200+ Best Questions to Get to Know Someone

Best Questions to get to Know Someone : When you want to try to find some connection or build a new bond, it is always necessary that you must know about each other well. Not complete but at least something that can make your newly build bond stronger.

Yes, you want to know everything about them starting from their favorite place to their demons. When you want all these things, it is always a good idea to ask a specific question to the other person. Even after a few questions, you can also go for Would You Rather Game.

Questions to Get to Know Someone

With all the questions and answers, you might surprise or not or you find that what you have thought is right or wrong about his/her.

Asking a few questions is always works as a Conversation Starters and make you comfortable with each other. You realize that you have some common likes, dislikes, and some exact opposite opinions. From all such things you can find that person is right for you or not.

All these questions are also for those who are together as it is always good to find more about your loved one. Whether you are dating for a month or a year, there is something that is hidden inside a person, and they want their partner ask such a thing, and they will answer.

For some person, knowing each other is very important to find out where their life takes both of them together in the future. It can be started with Funny Alexa Question or some basic questions like interest, hobbies, dream or any other.

Some people know that what to ask and when to ask, it’s good for them, but if you are here then I supposed that you are confused about where to start a talk and how to start? Do not worry; we are here with TOP 200+ Best Questions to get to Know Someone including Christmas Trivia Questions.

Questions To Get To Know Someone Deeply

Get to Know You Questions to Ask People

#1 Casual Questions

1) What would you do in your free time apart from sleeping?

2) Do you have any specific cloth that you have owned or want to own?

3) Which are the hobbies that you want to enjoy if you do not have to work to earn money?

4) Do you play any sports?

5) Which type of room do you prefer?

6) Is there any fictional place where you want to go?

7) What is the job profile that you terrible at or hate the most?

8) Do you ever climb a tree or jump in the lake?

9) What are your hidden skills?

10) Suppose if you choose for an Olympic sport, then in which sports you would like to choose to win a medal?

11) Which is a habit of others you find annoying or irritating?

12) What is the job you good at?

13) Is there any skill in which you like to become a master?

14) What would be your dream come true adventure?

15) If you have unlimited funds to you pick?

16) If you have an alcoholic drink and non-alcoholic drink, which one do you pick?

17) What is your favorite drink?

18) Do you find a place so terrified that you never want to go to that place again?

19) What is your favorite song?

20) Do you remember the full lyrics of any song?

21) What movie/ game universe would you like to live in?

22) Name of your best friends

23) Are you a time-punctual person or always the late one?

24) Do you think to get a pet in your house?

25) When people need help and come to you, do you help them blindly or ask for reasons for circumstances?

26) What eats up much of your time in a day except for your job or work?

27) If you find that you are waking up after 50 years, then what would be your first question?

28) Is there anything you want to know more and more?

29) What is the small act of kindness can bring a smile on your face?

30) What are things that can make your day better to best?

31) What is your favorite band or artist?

32) What are your favorite TV shows?

33) Do you read books?

34) What is a fictional TV channel you want to convert into non-fictional?

35) Who has impressed you most with their behavior?

36) What are the most disastrous Tv show and a movie that you even can’t dream of watching it again?

37) What is your ideal weekend?

38) What is your ideal money after an ideal weekend?

39) What is your claim for fame?

40) What is the thing that you consider as a luxury, but you cannot live without that particular thing?

41) What is your old is gold ‘to do thing’ list?

42) What’s your favorite genre of movie and book?

43) Which watch brand you like the most?

44) On which basis you judge the people?

45) What is the best and worst invention of humankind?

46) Tell me your favorite day in a year except for your birthday and why is it your favorite day?

47) Do you believe in a parallel universe?

48) What is your way of relaxation after a hectic day?

49) What is your so different interest that people even do not know about it more?

50) What was the best book you have ever read?

51) Which is your favorite Avenger or superhero?

52) Do you like to stay away from home?

53) What is the most heartwarming action someone has done for you?

54) What is the question that you want to answer sarcastically to your relatives?

55) What will a topic for your 30-minute presentation without any preparation?

56) Do you love to spend time with yourself?

57) According to you, what is the thing that everyone has to do at least once in their life?

58) Would you rather go tracking or whitewater rafting?

59) What is your perfect holiday destination?

60) Which one is worth to spend, food or book?

61) What is your dream car?

62) What is something that lots of people are preoccupied with, but you can’t find the reason behind it?

63) Where you can yourself after 10 years?

64) Who is the most talkative person in your family?

65) With whom you can talk for hours?

66) What is the thing that you want to buy but can’t able to buy it?

67) What is your best memory of your last week?

68) If you can erase one piece from your memory, then what it would be?

69) If all jobs had the working hours and salary, then what job you will pick?

70) What is your guilty pleasure?

71) What is the amazing thing you wish to do when no one is around you?

72) When you look back in the past, how different was your life?

73) What is your way to start a day?

74) If someone asks you to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, what is your rating?

75) What characteristics do you have?

76) What frustrates you most?

77) Do you have any idea for any kind of art?

78) What do you wish never to change?

79) Which is your favorite city?

80) Which movie title suits best to your personality?

81) Are you happy with your work?

82) What makes you choose your current career?

83) How do you want to spend your best time?

84) If you suddenly became a master at words, whom you would write your first letter?

85) Name the lace that sooth you most

86) Do you feel you are lucky?

87) Do you believe in luck, hard work or both?

88) What is the biggest blunder you have done under pressure? What is your next month’s plan like some goal or trips or anything else?

89) Do you like internet surfing?

90) What website do you visit frequently?

91) What social app consume your most of the time?

92) What one thing you have not done due to the money issue?

93) Which place do you visit when you do not have any idea about where to go in free time?

94) If you could spend your all-time at your favorite place, what it would be?

95) What is the best thing about your city?

96) What is the ideal age for you to married?

97) What are you most likely to famous for?

98) What are you decided to do in the future?

99) What is the most impressive art or creativity you know?

100) What is the topic of talk on which you can talk for hours?

#2 Personal Questions

1) What do you wish to know more about?

2) What is the question you like to ask and answer?

3) If you have to find about a person, what would you ask him/her?

4) Have you ever changed your opinion about the person after knowing them well?

5) Have you ever received a compliment from someone? If yes, then what was that?

6) If you left a last human on the earth, how would you spend the time without anyone?

7) Who is your inspiration?

8) Have you ever face depression?

9) Do you easily attach to the persons emotionally?

10) What is the quality that you want in yourself, but it is not in you?

11) What was the situation when you felt you were out of place completely?

12) What was the dumbest thing you have done unknowingly, which convert into the prettiest thing?

13) It is said that each person carries a book in them, so what is your book about?

14) Is there something that you do not want to do again?

15) Do you overthink on anonymous topics?

16) Is there any events happening in your life, that has changed you?

17) In which work your brain runs like a computer?

18) Are you optimist or pessimist?

19) What is the oddest thing you have come across?

20) Is there any dumb achievement that you proud of most?

21) What is something you want to experience that you never went through till now?

22) If you have to make one rule that everyone needs to follow compulsory, what it would be?

23) Are you addicted to something?

24) Which is the activity or anything else that you can wish to finish?

25) With age and maturity, what are you become afraid of?

26) Do you like the smell of soil after rain, new book and petrol

27) Do you like to become a sarcastic person?

28) Who would be the last person you want to meet if you find that you are dying in 30 minutes?

29) What are your three wishes?

30) Have you ever cried while reading books or watching movies?

31) Is there any book that made a great impact on your life?

32) Do you ever wish to change your name? If yes, then what it would be?

33) If life is a game, then what are the rules you want t define for the game?

34) Who is in your squad of friends and closed one?

35) Do you like to do charity if you have enough funds?

36) What is something in you that makes you different from others?

37) Do you like to take a risk in life or playing safe for stability?

38) Is there something that you have tried 1000s of time but you can’t succeed in doing it?

39) Have anybody taken you as a granted?

40) If you have a chance to convince your parents for one thing, what would that thing be?

41) What would your most irritating and annoying habit as a roommate?

42) Are you self-conscious about?

43) What personality characteristic do you value most as well as dislike the most?

44) What things motivated you and filled up with the fire?

45) Are you handling challenging situations nowadays?

46) What irrational anxiety do you have?

47) What group of thing makes a perfect life?

48) Do you believe in soulmates?

49) If you had a clock that would count one event of your life, then what event you like to count?

50) What do you strongly doubt but have no proof of it?

51) Do you think that most of the people are living their life, but they are not truly alive?

52) Name of a person who can make you smile in all the conditions

53) What’s the last trip you went on?

54) What was the best gift you have received?

55) If you have to write your autobiography, then what is the most important chapter of that book?

56) Do you find your family supportive?

57) Have you ever did crazy things with your siblings?

58) How do you like to die?

59) Which phase of life do you want to live one more time?

60) What is your lucky number and why?

61) If you get the power of a superhero, how can you save the earth?

62) One morning when you woke you find that there are two million dollars in your bank account, what would you do with that money?

63) If you have to stay alone for six months without any communication, which place you would like to pick up and which things you want to be with you?

64) What are your fear and demons that you never share with others?

65) Have you ever consult someone who is in depression or a big problem?

66) What was the turning point of your life?

67) What are you good at but you feel embarrassed to accept it?

68) Tell me the three interesting facts about you

69) If you get a right to slap someone in public for their wrong, what are the name of three-person you would like to pick?

70) What would the title of your biography?

71) What is the hardest lesson you have learned from your life?

72) What are some of the mistake you are making more than once?

73) What is weird about you?

74) What do you think when people meet you for the first time that they have noticed first?

75) If you have to call one of your friends for 30 seconds only to get some piece of advice, whom would you call?

76) Do think people remember you for your work after your death?

77) What are the ethics and rules you always follow?

78) What do you regret about not starting something at a young age?

79) What perfume do you like the most?

80) According to you what is the best quality of yourself?

#3 Very Personal Questions

1) Do you think according to situations and circumstance, you can set yourself in it?

2) What thoughts keep you up all the nights?

3) Have you ever has self-realization about something wrong you have done?

4) What is the most forbidden thing you have done?

5) What lie do you tell to your parents most often?

6) Do you regret not doing anything?

7) What is the meaning of life in your view?

8) What do you think people look into you and what do you look in other?

9) What is a pleasure for you?

10) What are you most insecure about?

11) Do you like to stay independent or want to stay with someone who takes care all about you?

12) What decides success for you?

13) What bring tears in your eyes when you think about it?

14) Do you like to take the responsibilities or you run away from it?

15) What is your biggest fantasy?

16) Before you die, what are the stuff you want to accomplish?

17) What do you prefer; an evening with friends or family?

18) What is the worst and best piece of advice your friends gives to you?

19) Do you like to behave childishly with your dear one?

20) Do you think your opinion or views can also be wrong sometimes?

21) If you get a chance to go on a date with me, would you say yes or no?

22) What is one opinion about anything related to life that you will never change?

#4 Conclusion

So all these are a list of some of the question you can ask to know someone and get a clear picture of that one whom you are talking about. Even its lead to a good conversation and talk.

These questions act as a catalyst, from the starting point of your relationship. Due to all such questions, your talk flows freely and evolve with time. Stay cool and do not get defensive. It impacts negatively.

When you open up with the person, they are getting comfortable with you. It also happens that they also ask you a few questions, at that time answer freely without any hidden secrets or lies because an open sky can lead a bird to heights, not a closed room and it is true for us, too.

So start the conversation and how for the best. Best of luck and thank you!

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