Good Night Messages for Friends

We know that good friends are rare because they are the people whom you would love to consider as family. When you have true friends around, you will find support, love and common ground.

However, as times change, you will gradually be filled with more and more responsibilities, which lead to chaos. Then comes a time when you actually don’t get time to meet your friends or bond with them.

Good Night Messages, Wishes, Quotes For Friends

Good Night Messages For Friends With Images

In order to maintain your bond of friendship, you have to let your friends know that no matter what occurs in your lives, you will always have your back for each other. It is vital to send them messages to make them feel your absent presence in their lives.

So, what kind of messages should you send to your friends? Well, there are various types like short, cute, inspirational, good morning or good night messages that can be sent.

Here are going to give you a list of the best good night messages that you can send to your friends in order to keep alive your bond, come what may.

Good Night Messages to send to your Friends

  • I feel great to have got someone to wish good night before I go off to sleep. I feel that this is a double pleasure as I can wish my best friend Good Night.
  • May the angels bless you from heaven and give you the sweetest dreams to make your night peaceful. May you have a sound blissful sleep that is filled with happy dreams. Good night my dear friend.

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  • I am extremely grateful to God that he gave me the most amazing and helpful friend for life. Good night my dear friend! It is because of you that nights are peaceful and my mornings are great.
  • Good Night my dear! I wish tomorrow is a day that is filled with opportunities that make your life successful. After having a tiring day, I hope you get enough rest along with the sweetest dreams. Sleep tight!
  • My dear friend, Good night. I pray to God that you have a great day tomorrow.
  • The night is long and dark. I hope and wish you have a peaceful night’s sleep that will eliminate all your tiredness. Wish you good night and sweet dream.
  • Yes, there are times when I feel a little goofy but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you. Remember that no matter what happens in life, I’ll always be there for you. Good night!
  • Do you sometimes feel lonely? If yes, never fret as I will always be there to disturb you. Sleep well. Have a good night and an interestingly scary dream.
  • No matter how far I am from you, I will always send you the warmest hugs that will help you sleep well. Sweet dreams and Good night, my dear friend.
  • I feel so lucky to have a friend like you who always has my back, no matter what. Sleep tight and Good night.
  • It’s high time you don’t think about people who hurt your feelings. Hold on tightly to the positive memories of all times that made you smile even at tough times. Spread such memories that make you smile. Good night.
  • I am extremely lucky to have found a great friend like you in my life. I am sending you this Good night message with lots of love. Have a sweet dream, a tight sleep. Good Night.
  • You are always the last thought that comes to my mind before I go off to sleep. All I want to wish you is good night and have a tight sleep.
  • Thanks that you gave me all your time today. I know you’re tired and you’re waiting for your bed to hug you. Go and enjoy the warmth of your body against the bed. Good night. Sleep tight.
  • Our friendship happens to be brighter than moonlight. Moon appears only at night but our friendship stays lively for 24 hours. Good night my dear friend.
  • With the setting of the sun, lovers send kisses and hugs to each other and friends send each other good wishes and good luck. I just hope that this night brings in good luck and helps you fulfill all your dreams and wishes. Good night!
  • I love the fact that I always have your back whenever I am in bad mood. Thanks that you called me and spoke to me till late night as I was badly in need of your support. Now it’s high time you get a good sleep for yourself. Good night my dear friend. Thanks for everything.
  • I hope you take maximum rest tonight as tomorrow we are definitely going to have the best day ever. See you tomorrow. Good night, my best friend!
  • With the coming of night, we might no longer be with each other but the warmth of our friendship will always be there to comfort us. It will help us feel that we’re still close to each other mentally. Good night by sweetest friend.
  • This message is to tell you that you need not be upset or sad for any reason in life as you’ll always find me there by your side. Good night my dear friend.
  • You must be feeling immensely tired after the entire day of important lectures. It is time to go off to sleep now. I wish you have the sweetest dreams and the best sleep of your life. Good night.
  • As I wake up in the morning, I know my day is going to be a great one because I have a friend like you who has the power of making my days special. Rest tight and good night.

It is a lovely feeling to have a best friend who also feels for you the same way. If you both stay far away from each other and still have the urge to keep the spark alive between both of you, try sending each other messages. Take ideas from the above list to wish each other good night.

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