys Or Your Phone?

45) Would you rather listen to music alone or be in a party songs ?

46) Would You Rather End Death Due To Car Accidents Or End Terrorism?

47) Would You Rather Win $50,000 Or Let Your Best Friend Win$500,000?

48) Would You Rather Be Able To Talk To Animals Or Read Human’S Mind?

49) Would You Rather Be Polite To Enemies Or Aggressive To Loved Ones?

50) Would You Rather Sing Like Opera Star Or Cook Like A Gourmet Chef?

51) Would you rather be someone with lots of money or lots of friends?

52) Would You Rather Watch The Big Game At Home Or Live At The Stadium.

53) Would You Rather Be Known For Your Intelligence Or Your Good Looks?

54) Would You Rather Watch The Big Game At Home Or Live At The Stadium.

55) Would You Rather Be Known For Your Intelligence Or Your Good Looks?

56) Would You Rather Have Great Friend Or A Great Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

57) Would you rather look for expensive gifts or inexpensive surprises?

58) Would You Rather Have A Flying Car Or Have 1Tbps Internet Connection?

59) Would You Rather Be Lost In A Bad Part Of Town Or Lost In The Forest?

60) Would you rather go for comfortable shoes or high heels for yourself?

3] Weird Would You Rather Questions

61) Would You Rather Have No One Show Up To Your Wedding Or Your Funeral ?

62) Would You Rather Go Without An Car For A Year Or Phone Without A Year?

63) Would you rather be in an annoying relationship or being a free soul ?

64) Would You Rather Be Able To Teleport Anywhere Or Be Able To Read Minds?

65) Would You Rather Be A Millionaire Or Live In The World Of Harry Potter?

66) Would You Rather Be Famous For Your Dancing Or Famous For Your Singing?

67) Would You Rather Lose The Ability To Read Or Lose The Ability To Speak?

68) Would you rather have a family and no money or 1 million but no family?

69) Would you rather Speak out your mind or keep things inside in bad mood?

70) Would You Rather Live The Next 10 Years Of Your Life In China Or Russia?

71) Would You Rather Become Rich By Doing Hard Work Or Win Money In Lottery?

72) Would you rather wish to become a time traveler or to become invisible ?

73) Would you like to be most intelligent man or the most wise man on earth?

74) Would you rather get time machine to travel or invisible stole for life?

75) Would You Rather Have Your Bank Account Hacked Or Your Cell Phone Hacked?

76) Would You Rather Always Be 10 Minutes Late Or Always Be 20 Minutes Early?

77) Would You Rather Delete Instagram Forever Or Delete Snapchat For 5 Years?

78) Would You Rather Have Your Bank Account Hacked Or Your Cell Phone Hacked?

79) Would You Rather Wake Up As Opposite Gender Or Become The Most Beautiful?

80) Would you rather choose your dream job or wish to do by following others?

81) Would You Rather Save 1 Person You Know Or Save 100 People You Don’T Know?

82) Would You Rather Clean Rest Stop Toilets Or A Slaughterhouse For A Living?

83) Would You Rather Be Stuck On Island Alone Or The Person You Hate The Most?

84) Would you rather live for your family or leave your family for your goals?

85) Would You Rather Gain 10 Pounds Or Be Banned From The Internet For A Month?

86) Would You Rather Never Lose Your Phone Again Or Never Lose Your Keys Again?

87) Would you rather be the person to work hard or to work nothing like a lazy?

88) Would you rather make your child learn more languages or more moral values?

89) Would You Rather Be The Funniest Person In The Room Or The Most Intelligent?

90) Would You Rather Be Poor And Love Your Job Or Rich But Simply Hate Your Job?

4] Best Would You Rather Questions

91) Would you rather kill the man who hurt you or forgive him for peace of mind?

92) Would You Rather Spend The Day By Surfing The Ocean Or Surfing The Internet ?

93) Would You Rather Gain 10 Friends In Real Life Or 10,000 Followers On Twitter?

94) Would You Rather Never Be Able To Wear Pants Or Never Be Able To Wear Shorts?

95) Would You Rather Never Use Social Site For Life Or Not Watch Television Ever?

96) Would You Rather Be Gossiped About All The Time Or Never Talked About At All?

97) Would you rather wish to cook food yourself or buying is only option for you?

98) Would you rather choose to be punctual or causally late is an option for you?

99) Would You Rather Swim In A Pool With Sharks Or Walk Through A Park With Lions?

100) Would You Rather Have Family Of 12 Children Or Never Have Even A Single Child?

101) Would you like to stay with your friends or leave all and stay with your love?

102) Would You Rather Be Unable To Use Search Engines Or Unable To Use Social Media?

103) Would you rather be a hippie traveler or wish to be in your daily boring life ?

104) Would you rather wish to be a debater or a analysist for the rest of your life?

105) Would you rather go for a movie alone or sit at home and spend time with novel?

106) Would You Rather Never Get Headache Again Or Never Get To Stuck In Traffic Ever?

107) Would You Rather Spend Your Christmas Night Stuck In A Mall Or At Home All Alone?

108) Would You Rather Stay Forever The Same Age As You Are Or Become 10 Years Younger?

109) Would you rather change one decision everyday or get to stop 20 seconds everyday?

110) Would You Rather Be Completely Invisible For One Day Or Be Able To Fly For One Day?

111) Would You Rather Use Eye Drops Made Of Vinegar Or Toilet Paper Made From Sandpaper?

112) Would You Rather Find Your True Love Or A Suitcase With Five Million Dollars Inside?

113) Would You Rather Spend Your Day With Your Favorite Athlete Or Favorite Movie Star?

114) Would You Rather Stuck Up For Two Weeks In A Psychiatric Hospital Or At The Airport?

115) Would You Rather Have Three Kids And No Money, Or No Kids With Three Million Dollars?

116) If You Had A Mutation Of Your Choice, Have An Extra Would You Rather Limb Or Eyeball ?

117) Would You Rather Be Able To Detect The Lie You Hear Or Get Away With The Lie You Tell?

118) Would you rather be choosing a room filled with light or a room endowed with darkness?

119) Would you rather be able to push a mountain with hand or to punch a wall into peices ?

120) Would you rather like to sit alone and have coffee or to sit in a group having alcohol?

5] Would You Rather Questions 4 Everyone

121) Would you rather sit back in the corner in anger or have food until your stomach aches?

122) Would You Rather Be Married To Someone Extremely Good Looking Or Marry Your Best Friend?

123) Would You Rather Sing Songs In Front Of Completely Strangers Or In Office Full Of Haters?

124) Would You Rather Wake Up As Your Favorite Celebrity Or Go Back 20 Year In Your Own Life?

125) Would you rather be considering some hurdles in your life or always struggle in your ways?

126) Would You Rather Watch The Big Game At The Stadium With Your Ex Or At Home All By Yourself?

127) Would You Rather Eat Mc Donald’S With Extremely Caring Guy Or Dinner In 5 Star With A Jerk?

128) Would You Rather Be Ugly And Marry A Good Looking Man Or Good Looking And Marry A Ugly Man?

129) Would You Rather Be In Debt For $100,000 Or Never Be Able To Make More Than $3,500 A Month?

130) Would you rather be in a real friendship or just faking around with people for your means ?

131) Would you rather be becoming an artist of your choice or just being an ordinary job person?

132) Would you rather swim deep into the ocean of chocolate or sit on the mountain of ice cream?

133) Would You Rather Drink Coffee With Five Tablespoons Of Salt Or Drink Tea With Vegetable Oil?

134) Would You Rather Dance In Public Wearing Leaves Or Dance On Stage Wearing The Heaviest Dress?

135) Would You Rather Do A Ted Talk Or Sing A Song On Stage At A Concert With Your Favorite Singer?

136) Would You Rather Live Without Hot Water For Showers / Baths Or Live Without A Washing Machine?

137) Would you rather feel bad about losing the love who never loved you or go for a new life dive?

138) Would you rather sit whole day with your mobile or go out on random journey with your bag-pack?

139) Would You Rather Be Alone For The Rest Of Your Life Or Always Be Surrounded By Annoying People?

140) Would you rather go above in the space and explore the universe or swim deep down in the earth?

141) Would you rather choose to roam around the city alone or you are a person to be in group always?

142) Would You Rather Lose All Of Your Money And Valuables Or All Of The Pictures You Have Ever Taken?

143) Would You Rather Have Amazingly Fast Typing / Texting Speed Or Be Able To Read Ridiculously Fast?

144) Would You Rather Go On A Action Packed European Vacation Or Relax In Caribbean Resort For 2 Weeks?

145) Would you rather Spend your time alone watching Netflix or have dinner date with your special one?

146) Would You Rather Pick Up And Eat Your Favorite Chocolate From Garbage Or Burn You Favorite Dress?

147) Would you rather be a one side lover with no expectations or a person of demanding equal attention?

148) Would You Rather Have All Traffic Lights You Approach Be Green Or Never Have To Stand In Line Again?

149) Would you be choosing your parents money for your expenses or having friends with the same benefits?

150) Would You Rather Buy The Best House With Worst Neighborhood Or Bad House With Amazing Neighborhood?

151) Would You Rather Be The Best In The World At Climbing Trees Or The Best In The World At Jumping Rope?

6] Would You Rather Questions for Boys & Girls

152) Would You Loose All Your Money Which U Saved Till Now Or Loose All The Pictures You’ve Taken Till Now?

153) Would You Rather Get To Wear The Tailored Clothes For Life Or Get The Most Comfortable Bed And Pillow?

154) Would you rather be having unlimited pizza for life or having french fries of every flavor for life ?

155) Would You Rather Be Forced To Wear Wet Socks For Your Entire Life Or Get To Wash Your Hair Once A Year?

156) Would You Rather Create A Piece Of Art And Do Not Get Credit Or Get Credit For The Art You Haven’T Made?

157) Would You Rather Be In A Unknown League Playing Your Favorite Sport Or Famous Star In Your Average Sport?

158) Would You Rather Look Strong From Outside And Are Weak Within Or Look Weak From Outside And Strong Within?

159) Would You Rather Never Have To Pay For Airplane Tickets Or Never Have To Pay Bills For Whatever You Eat Ever?

160) Would you choose annoying fights in a relationship to clear things or silence and let go is the key for you ?

161) Would you rather be dating an intelligent person or you wish to date anyone with whom you build a connection ?

162) Would You Rather Get Trolled On Twitter By Hundreds Or Get Called An Offensive Name On The Street By A Stranger?

163) Would you rather go back in the past and meet your ex or would you rather go in future and meet your future love?

164) Would You Rather Have All Dogs Try To Attack You When They See You Or All Birds Try To Attack You When They See You?

165) Would You Rather Go Back In Time To Meet You Family Member Who Passed Away Or Go In Future To Meet Your Grandchildren?

166) Would You Rather Be Locked In A Room That Is Constantly Dark For A Week Or A Room That Is Constantly Bright For A Week?

167) Would you rather being able to have unlimited food and not being fat or no matter if food makes you fat ..food is life ?

168) Would You Rather See What Was Behind Every Closed Door Or Be Able To Guess The Combination Of Every Safe On The First Try?

169) Would You Rather Be Famous When You Are Alive And Forgotten When You Die Or Be Unknown When Alive And Famous After You Die?

170) Would you rather be saving lives by becoming doctor or you think you can become life saver in any way..no matter in which profession you are ?

171) Would You Rather Be Awake During Spine Surgery And Hear The Bones Crunching Or Be Awake When They Twisted A Extremely Broken Arm Back Into Place.

172) WYR go to Disney World or Disney Land?

173) WYR worship God, or worship a woman?

174) Would you rather join the army or join the scouts?

175) WYR load the dishwasher or unload the dishwasher?

176) Would you rather have a cute maid, or a cool butler?

177) WYR be a sky colored bird or be a sea floor colored fish?

178) Would you rather spend an hour with Hillary Clinton or Hilary Duff?

179) WYR wash hair with toothpaste for a week or brush with shampoo ?

180) Would you rather work more hours, less days or less hours, more days?

181) Would you rather live in real life Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, why?

182) WYR each day have a completely random superpower or $1.000.000 dollars ?

183) Would you rather be in a cage with a Lion, or a pit with Rattlesnakes? and why?

184) WYR live in a world where the Nazis won WW2 OR have WW3 start tomorrow ?

185) Would you rather be a made character in any fictional world you like, or be yourself?

186) WYR have the same dream every night or have a horrible nightmare once a week ?

187) Would you rather to only be able to talk like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman?

188) Would you rather fall off a bridge that’s two feet high, or a bridge that’s 200 feet high?

189) WYR no be Able to go on Facebook for a month or jump in a Lake filled with piranha’s?

190) Would you rather do something and regret it or NOT do the thing and regret it? Why?

191) Would you rather be able to breath under water but be paralyzed from hip down or be able to fly but be blind?

192) WYR remove your worst flaw (mental or physical), but the one you love the most gets that flaw or keep your flaw ?

193) Would you rather pay 10% more taxes and have all your votes count 100 times more, or pay 95% less taxes and have no voting rights?

194) Would you rather get to eat your favorite meals but never get to drink your favorite drinks ever again or get to drink your favorite drinks but never get to eat your favorite meals ever again ?

7] Funny Would You Rather Questions

1) Would You Rather have more time or more money?

2) Would You Rather have all your choices be made?

3) Would You Rather Be a cute puppy or an ugly human?

4) Would You Rather speak your mind or never speak again?

5) Would You Rather live in a cave or live in a tree house?

6) Would You Rather Have a foot long nose or a foot long tongue?

7) Would You Rather live on the beach or in a cabin in the woods?

8) Would You Rather have a flying car or have 1Tbps internet connection?

9) Would You Rather have no one show up to Your Wedding or Your Funeral ?

10) Would You Rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

11) Would You Rather be a millionaire or live in the world of Harry Potter?

12) Would You Rather be famous for your dancing or famous for your singing?

13) Would You Rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?

14) Would You Rather gain 10 pounds or be banned from the internet for a month?

15) Would You Rather never lose your phone again or never lose your keys again?

16) Would You Rather spend the day by surfing the Ocean or Surfing the Internet ?

17) Would You Rather gain 10 friends in real life or 10,000 followers on Twitter?

18) Would You Rather Eat peanut butter flavored poo or poo-flavored peanut butter

19) Would You Rather be unable to use search engines or unable to use social media?

20) Would You Rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly for one day?

21) Would You Rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?

22) Would You Rather Have three kids and no money, or no kids with three million dollars?

23) Would You Rather See your friend’s mom naked or be naked in front of your friend’s mom?

24) Would You Rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?

25) Would You Rather lose all of your money and valuables or all of the pictures you have ever taken?

26) Would You Rather have amazingly fast typing / texting speed or be able to read ridiculously fast?

27) Would You Rather get trolled on Twitter by hundreds or get called an offensive name on the street by a stranger?

28) Would You Rather be locked in a room that is constantly dark for a week or a room that is constantly bright for a week?

29) Would You Rather see what was behind every closed door or be able to guess the combination of every safe on the first try?

So, you see all these questions can be so interesting for you and for many people who are suffering from the boredom and need to get out of it any social gathering. But the thing is this game of WYR questions is not only a game of social gathering but also it can come handy to many places where the boredom struck.

It’s about the place and the actively participating people nothing else. One can play and start the conversation easily while sitting in the house party, in a restaurant with someone and can also do the same fun in big social gathering in the group of people.

As you see this game has one best point that it can be a boredom cutter for 2 persons and for a group of people as well and its spice doesn’t get less in any of the cases.

You have already viewed what type of questions can help you create a sparkling talking atmosphere and yes if your creativity works then creating more questions from your side can be beneficial too for you all.

The remaining part of WYR game is reasoning and you know yourself why it is so important? Well, you can understand if the people will only answer then it is fine in a funny question but what if some questions have logic behind it?

Yes, the highlight is the curiosity of knowing why the other person chooses this answer. And then the why asked works really better in revealing the person’s personality and you come to know about the person in deep and that makes you more comfortable with him/her in the conversation that is going on the table.

Not only this but introducing some set of rules by yourself in this “would you rather” questions can excite the people more as you can just take the answer section to the majority and reveal the weirdest secrets of people in polling of group. Fun right??

Yes this WYR game can be this interesting just it is one should know where and how to plot the twist in between to make people engage to the game with ease and exposing fun.

After seeing the above example of questions you have an idea of game and questions to be asked now it’s clear that your set of rules can also include penalty round where if answers are not matching in majority then surely one must have to pay the penalty and as the round goes and more penalties would come everyone will see a funny side of each other and this conversation will become more exciting and funny and boredom will be out of the door for long.

Setting up an atmosphere with these questions is easy and the best part it the more and more question comes out of the box the more and more people get engaged in the game.

Knowing someone’s personality is not an easy task to do and when you are not sure what they are representing in their talks so why not to catch a fish with WYR hook of questions that allow people to discover personalities with ease and even help people to be funny in every conversation and no boring replies comes out and awkward silence of discomfort goes completely away in social meetups.

Choice of questions, set of rules and penalty all these three make your WYR questions game more beautiful, funny, exciting and encouraging plus it allows to reveal the best of the person in a flow that becomes handy in knowing people on different visions about their personalities.

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