How To Say Thanks To A Teacher

Can you imagine a world sans teachers? A world without teachers will certainly be a lot dumber and less educated. Teachers do much more than just teaching you. They guide you, encourage you, inspire you and hence we remember our best teachers for our entire lives. They are the ones who deserve to be thanked and felt grateful for.

Teacher Thank You Messages

Words to Thank a Teacher

We trust our teachers and consider them to be the most prized possessions of our life. During childhood, they wipe noses, butts, tears and listen to stories throughout the day. Parents are always peaceful to know that their children are in the safest hands when they are with the teachers. In short, teachers are invaluable and priceless.

Now that you know the worth and importance of teachers in our lives, are you ready to know how you can write a perfect thank you message to your best teacher? Starting from the day care teachers to the high school teachers and all the teachers in between, you should thank each of them for their guidance and support.

If you fall short of words to thank your teachers, we are here to help you out. Scroll down to know the ways in which you can thank your teachers.

Thank You Messages for Daycare and Pre-school teachers

  • Thank you for being a special teacher who creates such an educational and fun environment for my daughter (mention her name).
  • When I leave my son (name) with you everyday, I know that he will be taken care of and that he is in safe hands. I can’t express to you how much this means to me.
  • The hard work that you put into shaping these kids will never go unnoticed. Thank you very much for all that you do for my child.
  • I’m sure you don’t hear this too often but let me tell you that you are actually a great pre-school or day care teacher.
  • Thanks a lot for investing time and effort to put up with the tantrums of my kid.

Thank You Messages for Kindergarten Teachers

This is the stage where things begin to kick in as kindergarten is that stage where children start learning everything that they need to know. The teachers employed in kindergarten are the first to notice the gifts of a child, his apprehensions and inhibitions.

These teachers work a lot in shaping the kids and they leave no stone unturned to make sure that the initial few years of the children remain full of fun, happy and positive. Here are few ways of thanking kindergarten teachers.

  • You are a treasure for kindergarteners and to the parents. Thanks a lot for everything that you do selflessly for your students.
  • Before I sent my child (name) to the kindergarten, he was a shy person. But you turned him to be a confident individual. You are certainly the best type of teacher for a kindergarten and I can’t thank you enough.
  • Do you know that you have turned out to be a rockstar in our household? My daughter can’t wait to return to her kindergarten everyday. This is all because of the effect that you created on her. Thanks a lot.
  • Thank you for understanding that the kindergarteners require lot of and the parents even require too much of handholding. We appreciate the impact that you created on the students.
  • My son everyday returns home with something exciting to share about his entire day in kindergarten. Thank you for inspiring them and turning everyday into a fun experience.

Thank You Messages for Elementary Teachers

It goes without saying that the elementary school teachers are the most overworked and also the most underrated and unappreciated.

They are definitely not doing their job only for money but because they simply love their job of teaching kids. They appreciate the entire process of watching the mini-humans grow up to be responsible and ambitious human beings. Elementary teachers will love it when you thank them. Here are some phrases that you may use.

  • We both are so lucky that our child got you as her teacher in this academic year. We certainly feel that we’ve hit the jackpot in the teaching department.
  • By everything that my child comes and tells us about you, we will always remember you, your kindness, your patience and also your intelligence forever.
  • Thanks a lot for teaching about so many things more than just reading and mathematics. Thanks for the real-life skills that you instilled in her. They are certainly going to take her far.
  • Your positive attitude that you instill is contagious and my son everyday comes back home in a good mood. All the credit for this goes to you.
  • I can’t believe the extent of knowledge my son is gaining in your classroom. Thanks a lot for making school so fun and exciting for him.

Thank You Messages for High School teachers

There’s no secret that teenagers are extremely challenging to deal with. Once you are put inside a room with a teenager, you’ll soon feel like running out of the room.

High school teachers keep interacting with dozens of teenagers and they teach them about books and life in the process. Here are few things you can write to high school teachers to thank them.

  • My daughter has come so far in this academic year and this is all because of your encouragement and guidance.
  • Among all the teachers my son has had, you’re the only one who shines the most.
  • Thanks a lot for giving my son the tools that are necessary in life.
  • I’m so grateful for everything that you’ve done for my daughter this year. She is all set to pass out in flying colors.
  • You are truly everything that a teacher should be, compassionate, kind, brilliant, patient and much more.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about how to thank teachers, you can take into account the above mentioned messages and samples. Use these samples or you can even add on your own sentences to them.

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