How to Say I Love You to a Girl Indirectly

The magic words ‘I Love You’ are immensely strong and a person should utter these three words only when he truly feels it. I Love You is not something that you can just say to a person in order to be nice to her.

Guys often find it tough to utter these three words in front of their girl crush or that special person as they feel hesitant and shy. Men even feel scared about how their girlfriend will react on hearing these three words. Even if they feel interested towards the girl, they are always in a doubt about saying I Love You.

How and When to Say ‘I Love You’ to a Girl

How to Tell a Girl You Love Her

There’s no doubt that we all get butterflies in our stomachs when we hear the person we like or love saying us ‘I Love You’. We tend to get excited and fail to act in a proper manner, we start sweating and our voices begin to tremble. Although there is no reason to feel like this but still we do.

Men feel shy and often hide their feelings

There are many a time when men feel shy about being vocal about how they feel for a girl. This is because they are pretty sure about the fact that the girl may not feel interested towards him and might end up rejecting him.

Men feel that their proposal might make them run away from them and even spoil the little bit of friendship that they even shared and hence they stay quiet.

So, we have spoken in general terms about how tough it is to say ‘I love you’ to someone but all such negative feelings are brought to rest when you start feeling genuine feelings of love for a girl next door.

This is when you start wondering to yourself whether or not there are ways of saying ‘I Love You’ indirectly. We are going to help you with the few ways in which you can say ‘I Love You’ to a girl without actually uttering the three words.

  • Do nice and cheesy things for them

The foremost and the simplest step that you can take is to make sure you’re always investing enough time on them. If the girl is already your acquaintance or your friend, be there for her whenever she is in need of you.

There are in fact several things that you can do in order to make her smile. Once you start doing those, your girl is certainly going to remember you for the rest of her life.

  • Pay attention to all things that she tells you and remember them

Each time you both are having a close conversation, pay full attention to whatever she is speaking. This will prove you to be a good listener. Try to keep everything in mind and remember the things that she speaks.

If you bring those things up in your next conversation, she will understand that you pay attention to whatever she says. She’ll feel important.

  • Treat your girl in a special way

Since you are a guy, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to make your beloved feel special. You can try few steps like buying her sudden gifts like flowers or her favorite books or something that she saw with you in a mall but didn’t buy it.

When she sees that you remember the small details of her mind, she’ll know that you’re special.  Don’t forget to congratulate her on her success as these are nice gestures to make her feel special.

  • Show interest by laughing and smiling often

While you’re talking to your girl, try to laugh in between conversations, not too loud but keep a grin on your face so that she knows that you’re feeling interested. Even if the jokes are dumb or insane, you should still laugh at them.

Avoid talking about yourself always as this will sound selfish and full of yourself. Talk to her, show her interest and show curiosity about things.

  • Stay in touch and be available for her

Don’t ever forget to exchange text messages with her throughout the day. If needed, you may even call her at times. However don’t overdo that as she might sometimes feel disturbed. Once you keep in touch, you’ll stay connected and show each other how much you care for her.

  • Give in subtle hints and hug her at times

No, you don’t have to keep a prolonged eye contact with her as you may feel shy about that but you can lightly touch her arm or her knee or give light playful touches at times.

Give her light hugs as that may make her smile and feel happy. If she too has started liking you, these small gestures will mean a lot. She will start trusting you like never before. She will feel loved in your company.

  • Speak about your future, ask questions and be curious

While having a sweet conversation with your beloved, try to pick up topics on the future. Don’t ask her but add her to your future.

No, that doesn’t mean discussing about your wedding plans with her but you can definitely show her that she has taken a special place in your heart. Ask her questions to know how she feels about the same.

  • Leave her handwritten notes

As both of you will be busy in your personal lives, you can take out time to write down handwritten notes and keeping it inside her bag or on the freezer, within a book or at the table. Try to keep them at a place where she can easily find it. It is always fun to leave notes at places.

So, yes, it is true that it is often hard to say ‘I Love You’ as these three words have a strong meaning in the heart of a person. Unless you strongly feel you’re in love with a person, you shouldn’t utter these words to her.

In case you feel shy, try to follow all the above listed tricks and tips to make her understand your love without having to say the three words directly.

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