Different Ways to Say Rest In Peace

Bearing the brunt of someone’s death is not at all an easy task, particularly when the deceased is a part of your friends, family or acquaintance. Nothing can be more depressing than losing a near and dear one.

When someone expires, his family members, colleagues and friends usually grieve together by writing ‘Rest in Peace’ quotes and messages to each other.

Best Ways to Say Rest In Peace (RIP Messages)

Ways to Say Rest In Peace (RIP Messages)

However, this is not a cakewalk. You have to choose the right words and sentences so that the person understands your feelings and you don’t hurt the emotions of others. Such messages act as a pillar of acceptance and strength for the deceased person’s grief-stricken family.

Are you creative enough to write RIP messages?

People often use creative ideas to write down RIP messages that are soothing as well as beautiful. Often people forget that the main components of offering condolences are emotion and honesty. If you write an RIP message without honesty, that won’t ever sound genuine to the family of the deceased.

When you combine these two elements, they let you enrich the way you write RIP quotes for the loving person who has passed away. Read on to know more on crafting RIP messages and on knowing what it actually means.

RIP messages – What do they mean?

Before you jump on to read few samples of writing RIP messages, you should know the significance of RIP message. RIP actually means ‘Requiescat in Pace’. It is a Latin phrase, which in English means, Rest in Peace.

It is usually believed that when a person dies, his soul is either transferred to heaven or hell, according to the deeds he did on Earth. This is said to be the afterlife of the person. When you write Rest in Peace messages for the deceased, you wish them peace, strength and happiness to live peacefully afterlife.

On several occasions, it is seen that people find it tough to offer condolences when there is a death in the family simply because of the awkwardness involved in the process. In such a case, merely writing a Rest in Peace doesn’t ever do justice to whatever you’re feeling within your heart and mind.

Therefore, in order to make people feel comfortable, it is important to use exact words that convey the genuine emotion. If you still don’t know how to write RIP messages, scroll down.

Offbeat yet unique ways of writing RIP messages

  • I and our entire group will always miss your presence. Your generous company was something that was loved by people and your personality was that which we most liked about you. We hope you are at a better place now.
  • Now that you’ve transformed into a star, I’ll remember you everyday in the night sky and every morning. I’ll always pray for your peace and happiness. More power and strength to your family.
  • Losing someone is never easy for any of us. You were a pivotal part of our family and it is true that families never break. You will always remain present in our hearts forever. Deep down, your presence will always be cherished by all of us.
  • My journey of life has always been great because your support made it great. Thank you very much for being a significant part of my journey. I’ll miss you for the rest of my life. Hope you are at a better place now.
  • It is getting tough for us to accept the fact that we don’t have you among us. Your absent presence is unthinkable. It is getting extremely hard to believe that you are no longer among us. We all hope that you’re happy wherever you are now.
  • The saddest part of the fact that you’re gone is that I can still hear you, feel you and see you around me. I don’t ever wish to let you go but I have to because I always want you to be happy.
  • We learnt a big lesson in life on your death. It is not the total number of years that you live, but it is the way you choose to lead your life. We are grateful for everything that you taught us in life.
  • I hope we got enough time to make some of the most enjoyable memories. But it was the decision of God that you are no more with us. I’ll pray for you everyday so that you lead a much better life now.
  • You may have died physically because The Almighty may have thought that your purpose in our world has finished, but your soul will always wander and create a positive vibe for us.
  • Even when there will be a time when we all forget about you, you’ll be relentlessly remembered. You were the serenity, you were the truth and you were everything amidst the nothingness.
  • Loving memories of the good times that we’ve spent together will never die even though you have left us now. We all know that you’re no longer with us, but you are never going to leave our lives.
  • Our bodies are nothing but containers of flesh. Your container may have left but your energy, your ideas, and your approach to life, your vigor and your brilliance is here to stay for a lifetime.
  • A disease that you strongly fought with turned out to be fatal. Your strength and fight imparts courage to live life in a cheerful manner by making lives better for us.
  • God bless your soul. God takes away the lives of people who haven’t ever done any damage to others. You were a truly pure soul and I hope you stay like this forever.
  • There are times when we feel that all that happened is not at all fair. The world doesn’t have too many pure souls and you were one among that list. We hope you are now in a better and fairer world.

Therefore, when you’ve suffered from the loss of a near one or an acquaintance and you have to write an RIP message, you may choose any of the above mentioned message ideas.

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