How to Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat

Did you recently find yourself falling in love with a girl with whom you’ve been chatting on Facebook? Were you having some really nice, cute and hot conversations with a girl whom you initially didn’t know but gradually got to know and like?

If you wish to take your relationship to the next level and want to propose her to become your girlfriend, are you sure about the steps that you need to take?

How to Get a Girlfriend through Facebook Chat

There’s not much that you have to do in order to get a girlfriend through Facebook chat. All you require doing is to make it happen by being the best online conversationalist and show her in different ways what she means to you. Here are few steps that you can take.

How to start a conversation online

Find out whether or not she is single

When you’re eager to use social networking sites like Facebook to get a girlfriend, you have to first ensure that she is a person who is open to advances.

Click on her profile and find out whether she is single. However only finding the word ‘Single’ on her profile doesn’t mean all as you have to do a bit digging into it. Here are few things to do to dig out.

  • Check out her pictures: Do you find too many photos with other guys? Do you find people comment about how cute or sexy she is? If yes, then that may mean that she is off the market.
  • Check her wall: Is there a particular guy on whose wall she posts too many pictures? Or do you find she engages in a conversation with a particular person too much? If yes, chances are high that she might be dating that guy.
  • Check if there are mysterious messages: Do you find messages with an aura of mystery that depict that she might be dating another person?? Does she post romantic songs or winking or kissing emoticons too often on someone’s wall? These are signs to watch out for.

Don’t start chatting the second you find her online

Do you wish to play it cool and get the girl develop a liking for you without you having to show your feelings too strong? Give her 10-15 minutes to be online before you ping her up.

This will show that you weren’t waiting for her to sign in online. If you wait for some time before pinging her up, this will make you look chilled.

  • In case the girl is online through her mobile phone, you can view the green logo on the chat bar. This is the possibly not the best time to start a chat with her. She can remain busy and not aware of the fact that she has automatically been signed into Facebook chat.

Start building a common bonding

In case you still don’t know her, you can try stalking her Facebook profile to get an idea on what she is into, what kind of music she likes, what her hobbies are and whether or not she prefers running or hiking.

You don’t require mentioning the fact that you’ve checked her profile but you can always use the information in bringing up common interest topics for conversation.

This way you will start connecting on playing the same game or growing up at the same city or several other topics. No, you don’t need to stress if you think you don’t have anything in common as it is possible to build a solid relationship by just having 1-2 common interests.

Keep the Girl Hooked onto You

Show her directly that you’re attracted towards her

Do you want the girl to continuously keep talking to you? If yes, you have to let her know that you care about her. Initially, try to keep the topics breezy and light but don’t fail to put in few compliments here and there so that the conversation keeps moving. You can give in comments like, ‘You can really crack me up!’

  • Carefully give her nice comments complimenting on the way she looks in one of the recent photos that she posted on Facebook. You can tell her that her dress looked cute or she looked great in that hairdo. However, make sure you don’t overdo as she may get freaked out.

Avoid coming too strong on her

While it is one thing to initiate an interesting conversation online or build a love relationship through Facebook, it is an entirely different thing to always keep waiting for her and messaging her the second you find her online.

Make sure you both message each other equally and that it doesn’t seem that it is only you who is interested in opening conversations.

  • Don’t always make the mistake of making her feel that you’re always on Facebook for her. There should be a time when she is left wondering why you’re not online in Facebook. Give her space to think of you.

Give subtle references to her Facebook profile and posts

At the beginning, referring to her profile and posts might seem creepy but as soon as you get to know her well, you can definitely choose a photo or a post to speak about.

Suppose she has posted a picture where she went out with her friends on a picnic, you can ask her about the place. This gives you new topics for conversation and the interests also remain similar. However, don’t do this at the beginning of the conversation; rather, do it when you run out of new topics.

Sign off at a time when things are still alluring

One more thing that you can do to keep her hooked to you is by ending a conversation when things are still good between the two.

Don’t run out of topics and then end your conversation as that leaves a bad impression. When the conversation is really interesting, start wrapping up so that she is left wanting for more.

So, by following the steps and strategies given above, you can gradually get a girlfriend through Facebook chat. Try to be realistic about your expectations so that you know what to expect from her.

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