Interesting Conversation Topics – The Only List You’ll Need

Starting a conversation does not need a question because a simple greeting is more than enough. In order to keep the conversation entertaining and interesting, you have to come up with unique questions and maintain the pace.

Killer Conversation Topics To Talk About With Anyone

Interesting Conversation Topics

Our list comes in handy, as I will cover multiple categories in one hundred questions. I will begin with causal questions and move my way up to the different categories.

Here is 100 Interesting Conversation Topics.

  1. Which social media application do you use to watch funny videos?
  2. What is your stress buster?
  3. What are you obsessed with?
  4. Do you have any tattoos and what are your thoughts about it?
  5. Do you have a favourite number and why do you consider it lucky number?
  6. What is the most expensive thing you own?
  7. Do you own something, which you cannot leave behind no matter where you go?
  8. What is your favourite weekend spot?
  9. What street food and junk food you love?
  10. Do you have a dish or food that you can eat every single day?
  11. Is there any popular trend that annoys you?
  12. What do you think about politicians?
  13. Will you go out and part on weekends or spend time relaxing at your house?
  14. If you had an opportunity to select intro music, what would it be?
  15. Do you have a unique skill?
  16. Hey, Do you think successful people are well organised?
  17. Do you get nervous standing in front of a large group and speak?
  18. Name that person, who brings joy in your life.
  19. Do you want to visit a certain beautiful place and where is it?
  20. Who is your best friend at elementary school?
  21. Name an animal that you love and want to have one at home.
  22. How much time do you spend on social media and internet?
  23. Babe, Do you love to watch sunset?
  24. Do you lie to someone often or only when needed?
  25. Do you regret saying something wrong to parents?
  26. Was there ever a moment, where you won a debate.
  27. What are your favourite curse words?
  28. Do you remember any trend from childhood?
  29. What technique do you use to keep yourself calm during commotion?
  30. What is an ideal place to take a date?
  31. Do you hesitate, when helping strangers?
  32. Do you have a strange skill that nobody knows?
  33. Name the title of the funniest TV series, you have seen lately.
  34. Is there any fictional character that you idealize?
  35. Do you think that reality series are rigged and scripted?
  36. Would you watch wrestling over MMA?
  37. According to your imagination, what will be the future of the TV series and reality shows?
  38. What cartoons did you watch as a child?
  39. If you have movies DVD and books in front of you, what would you choose?
  40. What’s your opinion on books have same power as movies do?
  41. Would you go to a theatre and watch the newly released movie or watch it at home comfortably.
  42. Do you support e-books or physical books?
  43. What would choose fiction or nonfiction books?
  44. Can you read a paragraph faster than anyone?
  45. Do you believe that books can change a person?
  46. Do you listen to classical music?
  47. Which song moved your heart?
  48. Name one song that you listened at a very young age and you still like it.
  49. For nostalgic, what music do you listen to?
  50. Name the game or application that is addictive.
  51. Have you tried any popular application that seemed sketchy and strange?
  52. How often do you check notifications and phone in general?
  53. What are you expecting from phone manufacturers in next 10 years?
  54. Can you recall the day, when you got a phone in your hands?
  55. Do you secretly follow an athlete?
  56. Do you think that athletes underpaid?
  57. In your perceptive, what is the definition of a sport?
  58. What is your opinion on a physical game playing in a console?
  59. What do you fear, when you go out on a dinner at a random restaurant?
  60. Will you continue eating tasty food, despite knowing that they do not maintain hygiene?
  61. Do you feel inferior to someone, whom you know personally?
  62. Would you overlook an inappropriate behaviour?
  63. Do you like long drives and do you prefer a motor cycle vehicle?
  64. Can you travel alone in a different city?
  65. Have you visited a place and learning later that it was overrated?
  66. What are the best thing and the worst thing about travelling?
  67. What are the traits of best hotel in city?
  68. How do you learn about best locations in the city?
  69. Which piece of innovative technology do you own?
  70. According to you, what’s the best invention in recent years?
  71. As the experts suggest that technology will end humanity, what are your opinions?
  72. What technology do you want to see in coming years?
  73. Apple removed headphone jack, and does it bother you?
  74. Will you watch a science fiction movie?
  75. Name the technology that brought a lot of trouble later down the line?
  76. How far do you plan for your future?
  77. Do you believe in short-term goals or long-term goals?
  78. Would you give up on marriage or love for success?
  79. If your personal relationship with spouse or partner is creating hindrance in your success, then will you cut the ties?
  80. Do you believe that personal life and professional should be separate?
  81. Well, Do you think dating within the work leads to troubles?
  82. Do you participate in office politics?
  83. Can you tell us a few goals that you could not accomplish?
  84. When do you want to retire?
  85. Do you take seasonal vacations?
  86. Do you like summer, rainy, winter or spring season?
  87. During rainy season, do you love to have hot a cup of coffee?
  88. What’s your favourite holiday destination?
  89. What’s your stand on free basic education for every citizen?
  90. Will you promote and demand for free health care for every citizen?
  91. What’s your trusted source for information?
  92. Have you ever eaten food that looks ugly, but it is delicious in taste?
  93. Which item do you purchase every time you visit a grocery store?
  94. In a clothing store, do you bargain?
  95. Do you love discounts on clothes?
  96. If you were a King or Queen for a day, what will you change permanently?
  97. Hey, If you got a wish to call anyone from the world, whom would you call?
  98. If you end up as another person the next morning, then what will you do first?
  99. What food works as stress buster?
  100. Choose one, Ice Cream or Chocolate milk?

Bottom Line

You can pretty much start a new conversation using any of the questions. I recommend adding the question to list, which will interest the opposite individual. You need a subject or topic to begin a fresh conversation and dig deeper into the topics.

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