How To Say Thanks to Boss for Promotion

When we work in an office, there are several work occurrences that demand us to write thank you messages for our boss. Did this ever happen to you that you have to write a message to express your gratitude to your boss but you fall short of words?

Best Thank You Messages For Boss

Best Thank you Messages for Promotion

The best way of showing appreciation for the things that your boss did for you is by writing a handwritten note. How about writing a thank you note that you shape elegantly for your boss?

Everyone is happy to get a promotion but how many thank their boss for the same? Often it is seen that despite employees having a strong wish to thank their bosses, they are not able to do so because they don’t know how to structure their messages.

You have to strike a firm balance between a hearty and formal message which is often not easy for most of the employees. Employees always wish to sound as grateful as they can without having to seem submissive.

So, if you’re someone who is suffering from this kind of dilemma where you want to thank your boss but you’re not able to do so due to lack of knowledge, here are few of the message templates that you may seek help of. You can either keep them as they are or add a few lines or phrases of your own.

Thank You Messages for your Boss after getting a Promotion

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this promotion. The promotion is definitely going to play a vital role in developing my capabilities and honing my skills. After this encouragement, I can contribute even more towards the growth of the company.
  • I resolve today that I will improve my abilities and always give in my best to ensure that my presence is extremely productive, demanding and beneficial for the company. Thank you so much for initiating the promotion.
  • With this promotion, I got to understand the level of faith that you have in me. I think that it is not just because of my personal reputation but also because of the huge support that my team provided me with that I could achieve whatever I did.
  • The promotion that I received has been the result of my extreme hard work, dedication and willingness to learn more. This promotion has enriched me both in terms of personal and professional field and I will now strive to become an even better employee.
  • I thank my good luck and my stars that I got a supervisor like you. I can really boast about your nature and habits as a boss. You, as a boss, are truly something to brag about. You have always appreciated and valued the contribution of all your employees. I have always got the required level of support and boost from you and I believe that I could achieve everything because of this constant push from you. Thank You for everything.
  • I have always looked forward to working with you on several projects and I try to prove myself worthy of your constant supervision and monitoring. I am so happy about the fact that I could finally make you happy. Thank you for promoting me and encouraging me.

Gratitude Messages for your Boss, Mentor and Manager

  • I feel immensely proud of the fact that I am led by a person who is not just renowned within the industry but who is also an amazingly supportive boss. The only thing that I can ever hope is to be half of the person that you are one day. I consider this as a privilege to have been able to work under your leadership.
  • Thanks a lot that you gave me a chance to work on such a challenging project. You have been a boss who has always thrown in new challenges so that I can accept them and move forward. It is because of your advice and support that I could reach where I am today. I resolve to honor your belief by giving in 100% to anything that I do in this organization.
  • This is a note of appreciation for a person who plays the role of a manager, a great boss and a mentor. Your advice and guidance have been invaluable since I entered this team of hard-working employees. No amount of thanks could have done justice to the support that you bestow on me. I am humbled!
  • Wishing thank you can never be enough to express how grateful and happy I am for the support that I received from you. You are not just my mentor but all that I do in my life is because of you.
  • It has been a great working experience to work under a leader like you whose talents and skills are notable. Everyday is a learning experience when I am working with you. Thank you for showing me the way a leader should lead a team.
  • This is a note to express the way I am grateful to you for this promotion. This promotion could never have been possible without your support and understanding. Thanks a lot for being such an amazing and fun boss to work with.
  • Your words of guidance and encouragement have kept us sane while trying my best to chase and meet deadlines. I just wanted to express my happiness and gratitude to work under your leadership. I have no hesitation in declaring that I am proud to work under such a boss. Thanks for everything.
  • When I was newly hired, I thought I would find it difficult to adjust myself with the work environment. Had I been told at that time that I would work under a boss like you, I would never be worried. Thanks a lot that you took me under your wing since the first day of office. Since then, I have been motivated about my future.

So, now that you have ample examples of thank you messages that you could write to your boss, don’t ever skimp on thanking the leader for whom you could achieve things in life.

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