How to Find Love And Be Loved As You Want

Relationships end on bad terms can cause certain damage emotionally and people find themselves insecure about finding love later in life.

Human beings cannot live with being loved and finding a good partner is not an easy task in the modern period. If you are a single person or recently broke up with the partner, finding the new love can be a difficult task.

Best Ways to Find Love That Lasts

Ways To Find Love And Be Loved

The question often arises, how to find love? Where to begin? How to heal ourselves?

Doctor Simon, Ph.D., says learning from previous relationships is one thing and taking those experiences to the next relationship is another thing.

It’s all about expectations and it adds complications in later life. A single person or divorced person found love later in life, and it is possible to sustain it for a long period.

1] Don’t Expect

A divorced single person may find someone later in life, but do not expect anything from it. Every human being has a different personality, mindset, and experience. In the previous relationship, you might have a few perks or expectations, but it isn’t right to push them in the new one. Remember, unexpressed frustration & failure can create unhappiness and it can turn out ugly later on.

The world witnessed couples married for years do not understand each other completely. Over the course of years, people change significantly, and it changes the perceptive. When time passes by, every individual need and requirements change at the same time.

Always keep in mind that a human being cannot read minds, so do not hesitate to ask them. Change brings new goals and needs in life, and talking about it makes a difference.

People are different in nature and personality. A few individuals do not hesitate to go on a date immediately after breaking up. While many consume plenty of time to heal from the old scars and bring new changes in life.

Do not come to conclusions that this man or women are insensitive. Talk to them to clear out the doubts, and make sure to understand them.

2] Schedule

Millions of people prefer to stay at home rather than going out and having fun. Toxic relationships end up having a scar emotionally, and it can increase introversion, which isn’t good for people finding love.

Shake up the routine by taking one hour every day to spend time with friends, and relatives because it will open up new gates. I recommend meeting new people at work or office and it can create a relaxing time for you, and running away from failures is not an option.

3] Detached!

Finding love for a single person isn’t a difficult task. I cannot say the same for a broken-hearted individual because they might be connected to the ex-partner emotionally. Mostly, men/women do not show remorse or regret of leaving ex-partner behind but they are still connected to them.

A human being cannot find new love until or unless they no longer connected to the EX-partner emotionally. Everyone carries a certain amount of emotional attachment in the baggage.

One solution that hits my mind every time, I face problems is to release those negative emotions. Every individual has a unique way of doing it, and I choose to play multiplayer games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, and others.

By communicating with my teammates, and exploring the city with friends releases the negative side of the relationship. Our hearts are similar to birds, we can always take a different route and fly in a complete direction.

4] Re-discover

Human beings designed to make mistakes and take different paths. Ending a relationship with someone that you love dearly can add greater pressure mentally. I’ve seen people metal stress affecting physical health as well, and it isn’t something that we should take lightly.

Love failure is not a defeat because it is a way of life and a beautiful experience. God blessed humanswith a working brain, where we can summarize events logically & emotionally.

By assessing past relationships, you can understand what went wrong, and how you could fix them. Solve the problem by thinking logically, and never worry about what the world has to say about it.

A popular YouTube creator always gets hate from thousands of people, and he never makes the same mistake again & he doesn’t worry about it.

  1. What are your ethics?
  2. Values in life.
  3. What are your next career plans?
  4. Rediscover by shifting the negative energy into working towards a goal.

Finding new love requires positive vibes, and it isn’t possible without assessing the true qualities that you are looking for in a partner. Stay positive, and do the right thing.

5] Dating!

Newly found love is beautiful and sharing life is the baseline of the relationship. Do not start bombarding with information that isn’t necessary. Of course, talking about past relationships is not a bad move because it is an important piece of information, which decides, whether a couple of compatible or not. However, learning too much information in one single day prove stressful.

Discussing the EX-spouse, finances, professional life, and challenges can add overwhelming pressure on the partner. Spend plenty of quality of time to display the positive side of the relationship, and start sharing one piece of personal information slowly.

Bonding between two people occurs slowly, and it applies to both sides. I recommend the readers to start sharing positive or negative parts of life slowly because it will help the opposite person digest it.

6] How to find love?

I always quote “love is not something that you find, it just happens” and nobody has control over it. When two people are in love, they don’t worry about the world, and nothing can break them apart, and it is evident throughout history.

Of course, they might have different opinions later in life, but it doesn’t change the fact they want to remain together forever. Nobody could become a benchmark for “perfect relationship” category because there isn’t one, to begin with.

Two people & the family should come together to make a relationship happy, positive, and healthy as possible. Everyone has a definition of love, and learn more about it to make a relationship stronger.

Bottom Line

In this world, I’ve met two different people wishing two opposite things.

1) Trying to find love.

2) Trying to avoid love.

Guess what? Both individuals are having trouble because GOD is not approving their wishes. We have this one guy, who is desperate to find love, and we have another guy, who wants to keep himself away from it. Either way, none of your plans are working out so far, and that’s the challenge of life.

I strongly believe that the almighty Lord has something special for you in life, so do not get frustrated, if you don’t get good opportunities at love. Love is a strong element, which cannot be erased with human will.

One cannot find love overnight because it is a lifelong process. Don’t feel frustrated or unlucky whatsoever because GOD has plans for you, and you have to be patient.

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