100+ Random Questions to Ask Girl

Random Questions to Ask Girl : Hello Friends, Today Here are Sharing a Latest Collection of Random Questions to Ask Girl. Check Out Out Amazing Collection of Random Questions to Ask Girl.

Really Random Questions to Ask a Girl

Random Questions to Ask Girl

1) What do you like most to do?

2) What makes you happy?

3) What is definition of love in your word?

4) Do you believe in true love?

5) Do you like pets?

6) Which pet animal do you like most?

7) Do you like daily soaps?

8) Do you like to read books?

9) Which is your favorite cartoon character?

10) What do you like to see in others?

11) What was your last degree?

12) Which food do you like most to eat?

13) Do you like street foods?

14) Which life you liked most – school life or college life?

15) Which TV show you like most?

16) Who is your favorite TV actor?

17) Which type of movies you like to watch?

18) What is your target or goal in life?

19) Who is your close family member?

20) What is your favorite movie since your childhood?

21) What is your favorite color?

22) Do you like adventures?

23) What do you think about current women position in India?

24) What is your favorite Bollywood song?

25) Who is your style icon?

26) Do you like sweets?

27) How you enjoy your life?

28) Do you like exercise or yoga?

29) Do you like to dance?

30) Who is your best friend?

31) Who was your first crush?

32) Are you emotional person?

33) Do you cry for small things?

34) If you get 10k from somewhere, how would you like to spend?

35) Which sport you like most?

36) Do you think involvement of women’s in Indian sports is good?

37) Are you open minded?

38) What is your star sign?

39) Do you like web series?

40) Which web series you watched last time?

41) Which is your last movie in theater?

42) Do you have any secret talent?

43) Which genre do you like most in Bollywood movies?

44) Do you like Job or Business?

45) Do you like to attend weddings?

46) What scares you most?

47) Do you like to attend parties?

48) Do you like cartoons?

49) If you could be any cartoon character, which one would you be?

50) Any funny moment of your life?

51) Which celebrity would you like to meet?

52) What are your positive points?

53) What’s the weirdest thing anybody’s ever said to you?

54) What’s the nicest compliment you’ve ever received?

55) How do you celebrate birthday?

56) What’s your favorite season?

57) Do you like to dance?

58) If you win 1 crore rupees then what will you do?

59) What is your nick name?

60) Which you enjoy most – Tea or Coffee

61) Which is your dream city?

62) If you get a chance, which country do you like to roam first?

63) Do you think you look like any celebrity?

64) What is your opinion on Indian politics?

65) What’s the best gift anybody’s ever given to you?

66) What’s the one meal that you can eat anytime even you are not hunger?

67) Which items in top list of your shopping cart?

68) Have you ever traveled by Aeroplane?

69) Which food you like to cook?

70) What is your weakest point?

71) Have you ever done anything illegal?

72) DO you have any inspirational moment which you like to share?

73) Which 3 places are must visit as per you?

74) What is your biggest dream in life?

75) Are you selfie lover?

76) Where is the next place you would love to travel to?

77) What’s your weekend plan?

78) How’s the weather today?

79) What do you like doing in your free time?

80) What is your favorite kind of music?

81) What would be your one super power?

82) What’s your idea of the perfect day?

83) What do you fear most?

84) Which one improvement you want in yourself?

85) Can we go for Tea/Coffee?

86) Would you like to travel?

87) If today is the last day of your life, what would you want to do for remaining day?

88) Are you Youtuber ? I have seen you.

89) What is/was greatest challenge of your life?

90) How you start your day?

91) Can you describe your life in a three word?

92) What makes you angry?

93) Do you believe in God?

94) What gets you excited about life?

95) How do you define life?

96) Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

97) Would you go out with me?

98) What does your name mean?

99) I hate eating alone; can you join me for dinner?

100) Which perfume do you use? You smell so nice!

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